CROC has commissioned a data center with 800 racks

System Integrator CROC building a network of data centers (DPC). In Moscow, the third running of the data center with 800 stands, the construction of the fourth CROC looking for land in the suburbs, said Wednesday the Deputy Director General and Head of Data Center CROC Ruslan Zaedinov.

According to the company, the total area of the data center, "Compressor" is 5,000 square meters, on two floors with four engine rooms with a total area of 2,000 square meters, which can accommodate 800 racks. For the staff of the customers are provided facilities with a total area of 500 square meters.

The data center is equipped with systems uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning, automatic gas fire, structured cabling, security and surveillance and monitoring of the data center — more than 20 engineering systems. The project was certified to Tier III class American organization Uptime Institute.

The scheme first floor data center "Compressor"

Model of DC "Compressor"

According Zaedinova in the creation of data-center company invested about $ 100 million, return on investment — from 7 to 15 years, depending on market conditions. "The main consumer of data center services from CROC — financial organizations. Thus, the new data center, they hold 87% of computing power. High demand for data center services on the part of the retail market, they are in the data center purchased about 12%. And in places racks, we are buying before we have time to run the data center ", — Zaedinov says.

CROC — one of the largest Russian system integrators, among the top five IT-companies in the country and in the Top 200 largest private companies in Russia in magazine Forbes. In addition to the data center, "Compressor" in CROC is DC "Volochaevskaya-1" by 90 pillars and "Volochaevskaya-2" to 110 racks.

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