Crimea. Watching the UFO from the camp Artek

Today, a reader left a rather pithy comment on the article Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain) — UFO base in the Crimea. Eugene also observed a strange glowing lights, being in camp Artek. I think that our readers will be interested to hear the story of another witness UFO.

Hi! Stumbled upon this site looking photos and remembered a story that happened to me once.

I rested in Artek 4 consecutive years from 2002 to 2006, and as that now will not say exactly what year was like in 2004, we at 21.00 in the camp was a disco River, the weather was gorgeous, the sky is in the stars, clouds, too, was not and about 21.45 in Ukraine, where the fun was in full swing when suddenly someone started a loud shout: "Look what is happening in the sky!!". And our eyes presented such a picture from Yalta, we first saw the five points of the small size, they shone like five small moons, but obviously the size and next to it were not, we think that this is a holiday in Yalta, and this is just a spotlight, but consciousness spun so that they can not beat the spotlight on them and in no way should be as light strip.

All spectacle lasted about 15 minutes, while the lights were moving a little chaotic, but keeping a minimum distance between each other. At some point, the balls are lined up like five small planes that are flying wedge and began to move in our direction. Someone shouted that it was planes, although such signal lights that size? On what distance you need to fly and what they power? Someone has even stopped paying attention to it, mostly adults, and I was staring at these lights his sight. They are slightly changed course towards the sea, as if slightly receding. Suddenly, one of the lights that were on the far left, has changed its direction abruptly soared a loose bulk. The rest stop. And at this point I no longer instantly thought about planes, I have seen many shows our dryers. Luminous object is started to get up, such aerial pirouettes around his brother: drew a circle, then stopped, then again sharp jumps to the left, then up again sharply to the right as it fell, well, movement is clearly not an airplane with such speed. This ball just moved instantly. And then the other two balls began to chase after him like fireflies as if they were playing with each other in a catch-up.

All this went on for so long and they soon flew to the Black Sea. Soared so high that they became barely visible, as if the stars in the sky. And then, lo and behold, they came back, but not alone, but with friends. In the end, I counted 12 lights!!! The trajectory of their movement was unusual. Someone has beaten out ahead, some, like the last fireflies, swaying slightly in the sky were playing with each other. Not all have the same size. One boy was very small, compared with the others. They raced over us at a decent height as the stars and disappeared, as if dissolving …

Honestly, to this day I have even thought much about it, until I came across your site and have not read THIS STORY, surprised how many people have seen something like that. By the way, the glowing orbs that cap the previous article are very similar to what I saw then.

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