Dealers: no sales. And there will be?

The currency crisis in Belarus continues. Victims of his first become importers. Car Dealers — among them. To ensure that the work of automotive interiors, required currency. However, to buy dollars and euros difficult, forcing traders to revise previous contracts, adjust the timing of delivery, and in some cases fall into an ugly situation to the buyer. There was a question at all about whether the existence of the new auto shops.

According to the Belarusian Automobile Association, last year only 7.5% in Belarus imported passenger cars were new. In other words, from the machine 15 000 200 000 total. Then life merchants — legal entities — spoiled the customs union, in which the pattern of the Russian model of taxation of motor vehicles tax, resulting in new cars rebounded strongly in price.

Life merchants — legal entities — spoiled customs union

In This year, proportion could be even more modest. Chairman of the State Customs Committee has stated that for the first quarter of machinery imported from abroad, as much as for the whole of 2010 th. In other words, every month is added 60-70 thousand. But new cars in this thread — Unit due to lack of currency, firms simply do not have the ability to update the lineup.
The other day, the National Bank said the termination of restrictions on non stock market. Like, next week the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange trading and alternative will determine the real exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble against major currencies. Will this lead to a recovery in the automotive sector? Interested in the manager of the international automobile holding "Atlant-M" Ilya Prokhorov:

"Still very little time has passed, we are not yet ready to comment. Indeed, should still take some time for all to come to a certain standard. But in the current situation of any particular changes do not see …".
Reporter: "What is the situation with the sale of cars?".
"Well, what with the sale? Sales are not very good. Poor sales. Consumer demand for new cars, for some reason went down, and there are still problems with the purchase of foreign currency added. General among our customers is both legal entities and individuals. Therefore, it is important to , so that the foreign exchange market could currency to purchase, and that people can normally go to the exchange or to the bank and also get

Sales is not very good. Poor sales

currency. Not to pay us because we, by law, accept payment in rubles. A first in order to normalize the overall situation. "
In late March, the Belarusian car dealers have been forced to suspend sales of new cars, and most of the firms so they never recovered. National Bank introduced the requirement for a 30-day reserve funds to buy foreign currency (still occupied the same procedure day) led to the fact that for the month of waiting in line business simply stayed. From April 1 this requirement was abolished, but the currency crisis began.
An expert in the automotive industry Anatoly Shevchenko convinced that in this case auto dealers do not expect anything good, "Changes will be only when the dealers will be able to buy foreign currency. While there is no common denominator and saved the difference courses, nothing will. They told me at all surprising case where the head with his grandfather brought to avtasalen natural fur Belarusian money and tried to force them to sell the car at the exchange rate of the National Bank. Like, if you price it cost in dollars required to sell at the official rate, and not what we will invite tax. So there were very razumnyya.Zrazumela that

difference of course makes it impossible to sell and buy at the normal rules

. Because in the end produced a swamp, marsh and know who is found. And then someone would catch myself necessarily a good profit, because the difference in rates for cash one arithmetic, for non-cash — another. That is, it allows someone to have a very large income, and someone to make a purchase will have to get it out of his pocket all the money. "
Experts believe the automotive market that even under the best scenario, dealers will have to form their pricing policy on the basis of the course is to buy currency exchange market. Given that the dollar exchange rate, experts predict a 20-30% higher than determined by the National Bank, we can assume that at least 20% jump and the price of new cars.


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