DARPA is working on identification algorithms based on the keyboard handwriting

Advanced development agency of the Ministry of Defense DARPA is working on a new method of identification that can read the biometric data of the user during normal use of the keyboard.

The original purpose of the program is to identify a person who works in a normal environment — without compromising normal operation.

The goal of the new program DARPA — the development of "active methods of authorization", implying that the identity of the user will be set as the "individual using the keyboard with actions that are usually performed."

The Active authorization to replace the current authorization procedure "by the cancellation of the password, the user stored in secret," and the transition to a "secret information contained in the user", — stated in the documentation DARPA.

Classical methods involve the use of biometric authorization of additional steps needed to determine personalities such as attachment to a special finger scanner. Another popular way of determining the identity of a retinal scan.

However, the Pentagon apparently decided that all these methods are expensive and require a relatively long time for the identification operations.


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