Death — is just the beginning or NEezotericheskaya version 2012

May 11, 2012 1:34

2012 is the area of hypotheses, theories, beliefs, predictions, prophecies and myths. NONE of the usual three-dimensional people can not reliably tell what will happen to us in 2012! Aware of this, only 5% of the world population, which is currently already in the fifth dimension, that is, their physical body is reunited with the astral body.

Time is an illusion only the physical layer, so for those who are able to visit outside of time, is not difficult to tell us about the future. The idea of ascension is coming from such people, linking us with a higher being. I believe in the rapture with every fiber of my soul! However, the 2012-ogy are those who accuse me of misting human brain, with lukrativnoy purpose. So I decided to present you a different concept in 2012, which has nothing to do with the esoteric. All written today comes from the authors of the books that will be mentioned.

2012 is primarily associated with the end of a long cycle of the Maya calendar, what to pay attention to the general public Argyules Jose in the book "Mayan Factor," published in 1987. The ancient Maya civilization which flourished in the lands from Mexico to El Salvador, and most mysteriously disappeared, literally overnight, leaving behind all their wealth and achievements. One of these achievements was the long calendar of calculation, which is only due to the winter solstice of 2012.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, however, in his book "The Flower of Life" refers to the inconsistency of our Gregorian calendar and insists that the end date of the Maya calendar, rather corresponds to March 2013. Whatever it was, with an accuracy of a few months, we, however, expect any grand shift somewhere in the interval from September 2012 to March 2013.

An incredible number of ancient prophecies about 2012 can not be ignored! Prophecies from ancient China »Chinese Book ofChanges", to the myths of the tribe Maiori in New Zealand, from the predictions of the ancient peoples of Central America on the transition from the fourth to the fifth of the world to the Inca calendar ending in 2013, by an archaeologist Zecharia Sitchin, Nibiru with his return and Annunaki to Indian seer Baba, from the prophecies and visions of American Indian elders of the great cleansing of the Earth in front of the fifth world to Pueblo tribe in northern Mexico, a star calendar which indicates the great purge in 2012. Added to this is the sacred calendar of Cherokee Indians of North America, indicating 2012 as the time of the great shock of the Earth.

Their elder Shong, who died in 1925, predicted that 2012 will complete the 25-year period of purification, which resonates with said Jose Argyulesom year 1987 as the beginning of the 25-year period before removing the shift of consciousness of the Earth.

Credo Mutua, 80-year-old shaman Zulu in South Africa, Zulu legend tells of a great disaster caused by the star, which must go back to the year of the Red Bull. Persian legends say about the disaster caused a star. Interestingly, the English word disaster (disaster) comes from the Persian dis (death) and aster (star). Even the Qur'an predicts that the day of judgment will come when people will live in very high buildings. And religion Hindi predicts clean earth fire involving the destroyer god Shiva.

Back in the present, that same picture warnings striking! The American Academy of Sciences said in 2009 that the fall of 2012 is expected solar super-storm that will damage electrical power grids worldwide. Satellite communications, telecommunications, will go into oblivion, the civilized way of life, as such, will stop its course, as absolutely everything in this life depends on electricity. Americans calculated that with the onset of winter in 2012 millions of people in the northern hemisphere will face starvation and cold death.

Which would you prefer prediction to believe, obviously, you need to prepare! We can live in the dense countryside as far away from the ocean, which will not reach the tsunami and hungry marauders from the fallen city without electricity, learn how to dig the earth and grow food with their own hands, build bomb shelters for protection from meteorites and volcanic dust, stock up on water, candles, gasoline for a long, long time. However, there is great chance of physical survival, even with all the preparations?

Lived there one dinosaur to date? By the way, causing the dinosaurs? Nuclear physicist Luis Alvarez and his geologist son Walter Alvaris the experience proved that the fate of the dinosaurs was achieved either a comet or an asteroid with a diameter of more than eight miles. The explosion on impact of this heavenly wanderer on the planet by force was equal explosion of the world's nuclear arsenal tenfold! Hundreds of cubic kilometers of dust eclipsed the light of the sun for a few years, suspending life on Earth.

Nigel Galder in the book "Magic Universe: A Guide to Modern Science at Oxford," wrote that 99.9% of the species that have flourished ever become extinct. Fossil evidence shows over and over Model: types exist on the planet for millions of years, then suddenly disappear off the face of the Earth. This is repeated so precisely that paleontologists oil companies are oil-bearing layers simply mean micro-organisms in them! Is generally accepted that in the last 500 million years on Earth there have been five mass extinctions of species. Each time the extinction of species been dominating at the time in the world, be it dinosaurs or reptiles Morecambe. Is not it time to mankind as a species become extinct? President of the Royal Astronomical Community UK, Professor Martin Rees, in his book "Our Final Century", wrote that the depletion of natural resources, pollution, population growth, global warming, XXI century will be the last for mankind. He predicted the end of human civilization in 2033.

James Lovelock in his book, "The Revenge of Gaia" supported this pessimistic forecast, and hinted that the scenario in 2012, when one day the world's population will be wiped off the face of the Earth, may even be considered merciful compared to the inevitable extinction vtechenii wrenching one- two decades. The life of civilization, he says, focuses more and more urban. One oncologist, looking at the city in the window of the plane, and compare them with a cancerous tumor on the body of the Earth! Our scarce natural resources civilization is nothing more than a cancer to the earth. Disaster will be nothing more than the treatment of advanced cancer of the Earth!

