Crop circles — for the love!

Crop Circles (Crop Circles), which do not stop disputes regarding their appearance around Miri, have long been subject to human hands, well, or to be precise — feet .

One of these masterpieces ordered an English guy to propose to his girlfriend. As you can see from the air this figure seems as perfect as those. that are attributed to high-tech aliens …

The article also presents the human technologies of laps. 3 videos will help you get to the core of this process is not complicated.

As things are at the field — is unknown. Perhaps everything is thoroughly trampled and broken ears, unlike the work of other neat things. However, this "picture" of the ears is striking with its size and symmetry.

Hopefully, the extravagant act groom will not start to conduct other advertising campaigns, declarations of love or real estate ads …

At least this figure, the bride "decoded" correctly and responded to an unusual marriage proposal — yes!


Watch Crop Circles. How to do it

Watch Crop Circles. How this is done at night 1

Watch Crop Circles. How to do it at night 2


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