Crane loader (logger) CB-586P successfully won the market

Ltd. "Casting-Mechanical Plant" CC "Crane technology" (city Nyazepetrovsk, Chelyabinsk region). Continues to expand the line of cranes, including crane trucks. On the basis of a high-rise tower crane KB-586 in 2011, was designed by loading crane KB-586P.

Development of the crane was made in conjunction with a European design office, as well as the European certification organization on safety and reliability of the designed structures.

The design of the crane KB-586P applied the latest solutions used by leaders of the world tower crane building. In this valve mechanisms are used the best manufacturers of crane components from around the world.

  • crane KB-586P on lesobaze
  • crane KB-586P on lesobaze

At the end of 2012 loading crane KB-586P has become one of the most sought after models of cranes "Casting and Mechanical Plant". In 2012, were re-supply of cranes companies have previously bought the first serial numbers of the crane.

In January 2013 another shipment crane KB-586P has been made on a large wood processing company North.

Loader crane KB-586P is a mobile crane rail with non-rotating turret and full revolving beam boom fitted with a trolley. The reason is the portal crane mounted on the undercarriage. The portal has a U-shaped structure, which allows for passage under a tap of railway and road transport.

Loader crane KB-586P is designed for mechanization of loading and unloading operations at service depots and landfills.

Maximum boom crane — 30 m, with the lifting capacity of 10 tons of the entire length of the boom. Lifting height from 11.8 to 23.8 m (depending on the version) in increments of 4 m

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