It would not have loved and praised the people themselves, with a planetary point of view they are like extremely harmful pathogenic bacteria. Earth can safely tolerate us while we were hunters, herders and farmers, but each time with the advent of the fruit of civilization we started to bring her a lot of suffering. Therefore, writes James Lovelock, human civilization destroyed, reaching peak, one way or another, and the man as a species, are discarded again and again to the level of the Stone Age.

This can be compared to the bacteria that live in our body. We can live with them for years until they are harmless, but when they become pathogenic, we are trying to recover, that is, get rid of these bacteria. For the earth is like a man of the Stone Age harmless bacteria coexisting with it, but this is a civilized man pathogenic bacterium. And we are to judge the Earth after the uncontrolled growth of population in cities and untold environmental damage? The question now is an edge, we or Earth.

And the universe set in reserve bezhitrostnyh ways wipe overgrown "bacteria" that occur from time to time and that is predicted for 2012. The level of damage caused by the Earth crossed all boundaries, Earth is dying as a person dies of poison cancer cells! Earth civilization endured last thousand years and more it can not tolerate. If you do not stop the predatory lifestyle of this civilization, it will destroy itself and the planet! State of affairs is such that the Earth and can survive only if 95% of people will leave her physical body. It is a very cruel, in human terms, the fact. But let's look beyond the fact that the means for each of us this fact?

As promised at the beginning, I did not mention any esoteric aspect, but only facts known to many. So, it is clear that the situation is hopeless, and if not to clear a 95% of people, very soon there will be no earth itself. So what do you prefer? Stretch for another ten years and ruin the planet, or die an instant death and translated into uncivilized hunter, farmer or shepherd on earth purified, fertilized with ashes on her cleaning promchavscheysya disaster burgeoning lovely pristine garden? Two aspects of this issue definitely terrified you, death and reincarnation? However, if only death scares you in anticipation of 2012, all is not lost! Death is not the end but only the beginning of what there is plenty of evidence. Despite the fact that the fact that chronically denied scientists skeptical, death is just a transition occurring in the state, like a dream. Innumerable testimonies of survivors of near-death experience on the operating table or after the accident, which the U.S. Dr. Raymond Moody has collected in the book "Life After Life".

All interviews were conducted by a doctor, is characterized by the following general details of the stories of people living in different countries and are not related to each other. When they died, they heard the announcement of the fact of their death, and then they heard a nasty sound, like a loud bell, at the same time they felt themselves very quickly speeding on a dark tunnel, and then suddenly found themselves out of their body, but still in the same situation in which they happened to die. They saw their own bodies and the people round about him, as if from the outside, as an outsider, being a little above the rest of the people that tried to speak, but they were not heard.

However, they themselves know that utter this or that person for a second before he did it and could hear the thoughts of others. Is this not proof that the mind can exist apart from our brains and understand the surrounding reality? You probably themselves met survivors of clinical death? Are you scared of their stories? So terrible she die?

Many survivors of clinical death described telepathic communication with others in a similar position to them (death), their ability to be in a particular place on the planet, just thinking about it, before meeting with the dead relatives and wonderful creatures, like angels of light, helping them to understand everything that happens to them. All these cases show that our perception of time and space is an illusion created by our brain. Leaving the physical brain, consciousness becomes free and can go anywhere!

In other words, death is liberation from the shackles of the physical body shell. The brain, as such, does not create a reason, and it detracts from, making us a little more than animals with a strong survival instinct. Whole mind passes through the filter funnel, the brain and nervous system, and is the part that gets to us at the disposal of this funnel, it is only a small part of the mind, you just have to survive on the surface of planet Earth. All the other worlds of the universe are in the mind, not distorted by our brain and nervous system, that is, we just do not know about them!

Thus, we can consider death as a process of liberation from the filtering mechanism of the brain when we opened was given the existence of which we are unaware. Death can be an adventure far more interesting life without crushing financial problems and pile on one after the other diseases, without hate, fear, envy. The death we can open new horizons, new worlds! Until then, until we return back to the physical shell. This, as well as life after death, there is a lot of evidence. Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia, held a large-scale study of the facts of reincarnation. For twenty years, he has collected more than 2,000 certificates reincarnation contained in a variety of magazines and books. My daughter is four years kept saying that she has a sister, which actually was not in the project. Therefore, I am particularly interested in children's cases described Ian Stevenson.

It tells about the many cases in which children spontaneously begin to remember the facts of their previous lives, which have been tested for accuracy. In one, a boy born of a French family with a lot of moles. Barely learned to talk, he said that the stains were from the bullets that killed him. And learning to speak better, he named names of all the men who accused him of cheating in a card game and killed him.

He also stated that all members of his family and the name of the village in Sri Lanka, where he lived. Up to five years, he has to suffer the French parents climbing trees in search of bananas, eating only the fingers, with the words in a tongue. The study confirmed that the village in Sri Lanka, called the boy, a few years before he was born in France, was shot dead garbage bananas for cheating at cards. These memories past life began to wear off after the age of five years, and he lived on a normal life.

Dr Stevenson said that young children often keep the memory of the previous life, either on the ground or on other planets, and advises parents to listen to the babble of the kids who can open their eyes to the past. These children's stories show us adults have forgotten his previous life, that death does not come to an end.

Death is only the beginning! Here is one of the descriptions of the experience of death a man who under hypnosis remembered all the previous life, physical death, life on other worlds and new birth in the world, "I realized that all my life I have been dressed up in costume, playing a role but not knowing it. And this costume fell off me, and I saw who I really was. I would not be who I thought I was all my life! All my life I thought I was a person, a prisoner in the body. But then I woke up as if from amnesia and was himself! My body was the thing that I used to live on Earth. When this thing is worn out, I just got rid of it and began to himself … All there was filled with conscious joy and happiness! "

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