Cyborgs of the Soviet Union!

American historian Jeff Strasberg in his book "The Secret Weapon of the Soviets" leads a lot of evidence that from 1936 to 1941 in the Soviet Union was working on a particularly secret project to create a super soldier. He argues that the experiment involved about 300 volunteers Komsomol age and cites numerous eyewitness accounts.

No, the war is not being fed any chemical agents and doping. Their brains were implanted gold electrodes, preventing the emergence of pain, and limb bones replaced with titanium prosthesis that will protect the soft tissue in a landmine explosion or projectile, as well as from bullet injuries. In this case, any injury was of a "pass-through" and not threatened by crushing the bones and amputation.

Strasberg said that in the experiment involved about 300 volunteers Komsomol age (although participation was rather a voluntary-compulsory). With all the soldiers were taking a subscription to disclose, and for the disclosure of "military secrets" relied shot!

Half of the test subjects subsequently parted to the military districts, and from the other half formed a special commando units. A week before the start of the Great Patriotic War it was relocated to the Brest region, where it was the first day of the war completely destroyed the German artillery. Perhaps intelligence reported in advance of the Nazis' super-soldiers. "

But there were still 150 victims of horrific experiments on human flesh. Maybe there were more? In 1945, American allies seized a German secret medical center. Inside were dozens of autopsies that belonged to Soviet soldiers. The bones of the bodies were replaced with steel prostheses. For example, among them lay the body of an officer with metal edges. Several people artificially turned into dwarves — usually made of them pilots, as stunted people were less vulnerable to enemy and also able to bring on board more fuel and ammunition.

The work center for the production of "universal soldier" was interrupted with the beginning of the war, almost all of its employees have been mobilized into the army and died at the front. It is possible that this is taken care of security services: such witnesses was dangerous to leave alive.

After the war, the project was closed permanently as hopeless: there was a nuclear bomb, and the idea of soldiers-terminators recognized obsolete. As it turned out, the book Strasberg — is not the only source of information about the "super-soldiers."

In 1994, Vitebsk physician Sergei Konovalenko found in the old cemetery at the edge of town human remains. Obviously, one of the graves Changeling river water and the contents washed up on the surface. He was surprised that the bone was connected to the metal frame, hinged dentures. Dentures clearly replaced the human bones, not just hands and feet. Each of them could see a star with hammer and sickle, and under it — the inscription: "Kharkov. 05.39. SYD. "

Konovalenko not touch the find, as it is considered sacrilege. Two days later he was again passed by, but mysterious relics have disappeared: not that the rain has washed them in the river, not that someone picked up.

Sergei could not forget about the story and decided to investigate. So he found out that before the war there was a blackout in Vitebsk center of military prosthetics. But there was not the usual manufactured artificial limbs. Red Army replaced completely healthy bones and joints with artificial …

In the hands of Sergei Konovalenko during his "investigation" came with a copy of the video tape, intended "for official use only." Footage looked horrible: the soldier cut his leg at the knee and take out the bones, then blown away in the camera is a soccer ball, a leg tuck something metallic … This commenter states that the operation is performed without anesthesia, as in the human brain removed pain center. Indeed, on the face of the Red Army, undergoing these inhumane manipulation plays a smile … In the second story soldier cut the arm at the elbow — a fountain spurts blood … Again "volunteer" smiles shyly …

According Konovalenko, many died after such operations — foreign bodies get accustomed to bad body. And the majority of soldiers with disabled pain centers, subsequently detected brain tumor, or mental illness. Alas, the Soviet military surgeons did not manage to create an army of invincible soldiers. Although the war is something we still won!



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