Crimean Shambhala. Mountain Boyka — a place of power and the alien base

Crimea — a mystical and mysterious land that I love is infinite. Some nations are replaced by others, and with them the faith, giving, legends and stories. A lot of things happened over many thousands of years, but Places of Power, which are abundant in the peninsula, forcing people to come here from all over the world. Today we'll discuss one of these places, located near Bakhchisarai. This Mountain Boyka — A place which have been repeatedly observed a UFO, and a host of other anomalies of the Paranormal. It is this mountain is called: Crimean Shambhala.

Mountain Boyka — The area thinly populated and poorly studied, in which the mass of peoples lived in the past. Maybe that's why she is considered one of the most energetically powerful places in the Crimea. Pilgrims, tourists and the curious people come here to see something unusual.

Map of Crimea from the satellite. Mountain Boyka.

And see here is what. At an altitude of 1100 meters located The ruins of the Temple of Christ the Savior. At the moment, there remain only the base of the walls, but at the time of its construction (VII century BC), he was one of the largest churches in the territory of Crimea. 27 to 18 meters — not enough for the time. It was here, according to eyewitnesses, it is possible to meet the ghost of white monk, floating among the debris.

The trunks of some trees growing here, strongly curved, since ancient times it was believed that the character of the place where the great strength.

Legends claim that there is a huge treasure buried, so many expeditions were sent here in search of gold and knowledge of the ancients.

And the most important thing. Mountain Boyka — one of the places in which stably observed a UFO. Moreover, many ufologists believe that the mountain is hollow inside and it is here based alien base.

That's one of the stories of local residents Simferopol Marina.

"In the summer of 2009 in the Mount Boyko opposite Hawkeye I, along with a group of Russians saw an object in the form of a cylinder, which had a metallic hue. UFO approached the rock. And then there was the most interesting: the rock went rippling, something happened to her, came and connector. The object flew quietly into the rock, and this cleft disappeared. I was in shock. UFO like change the molecular structure of the rocks. "

It is unfortunate that the confirmation in the form of photos of this girl there.

Found on the net video of one of the expeditions to Mount Boyka in May, 2013. I'd love to share them.

UFO over the mountain Boyka. May 2013

Who knows whether the mountain hides all the things that he wants to believe in people. In any case, the place is incredibly picturesque. Maybe that's why it is a tourist route.

I really hope that my friends and I go this summer we are planning a campaign, or it may more accurately expedition to this mysterious place. I hope we are lucky enough to see anything beyond the scope of understanding. Well, if not, just take a break from everyday worries.

I promise a photo report about this campaign.


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