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In Slovenian (future Novgorod) before the birth of Christ, in the place of the current Hagia Sophia was a magnificent wooden temple Triglav (Svarog, Perun, Svetovid). Near the residence of the Supreme Magus of All Russia.

The temple served as the Triglav magician — the keeper, whose duty was to read the hymns of the holidays, bless warriors and sailors on feats. Conduct naming ceremonies and seeing the deceased. Magus — the keeper had to know astronomy, cosmology, mathematics. He also was the guardian of the temple library. At the Church of Triglav were Guslyar — storytellers.

In submission Magi Temple Triglav were a magician from the temple of the goddess Lada, who conducted the wedding ceremonies and the matchmaker, who served at the same church, as well as the magician from the temple Chisloboga responsible for the school diplomas.

Magus Temple Triglav obeying and living in protected oak magicians — nymphs (healers), who were able to carry out simple surgical procedures, prepares healing potions based on recipes from the ancient "zeleynikov" (herbalist). Magi — nymphs, also owned a conspiracy (the ancient hypnosis and reflexology).

Subordinate to the Magi — sorcerers were midwives, and Sage — the witch who lived near rivers and lakes, which have ruled the secret love potion potions and aromatic blends, who were able to establish family relationships.

Sage — were able to guess the witch on the wooden panel with runes, giving people the power and confidence in personal matters.

They all obeyed the Supreme Magi All Slovenia and Volkhov Veche (Council), elected Supreme Magus.

All Supreme Magus to Slovenia Slovenia anointed prince elected civilian Veche, blessed the prince and the exploits of warriors. Supreme Magus appointed Magi — keepers in other cities. They in turn appointed ministers of the church Triglav, Temple Okay, Magi — sorcerers, midwives, nymphs — scrying.

There Vedic Church ancient Slavs from voluntary donations, no tax in its favor was not charged, more in bad times (war, drought) Vedic Church gave funds to support the state.

6-8 centuries BC in case of many principalities centralized authority of the High Magus All Slovenia was broken. Many wise men have become fiefdoms distort ancient traditions. There are idols of the secondary and new gods. Distorted ancient texts.

After the baptism of Rus ancient Vedic temples and shrines were destroyed or their place any Christian churches.

Greek Inquisition persecuted wise men, burned the ancient texts. As a result, the ancient Vedic knowledge were largely destroyed, and what came to us, is a very distorted fragments.

Karelian Isthmus in the old days was called Korela, and earlier Volhava. It is here in the forest left with the Supreme Magus last Slovenian (Novgorod) Prince Burivoy son Gostomysla father Rurik, Truvor, Sineus. It was in the year 862. Volhava became the last refuge of the Slovenian Magi — custodians of Vedic faith.

It is here that the Grand Duke of Muscovy Vasily Ivanovich (1479-1533), married to a young Elena Glinsky and fell in love with her, looking for love potions in order to gain reciprocity.

Apparently, he found what he was looking for. Karamzin wrote: "He was a good governor." From the marriage of the Grand Prince Vasily III and Elena Glinsky born King John IV (the Terrible).

Vasily Anisimov Anisimovich Elder was born in 1900 in St. Petersburg. He — the last Russian magician who confesses Vedic religion of ancient Slavs, Elder of the Order of healers and sorcerers Russia "Living Stone", created in 1575 on the Karelian Isthmus, the wise men who had fled from the royal court and the church.

Basil lives Anisimovich Perunova on the island, in the middle of a large lake. In ancient times there was a Vedic shrine, founded the legendary Prince Odin. In one version of a granite rock standing on the island is the tomb of Odin and his faithful Fool Loki.

Elder Basil says:

— I come from a kind of ancient Slovenian Magi. From generation to generation in our family of Vedic knowledge.

My grandfather taught me to perceive the world is wider than it is perceived by other people. Even in a closed room from the light I see in daylight, but without the color, all things are perceived in the dark in a emerald green.

I see things that others are observed only in a state of stress or changing weather conditions. This is believed to hallucinations. But hallucinations indistinguishable from reality, and in addition to "transparent", which you can walk through, there are opaque. If the "hallucination" is opaque and you can see the wall that others do not see, you will not do it. It would be naive to believe that the world is just what we feel. I remember how my grandfather was dying. Raised about two feet above the bed and breathed his last. A lamp in the corner broke and went out, leaving the purple smoke.

I happened to see an old man, who was walking on the surface of the lake, ako on dry land. I look at him, and suddenly I see — he stands next to me on the beach and laughing.

— And there on the lake who goes?

— I, too! — Laughed the old man.

