Cruiser Moskva and the car Wolf

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1. The cruiser "Moskva" is getting ready to march 

  • Cruiser "Moskva" Photo from
  • Cruiser "Moskva" Photo from

  The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet will leave in the summer in the North Atlantic to participate in a number of naval exercises

"According to the plan, in early June, the cruiser" Moskva "will go from Sevastopol to the northern latitudes to participate in several exercises, including international naval maneuvers" FRUKUS-2012 ", which will be held in June in the south-eastern part of the Baltic Sea", — reported in the Main Staff of the Navy.


Hike the Black Sea flagship will last three months. During this time, the ship will perform tasks of combat duty in the Mediterranean, will take part in international exercises in the Baltic Sea fulfills joint action in the Barents Sea with the Northern Fleet. The Russian ship will make a few business calls at foreign ports, including Italian and Portuguese, as well as Syrian Tartous.


In addition, the planned firing the main weapon of the cruiser — antiship missiles P-1000 "Volcano". It will also use other types of weapons — anti-aircraft missile system S-300F "Fort" (sea analogue S-300PM) and artillery systems, including — the AK-130.

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2. Three car modification "Wolf" come to the test


Military-industrial company will test the three all-wheel drive armored vehicle modifications ruggedized "Wolf"

The press secretary of the "VPK" Sergei Suvorov.


"Currently, the tests are preparing three cars in three different versions," — said Suvorov.

 He said that the trial will be presented at the cars without weapons. Two of them are 4×4 (open body with an armored unit personnel carriers) and one 6×6 (with function module for the transportation of personnel).


"The Wolf" is designed to transport personnel, cargo, towing trailers weighing up to 2.5 tons. The design of the machine allows the field in a short time to change the purpose of the car by installing the necessary modules "- said Suvorov.

According to him, the armored car can be set to the following weapons: anti-tank systems, mortar setting, short-range air defense missile systems, means of fire support.

A distinctive feature of the family of armored vehicles "Wolf" is that all the components, including the engine, — the Russian production. Moreover, the engine JAMZ-534, corresponding to Euro-4 and Euro-5, has a reserve of modernization to increase power to 300 horsepower.

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