Crystal Ball — a window into another dimension

October 27, 2011 16:12

"The light refracted in quartz, clears mind, promotes insight, allowing you to see the invisible, to know the unknown, to travel to the past and the future", say forecasters at crystal balls.

Cobra in the bedroom

Interest in the mysterious properties of balls made of quartz (rock crystal), can be traced throughout the history of mankind since ancient times. Even under the pharaohs believed that in such spheres lies the magic power and that the sun's rays passing through the crystal, are healing. And because in ancient Egypt crystal balls was applied to the wounds.
In the XIX century, Western Europe was seized hobby crystal balls in no small part to an English clairvoyant abilities Neil SentDzhon Montague.

Ability to expand it in early childhood. Her father, a general of the colonial army and served in India, and because the girl had no shortage of exotic toys. But his favorite was a crystal ball, given to Hindu nanny. Once Neil, scrutinizing the ball, suddenly felt that he was beginning to lose as a strange form. "In its place, — remembered the girl. — There was a thick fog spot. Then I saw in the middle of the fog slowly emerges bedroom of my mother, and my eye for some reason focused on a blue robe with embroidery, which was lying on the bed.
Mother to the bed and stretched out his hand to take the robe. Suddenly, frozen in horror, I saw in the soft folds of silk cobra. When she arched her back, transfixed in front of a cast of my chest broke a wild cry, and I dropped the ball … "The frightened girl ran to her mother. To calm her daughter, she called the guard, and the three of them went into the bedroom. "My mother went to bed, and suddenly the clock with shout pushed her aside and threw himself forward. From the folds of his robe quickly emerged cobra, she arched her back, and her hood dangerously swollen. "

This case, when she saw one of the possible options for the future, just betrothed her to a crystal ball. She did not leave with him all his life, doing the predictions for its precision strikes contemporaries. Predicting the fate of the once young naval officer, she saw a ball of bloody women in tattered clothes. Where and when this happens, Neil did not understand. A year later she received a letter.

Sailor reported that a psychic detective at the turn XIXXX centuries one of the most famous astrologers on crystal was an Englishman Phil Barg. Fame brought him a number of complicated cases, revealed to them through crystal balls, and in particular, the case of the disappearance of London broker Foxwell, supposedly away on business in America. Not receiving a long time to hear from him, Foxwell's wife called the police. There's nothing to help her could not, and she went to a fortuneteller. Barg long contemplated the crystal egg and finally in sorrow said: your husband went nowhere, his body is floating in the Thames. Discovered at a certain day in a certain place. All came to pass with complete accuracy. The house has vanished without a trace Mary Manya he offered her two sisters to see "pictures" in the egg with it.

The report on this experiment was published in the London papers September 30, 1905. Sisters unanimously asserted that in a crystal egg appear alternately terrible pictures: the offender, attacked Mary and her body falls out of the car; lights … These indications Police quickly figured out not only the place of the tragedy and found a witness — a railway, but also found poor girl's body. The then-official science (as the present, however) took the time to investigate the "mystique". The only thing that could be said of its representatives on the crystal balls, is that crystal shine tired brain, and therefore easier to people immersed in a hypnotic state.

Sibyl talk show

Ugasnuv in Europe, fashion crystal balls divination flourished in the United States. In the early twentieth century, it opens the magic in many salons. Most of the "diviners" were outright charlatans, but there were people who really had the capacity for clairvoyance. The most striking example in this respect showed to Jane Dixon.
Already at the age of five she showed exceptional ability: to predict future events, gifts that will bring guests, death of relatives. And at the age of eight, as once and Neil Montague, she received a gift that defined her entire fate. This is a memorable event took place in the house of the famous fortune-teller, to which they brought a girl for advice about her unusual abilities. Is the first thing looked at Jane's hand. "You will be a great a fortune. Such lines occur once in a thousand years. " Then she held out her crystal ball: "What do you see in him?" The girl stared at the crystal and suddenly began to describe some unfamiliar place: the wild rocky coast, the raging sea … "You saw my home — said the fortuneteller. — The ball is now yours. "
Thanks to Jane Dixon gift learn how to connect your mind to inaccessible for other "sources of information"

In the 40 years she got married and moved to Washington, where she started to consult people from the highest echelons of power. At least twice Jane advised President Roosevelt. During their first meeting in November 1944, seriously ill Roosevelt said, frankly, how much time I have left? Jane could not avoid answering:. Six months, sir, and maybe even less •. Five months after this meeting, April 12, 1945, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as predicted Dixon died. By the time Jane Dixon was already so popular that it sometimes has been invited to predict the E on television. So, after Stalin's death, the whole world was interested in a change of power in the USSR. And May 14, 1953 Jane Dixon during a live television broadcast, peering into his crystal ball, in front of an audience of millions has identified: Soviet Premier Malenkov about two years replace a man with an oval face, green eyes and a small goatee. Bearded will reign for long. He was replaced by short bald fat man. And earlier in the space rises silver ball 3emli Go round and like a dove, sit down Russian leader •. Neither the former U.S. ambassador to the USSR Davis, who participated in the program, nor the Soviet ambassador 3arubin, who met with a fortune the next day, did not believe the prophecies.

But two years later the prediction coming true. In 1955, the chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers was appointed "bearded" — Nikolai Bulganin, and 1958m all power concentrated in the hands of the "bald fat man" — Nikita Khrushchev.
The assassination of John F. Kennedy, which occurred in 1963, Jane Dixon predicted back in 1956m when no one would believe that this young and little-known politician becomes president of the United States. Around the same time, it accurately predicted the future popular actor Ronald Reagan, who later became the fortieth president. In 1964, she announced that she will put the first Russian spacecraft to the Moon and even before 2000 will be dismantling of the Berlin Wall, and in Rome will attempt on the Pope …

Jane Dixon, died January 25, 1997, and has remained a mystery to scientists.
Crystal ball tracking camera worked in 1985 to deal with the enigmatic driver. For these signs police quickly found the perpetrator. Quartz — the receiver of information from the "thin world"?

Russian scientists Garyaev P. and G. Tertyshny proposed a hypothesis to explain the surprising properties of quartz crystals. In their mind, quartz can receive images from the information field of the planet, and perhaps even from space. For this crystal, like some sort of a receiver must be set to a specific area of the field of information, which is achieved by first external influence on the crystal lattice. As a result of the impact of the crystal becomes independent receiver holograms "out there" in it, after the exposure of these holograms coherent waves originating, inter alia, by a person who is close to the crystal, "manifested" decoded image — the pictures taken from the "subtle world" .

But no matter what was the secret of quartz crystals, one thing is clear: the crystals, like water, is much, trees, air, light, and almost everything in nature, including man himself, have some kind of information properties that have yet to be discovered.

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