I spent my youth learning of evil spirits and ways to combat it. Addressed me abbot of a small church.

— Help! Bes was installed in the church! Icons are crying tears of blood, candles burn with a blue flame, lamps smoke.

I then came to the temple and stayed the night. And suddenly poured blood on the walls and the ghosts of the dead rose from the altar. Stood in the midst outlined in chalk circle, I have read the spell of the "Volhovnika" and disappeared spirits.

An effect is still the belief of the ancient Slavs. Not forgive her and forget that sometimes plays with the man.

Intense northern forests. Even in the bright midday light barely breaks through the thick paws firs. There are still some places in the Vedic temples and shrines, but the gurgling swamp and flocks of wild boars do not let strangers.

The marshes I saw an ancient temple, which stands on a large meadow in the middle of the barrows. Mist drifted across the grass, and stood beside a pine, which hung in chains skeletons.

In the catacombs of Pskov, authentic prayer, this Jesus, carved in stone ancient Runica. Line read: "Our Father! Forgive and love us, his children small and great. Save us and our children from various ailments, from cold and hunger fierce. Turn your eyes to the suffering and help the weak. Desperate grant Faith, Hope fallen, and unrequited love. Reaching a valley of the shadow of death will find let your world. And it will be so now and forever! "

Vedic faith of the ancient Slavs — is a window into the fourth dimension, is that part of science that exists, although it has not been proved by using formulas and experience. If we follow the logic of some skeptics, the law of gravity did not exist prior to its opening. Mysticism — is the unknown pattern.

The fourth dimension, what we do not know proryvaetsya our reality in the form of dreams, illusions (reality distortion) or hallucinations (objects from another reality).

In calm weather, in the wee hours of many of St. Petersburg on the Neva saw the ghosts of the ancient ships and even heard the sounds heard from them. And at the same time in the ancient chronicles are stories of sailors sailed down the Neva, and had seen the majestic castle, similar to the current Petersburg.

When the Slavs came to the sorcerer Ilmer subsequently named to the lake Ilmen Lake elder Ilmer ordered to put around the lake stone crosses, later called Ilmerovymi cross, and later "Truvor crosses." Proportion Ilmerova cross connected with the ancient Vedic cosmology forces. Ilmer Cross to communicate with an invisible but real power. Initiate can only use this power. Cross Ilmer associated with the energy used by the ancient Magi.

Elder Ilmer possessed great mystery of Atlantis — the ability to open the "door" of time. Old Church by the time it was written, "vertemya," which means both "time" and "spin."

We swim in the boat to the Blue-stone on the southeast coast of Lake Ilmen Ilmer old man stood on it and with the impact of a forced lake water to rotate. The result is a luminous cone. If the cone tip was sent up, while inside it during rotation accelerated, and you can open the "door" to the future. If the cone was inverted and the sharp end in contact with the waters of Lake Ilmen, while inside its rotation slowed down, and you can open the "door" of the past.

Changing in one place the forces of gravity (gravity) using a centrifugal inertial motion could cause a curvature of space, and therefore the time and open the "entrance" to the other world, the fourth dimension, the "input" of the past and the future, and possibly in parallel reality. Not exclude the possibility of using the "cone" to move through space.

In 1966, during excavation work on the beach, not far from the Blue-stone has been found in ancient Domowina which lay the remains of a German pilot during World War II. As he got into a dugout ancient coffin? Perhaps, his plane was delayed in the area of time, in this case, as you know, change the material essence of the object, for us, it becomes invisible, but it may be seen by our ancestors and maybe the German pilot was unable to leave the field of time dilation.

There is an undeniable fact — evidence of veterans "Luftwaffe", observed the summer of 1942, over lake Ilmen unusual natural phenomenon.

What else could the Vedic force ancient Slavs?

Activating and directing the forces of nature (visible and invisible) Magi assist people in gaining personal power. This was done by the Magi, referring to the strength of Veles.

Veles (Blasius) — Bear, the god of wealth, power, success.
Lovers — servant of Veles bolsheuhy ginger cat, god of love.

These gods helped people in gaining personal power, which gives:
cleansed of negative energy, spiritual and physical improvement
protection against harmful
removal of the complex "black sheep" and the removal of the fear of change
the ability to attract attention
the ability to make people think well of you through the transfer of information without the words (intonation, facial expressions, gestures)
ability to strengthen relations
ability to prevent foreign influence
the ability to avoid a gap
the ability to try on after a fight
the ability to resume interrupted relations
the ability to get rid of thoughts about past relationships

Simply put — the wise men gave recommendations can achieve success and aroused a person believe in themselves.

Magi also taught how to use the aromatic blend to influence others through subliminal perception.

