Cosmetics from PT Himkompozita

The holding company has developed a silicon-based cosmetics

Holding company "PT Himkompozit" has developed a cosmetics based on silicone compounds.

Specialists of the company "GNIICHTEOS" included in the "RT-Himkompozit", developed and produced a line of cosmetics for rejuvenation, healing, restoration of the skin, weight loss and active impact on cellulite based on organosilicon compounds and organogermanium. The press service of the holding.

Products are clinically tested and has no analogues. Makeup can be used both professionally and at home.

"The use of advanced composite materials and technologies, and the use of biologically active pharmacological agents with regard to their impact on the physiology of the rationality of the skin — makes the cosmetics safest and most effective," — said General Director of "RT-Himkompozita" Sergei Sokol.

The organosilicon compound increases the effectiveness of cosmetics and comfortable feeling on the skin after use due to formation of resistant gas-permeable film on the skin which mimics the natural protective lipid film and prevent "breathing" of the skin, decreases the likelihood of dermatitis and allergic reactions.

Furthermore, an additional distinctive feature is not only compensation of the lost functions of the skin, but also to restore natural skin functional activity.

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