Crimeans began to desalinate seawater

Desalination of water, that is, removal of the water of dissolved salts in order to make it suitable for drinking or for specific technical tasks of our time is very relevant technology. For example, in the Crimea, there was a very remarkable event. In the New World on the hotel's "Vintage" was launched first on the Peninsula desalination of sea water. The latest technology used in this setting, turn to allow potable normal seawater

   Representatives of the hotel "Vintage", which means, the private investor and was installed desalination plant, said that the activities of the installation is based on a system of filtering membranes. They are impermeable for any salts, but at the same time freely pass water molecules. After passing through the sea water desalination system, fresh water accumulates in the reservoir and salt remaining after filtration is sent back to sea.

According to the technical characteristics of the installation is capable of continuous operation 21 hours a day. During this time, 80 cubic meters of desalinated water. Now the unit is operating half power — only the water needed for the hotel "Vintage".

It should also be noted that at the ceremonial launch of the distiller has been named and the amount that had to pay for the installation. It amounted to 640 thousand hryvnia (about 2.5 million). But those present at the ceremony Crimean officials said that in the case of successful operation of desalination, they allocate money from the budget for its installation in areas of the Crimea, where there is a severe shortage of fresh water.

It is also noteworthy that the cost of one cubic meter of desalinated water is a transcendental number. Conversely, if the imported fresh water per cubic meter costs about 80 hryvnia, then desalinated — just 13.5 hryvnia.

And it should be another factor in favor of desalination installation in areas where there is a lack of regular good fresh water and dry the children bought children's pools as well as a splash of fresh water, they can not.

About time prospects spread stills on the peninsula, officials have chosen not to talk, but it can be assumed that the wait for this in the next year or two, it is not necessary.

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