Current activities of JSC Tupolev

Current activities of JSC "Tupolev"

The state defense order

JSC "Tupolev" currently being performed very little four state contract for the repair of aircraft distant Aviation concluded in December last year. What is catchy, they concluded directly between the Defense Ministry and the society itself. It is fundamentally a difference of agreements repair front-line aircraft and military transport aircraft, helicopters, on March 2 serviceable last year was awarded a megakontrakt R/4/1-11-DOGOZ with "Aviaremont" which is without the help of others to enter into contracts with subcontractors work.

To perform works for the needs of the Defense Ministry about the topic Tu-160 December 1, 2011 was signed two agreements — R/4/2/18-11-DOGOZ and R/4/2/16-12-DOGOZ. The second contract means not only service, and the repair of the Tu-160 number 602 and 605, also a long-awaited upgrade. To perform these operations entered into several subcontracts with CAPO them. Gorbunov, the price of delivered products to upgrade more than 155 million rubles. Only one contract with the CAPO. CAPO Contract number 2962 from 10.01.2012 role in the maintenance of Tu-160 "18669346 step 1.12, 1.19, 1.25 GC

Execution of works for the needs of the Defense Ministry about the topic Tu-22MZ, MR is part of the contract R/4/2/19-11-DOGOZ. This year, the co-executor of works — CAPO launched repair 2-Tu-22M3 and carpets 3 Tu-22M3. In addition, for maintenance work on the Tu-22M3 was awarded another government contract number R/4/2/15-12-DOGOZ. For his performance Kazan aircraft manufacturers will put the main executor of products valued at more than 36.9 million rubles.

In addition, JSC "Tupolev" is a prime contractor repair strategic bombers Tu-95MS. Practically these works carried out by the Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev. This year should be handed over after the second (middle) repair two planes — Tu-95MS with serial numbers 00603 and 15105 (on-board 21 and 45). The contract for this work was signed June 1, 2012, Beriev Aircraft Company for work performed must receive 631.4 million rubles. This venture must perform under two contracts maintenence bombers Tu-95MS at 132 million rubles. Work on the modernization of aircraft of this type I have written a few posts earlier.

In the documents of JSC "Tupolev" is mentioned OCD "Potential", the subject of which is not specified. The contract with the co-executor of works on her face LII. Gromov was signed on July 17 this year. According to the numbering system used in the Tupolev company contracts, the ROC does not apply to the 1st of the existing types of aircraft distant aircraft.

The program Tu-204SM and Tu-214

I have already mentioned contract Number 1303 of 20 April 2012, prisoner Tupolev between the company and the KLA in the amount of 209 million rubles. The subject of his work is to perform on "Creating a Tu-214 aircraft in a particular embodiment, equipped with special communication hub." Contract shut up in the execution state. contract number 13/A-2218-11 of 8 December 2011, concluded between JSC "UAC" and the FSB. Apparently, under this agreement will be built CAPO mentioned in the report for the previous year Tu-214VPU.

The specific interest are consolidated and the number of orders on the Tu-214 and Tu-204SM for the structures of state aircraft. The need for them in the Tu-204SM is estimated at 14 aircraft, the recipients are defined MO, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations. Eleven Tu-214 must be received by MoD, MVD, FSB, the Federal Space Agency, the Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

Several have changed the number of planned deliveries of Tu-204SM civilian aircraft in the airline of the Russian Federation. Between 2014 and 2020, JSC "Tupolev" plans to deliver up to 40 Tu-204SM. The beneficiaries are airlines "Red Wings" (15 aircraft), VIM-Avia (11), Aviastar-Tu (5), Vladivostok-Avia (6), Mirny AP "Alrosa" (3). As we see, in relation to the report for the 1st quarter, the list of customers lost potenialnyh airline "Space", and about the general options of the question. Although, unfortunately, on paper plans change almost on a quarterly basis, but in real life is not realized some of them …

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