Corvette savvy out of the Baltic and headed to the port of Kiel

Today corvette "savvy" under the flag of the commander of the Baltic naval base of the Baltic Fleet Captain 1st Rank Igor Osipov left the Baltic Sea and headed to the port of Kiel (Germany).

The visit of the Russian ship on the German naval base at Navy tied in with the well-known European event, called "Kieler Woche".


Kieler Woche 2013 for ships BF — already 20th in a row. First Russian Navy ship (frigate BF "Fearless") participated in the events in the Kiel Week 1994.

For the corvette "savvy" — this is the first visit of a given action, an indispensable item of which is the demonstration of naval flags of the leading maritime nations of the world.

In the port of the crew of the Russian ship will take part in sports activities, and in his spare time, official ceremonies sailors will make a tour of the historical and cultural places of Kiel and the surrounding area.

During his stay in Kiel corvette "Savvy" will be opened to residents and guests of the holiday. In addition, the delegation of warships involved in the Kiel Week, will take part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the joint memorial to the dead sailors.

During the transition to the port of Kiel crew corvette "Savvy" will fulfill a range of training and combat tasks: improving operations personnel for drills, training in the struggle for the survival of the ship, air defense exercises. For reference:

Kiel Week is held annually since 1882, the last full week of June .. The festival starts at midnight between Saturday and Sunday ringing of bells in the church of "St. Nicholas" and opened a representative of the German Government.

Kieler Woche — one of the largest and most important regattas in Europe, which involves not only commercial ships, sailboats and yachts, but also the leading naval warships derzhav.Posle Vvtoroy World War goal of modern Kiel Week is to improve mutual understanding between peoples, promoting peace and druzhbe.V whole holiday program is 1500 meropriyatiy.Naryadu with water sports in the festival program includes numerous discussions, lectures, political meetings, concerts, vystavki.Odnim of the highlights of the Kiel Week is the traditional parade of ships. From the port out of more than 100 large-sailing ships, ships of traditional designs and hundreds of yachts. Usually it all happens on Sunday, the last day of the holiday.

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