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March 16, 2012 22:18

Daniel Hume Danglasa phenomenon, which was born March 20, 1833 in Scotland, near Edinburgh, more than a century, remains the greatest universal mystery. But it is necessary to recognize that if the family of the future excellence magician, wizard, magician in 1844 he moved to America, lost among the hills, forests and rivers town Greenville, the supernatural gift of Hume hardly be known.

"Do not say dead. Nothing kills, yet without sin. Sin kills, but live according to the commandments of Christ, the great prophets of other religions, will never die "

A learned, because even then, the U.S. had free access by commercial interests, all over the world. Because there is nothing surprising in the fact that, making amazing paranormal abilities of the young Hume, his rather poor relatives decided to organize a European tour has proved brilliantly infallibility their bets. Subsequent successes securing the European tour. The peak came in triumph as Russia, where the "ruler of the subtle worlds" at the same we take the imperial family. And, to show what he could do, Hume, and he could "weave natural magic" in the final transferred to the capital vast empire — Petersburg.

Begin, however, will have to with the fact that every gift that goes beyond ordinary human capabilities, necessarily starting the so-called point of disclosure. Most often it is something mystical and prophetic events. In Yuma boy they were vindicated predictions of the death of loved ones, accompanied by ghostly visions and "solid materializations."

Hume wrote in his published in two volumes in 1877 "Light and shadows of spiritualism," one day, when he was just getting ready to go to sleep, along with the gushing flow of light into the room, there was, "dropped out of the void," his brother Edwin lived separately. Stating that he was not among the dead for three days, he demanded that Daniel always remembered that lived in the past, live now, those who are to live in the future, in fact, immortal. So do not grieve.

A day later, I received a letter which confirmed that Edwin died in time, called a ghost that looked like an ordinary man. Predicting the death of his beloved mother looked different. In 1850, she had a dream in the "colored fabric," which has long drowned by her sister Mary, one by one dropped her flowers. His mother, who knew firsthand about the supersensible gift son, asked him what it means. Daniel, as if on cue from the side, said that each flower symbolizes a month for life. "Nonsense," — said the woman, to take to gather in a nearby town for a visit. A week later, Daniel went to dinner pale, depressed, scared, telling her aunt, "Mother to me just come. Reported that died today at noon. I hugged her goodbye. It was not quite the spirit. " Aunt advised to rest, to dispel fantasies. Barely finished the sentence of the gate dismounted nephew, confirmed the words of Daniel.

Kin cousin John, therefore, distant relatives Hume asked to participate in a mediation as a medium between people and live the souls of the dead in the then-fashionable séances. The first "night gatherings" Daniel is convinced that he is on the shoulder, which is not on the shoulders of others, "even very strong." Impossible to demonstrate the ability of young talent instantly flew reporters surrounding newspapers. Flocked to expose the fraud.

But as a rule, becoming witnesses, did not find any dirty tricks, of the opponents turned into allies, publishing reports from the amazing sessions. One of these reports, for example, depicts a series of "physical effects" at a time when a large oak table up from the floor and began to sway like a ship in a storm. Thus, even when the table got up edge is on the surface things — lead pencil, a glass of water, a burning candle — securely held, as if under the influence of excellent adhesive.

Hume also offers the audience to one of them aloud ordered one of the items of choice, "freed from the bonds of gravity." And what happened? Shouted: "Glass Be free! 'Glass, splashing water, falling on the carpet. Pencil, candle remained "glued". Give orders "for action" could and mentally.

But fellow Hume on sessions attracted more than that. It enabled a very clear view of deceased relatives, talk to them, important information about the lost documents of caches values. Information received from the spirit immediately rechecked. Here is what they said came to pass. Who did not believe in any God or the devil Harvard professor David Wells vowed to expose the rogue, but instead became his devotee.

In his repentance Professor Wells expressed his wish to become a friend, share the road and household burdens. A few hours before departure souped companions was an old woman, at first dense, then translucent, complained that her own coffin put someone else — this is clearly not Christian. She pointed to the cemetery and place where to look for the tomb. Crypt found easily. Embarrassed, the cemetery watchman admitted that money agreed to "lower the coffin into the grave old baby great lady."

Injustice was immediately rectified. The old woman, appearing at once in the flesh, thanked Hume and stroked "warm quivering palm cheek shocked Wells." Professor, I must say, very complicated regular life no different Hume good health by providing the home university detailed report on the "graveyard miracle."

