Crimean Soda Plant to begin production of iodized salt

Crimean Soda Plant started production of iodized salt. According to the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. 

Salt comes in a cardboard package weighing 0.5 kg. The raw material for the production of the product is seawater Western Sivash.

Iodized salt produced in the factory, has a high degree of purity, due to technology-step purification of brine. Iodization is made with potassium iodate, iodine content in the final product was 40 ± 15 pg / g It is suitable for the preparation of any food, but it has the greatest effect in the case of its use without heat treatment.

REFERENCE. Crimean Soda Plant — Krasnoperecopsk forming enterprise, which belongs to Dmitry Firtash. Currently it is the only Ukrainian producer of soda ash grades A and B are used in the chemical industry. Also, the factory produced salt. The number of employees — about 3 thousand people.

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