Cryogel — the new polymer material for the construction industry

The exhibition "High technologies — 2013" scientists and engineers of the Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences introduced a new polymer material for the construction industry.

It is known that the construction works in the Far North is complicated due to the widespread in these latitudes waterlogged soils, permafrost. Durability and strength building structures erected here depends on quite volatile climatic conditions.

In Institute of Petroleum Chemistry in Tomsk created new polymeric materials — cryogels, which represent a very promising material for the construction industry. These nanostructured Cryotropic gels are formed from solutions of polymers which initially form a gel at a temperature of 0-20 C, and then in cyclic processes "freeze-thawing" cryogels converted into a high elasticity and adhesion formation.   This material has a very valuable property of hardening during operation. The more of these cycles is experiencing cryogel, the higher are its mechanical properties, so important in construction: increased strength, flexibility, enhanced adhesion to the rock.

Designed and cooking technique cryogel directly at the facility, which allows its use (for example, injected into the well construction zaburennye) using standard techniques.

New product has been tested and patented. She has already demanded in construction in the extreme north and permafrost. Cryogels use to create cutoff curtains in hydraulic structures and strengthening of soil, for waterproofing basements of various buildings and landscaping the grounds of oil and gas wells, the construction of gas pipelines and land reclamation. A very promising as the use of cryogels to create additional safety barriers in the disposal of toxic and radioactive waste.

Author:Alexei Labunsky

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