Rumors that the fate of Daniel dead, including missing, knows literally everything circled America. Nobles and commoners crowded at his doorstep. It, regardless of the time helped. Helped, especially inconsolable sister, who lost two brothers — sailors. Enabled the circuit to communicate with them. During this contact could hear the howling of the wind could be heard pounding waves on the hull of the ship and the creak of the gear. Spirits sailors showed how died, flew table, swinging violently knocking him backwards. Present — six burly man — by turns raging jumped on the table. Table wore them around the room rises to the ceiling, fall down. Finally spirits brothers "put his hand on the forehead of sisters, consoling and comforting." It was at this session Hume not only took off, but the first time for a long time, for about an hour in the supine position was flying down the street at the height of the bridge is approximately 3-4 meters. During the flights, and air movement to touch him was undesirable, because every touch caused him unbearable pain.

Communication with spirits, ringing in the "hanging themselves bells", writing notes handwriting dead relatives and friends, endure very heavy objects, randomly changing their weight, perform "any, including the selfish, the whim of those present," little by little health was undermined Daniel. It was necessary to do something effective to restore good health and of optimism.

Since Hume, again on the advice of the spirits, he went to a big tour in Europe, every session in the homes of noble families and famous intellectuals, producing a sensation. At the same time he was studying, attending lectures in technology and medical academies. Newspaper again and again called him "the most convincing and disinterested preacher of immortality." But otherwise, if a session in the house of Russian countess Kushelev the charming daughter Sasha, he soon married.

In Peterhof, where Hume came with his young wife, his family caressed the emperor, whose members were impressed by the fact that the piano played by itself, the precious bracelet by himself withdrew from the wrist and the queen, emitting beautiful and bright rays, circled over her head . At the request of the crowned couple of "thin air" were obtained sheets Regal water marks that are adorned with autographs of Catherine II and Paul I.

When the couple Yumov son Grisha godmother became empress, at the christening of "tenderly watched as the man girded seven baby pink and blue stars and one star, ripped off, leaving a golden light, rushed in the late afternoon sky. Hume lived happily with Sasha. Depressed him only that once, when he went to bed, came the spirits of his dead mother and late father, Daniel, Sasha warned that it does not linger too long among the living, and soon to move in with him. That's what happened.

And, in order to drown out the pain of loss and grief, Hume agreed to the proposal of a chemistry professor Alexander Butlerov, popularizer of innovative knowledge, writer Alexander Aksakov, mathematician and academician Panfutiya Chebyshev conduct extensive in-depth research of its own phenomenal abilities. Among the open friendly inquisitive Russian Hume worked what did not dare in other circumstances in the presence of other people. For example, washing up heat from the fireplace, which splashed his face. Falling into a trance, increased muscle volume of the chest, and significantly prolonged the shortened growth.

In the center of the experiments, of course, were the direct contact with the spirits who, having learned all those crowds were predicting a "speedy and promising future." Replying to a question whether his "performances" proof that the universal immortality is an indisputable fact, always said, "Do not say dead. Nothing kills, yet without sin. Sin kills, but live according to the commandments of Christ, the great prophets of other religions, will never die. "

When other required proof of this assertion, Hume inquired aloud whether it be a dead wife Sasha. Sasha has always been, and kissed him, and even those who knew her in life, to ensure a perfect similarity "prishelitsy" with photography by Daniel carried in a breast pocket.
Dr. Wilkinson, whose contemporaries called incorrigible, the most hardened skeptic Hume visited the sessions, after watching how graceful, like a cast plaster hand, his head crowned with a laurel wreath wife of poet Robert Browning, Elizabeth, suggested that what was happening in the mental aspect is inseparable from the physical, said that now have no doubt that he sees.

The table is raised to the ceiling, then fell down

As if waiting for the recognition of the majority of the best minds of scientists, Daniel Danglas Hume retired, summing up the past, leaving the "echoes of the past," the paper in brilliant depth analysis of articles and books. Paradoxically. But until now, no one can say who really was this man, to whom was allowed not only to make contact with the spirits of the geniuses of mankind. But also leave behind an unsolved mystery, with the spirits whether he talked or had a divine gift, as it was also called "the creator of their own accord."

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