Ancient Vedic faith is the source of all other faiths. This is the tree branched off from whom modern religions, as well as the language of the original Atlantis branched off all modern languages, as well as from the ancient Atlanteans came all the nations.

The essence of the Vedic religion of the Slavs is the law of nature, which have been given by God in the beginning of creation. Allah himself is the supreme law, which unites all the laws of nature. And at the same time in our universe, it appears as the Son of the Act.

The descent of God — the essence of his sons, one with it. The essence of its manifestation in the existence of the physical world. Through his images he shows us his will, is the law of Nature. God is one and the many.

Star Act — is right (s), no way subordinate Reality (world events) and Nav (the spiritual world after death) very starry sky — are right. The stars, the movement of the planets and stars is subject to the Government — to a uniform law for the entire universe.

Jav, Nav and the right — the three entities, the three faces of God. Reality — a world made manifest God. Nav — the spiritual world, the world of ancestors and gods. Nav — a world in which the Person of the Triune God dwells before its descent into reality, as embodied in this world.

The Triune God in the Slavic tradition — Triglav.

Major Gods:

Svarog — Supreme God. Merciful and at the same time menacing. Svarog God expects people in the heavenly paradise — Irii or Svarog — Valhale. Svarog — the Creator of our world. Svarog — heavenly blacksmith. His attacks on the anvil sparks — lightning.

Perun — the son of Svarog, the God of thunder and war. Thunderer. He gives life to manifest, gives life to all things. Perun merciful to revere him and terrible for the enemies of Russia.

Perun celebrate the holiday on July 20.
In the era of Christianity — July 20, the day of Elijah Christian godfather Perun.

Svetovid — the god of the sky and the light

Svarog — God the Father, Perun — son Svyatovid — holy spirit. They are pre-Christian Trinity (Triglav).

Mean Gods:

Veles — god of wisdom and good fortune and wealth, the god of love and poetry.

Harmony — the goddess of marriage and motherhood.

Stribog — the god of the winds.

Belobog — God is good.

Chernobog — the god of death, it is the Wii.

Yarylo — god of the sun, spring, the awakening of nature.

Dazhdbog — the god of the stars moves the heavenly bodies.

Chislobog — the god of time.

Makos — the goddess of the harvest.

Midsummer — the god of summer and fertility, the Greeks called Kupala Cupid.

King Sea — god of the seas and oceans.

Lower Gods:

Wii — servant Chernobog, judge of the dead, god of the underworld, where fall sinners. At night, the Wii sends nightmares and ghosts.

The Witcher — good god, not allowing evil spirits to do evil.

Boles (Baba-Yaga) — goddess of the forest.

Kimora — goddess of the marshes.

Good spirits

Brownie — the spirit that keeps domestic well-being and health of animals, sometimes a little gray-haired old man.

Ovinnik — the spirit that lives in the barn and protects farm and bread.

Swab — the spirit that lives in the bath.

Wood spirit — the spirit of the forest, a servant of Boles.

Water — Spirit Lakes

Mermaids — Bereguinyas waters, officials were water.

Evil spirits:

Miracle-Judaic — hostile to humanity monster commands ghouls, demons, fevers.

Famously — the spirit of grief, is in the form of a skinny, pale-eyed man.

Great people:

Arius (Iriy, Ouray) — the progenitor of the Russian people

Dupe — the legendary singer-narrator

Magus — the legendary son of the prince of the Word, the great magician of antiquity, who built the town of Volkhov, on the banks of the river, later called the Volkhov

Svyatogor — legendary hero


Clergy Slavs, mediate between the worlds of men and gods, the guardians of ancient knowledge, traditions and customs in charge of the past and future gazing, to affect the present.

Sacred rivers Slavs — Volkhov, Bug, Don.

Deified lake — Ilmen Studenets.

Sacred tree — oak

Sacred animal — the bear

Sacred symbol of Slavs — Ilmer Cross, later known as "Truvor cross", the center of which is a cross Svetovid — four-point, equilateral, radial, symbolizing solntsevraschenie. Subsequently Ilmer Cross has become a symbol of Christians.

Eight Commandments Svarog
Believe in God and a uveruesh
Fear not, for those who fear dying in life
Treat your neighbor as you want them to treat you
Do not be angry at the bad people — they themselves will be punished
Work to their advantage, but do not forget the offended
Family Honor your (family, the memory of ancestors)
Honor the gods
Honor of the Magi, who honor the commandments

About temples

Vedic temples of ancient Slavs were a wooden "tent" structures, topped Ilmerovym Cross. For large churches were Triglav steeple.

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