DECLARATION Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences. On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind

On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind


Slavo-Aryan Academy of Sciences on the subject of his research

This declaration is based on ancient documents, chronicles, materials Old Believer communities and other various written and oral sources Aryans, Slavs and other peoples of the Earth, as well as modern science to create a historical and philosophical core research subject Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences (hereinafter — the Academy ). The Declaration is a tezisno review the information on the basics of the Universe and the history of mankind, has become known to the founders of the Academy at the time of its creation, which, like a flower on the stem, should be based on the nature of modern science, society and man. It is possible that many of the details, and can, and whole parts of the Declaration in the Academy to refine or even change. That's what created the Academy.

But most importantly — by the Declaration to arouse people's interest in their history, to return them to the memory of their ancestors, as well as to revive the ancestral knowledge, complemented by modern science. After all, only knowledge can open to others the meaning of their lives and make them happy.

1. The universe has always existed, exists and will exist in the form of a stationary non-extendible system despite cultivated now the Big Bang to the birth of the matter from the point of infinite density and its subsequent expansion against the background of empty space-time is curved, which are, on the one hand, unintentional errors scientists the other — a skillful manipulation of these errors on the part of enemies of humanity.

2. The universe and everything was nothing new can not be, but only by periodic circulation of matter and events with some new nuances with repetition. Similarly, repeated and properties of the universe at different scales. "At the bottom of the same infinite unknowable abyss, as above, and that which is below, is similar to what is above, and that which is above, is the basis for the similarity of the fact that the bottom" ("Harati Light" or "Book of Wisdom" , 26731, the

3. Unlike our Galaxy Universe (visible in the sky as the Milky Way, or ancient, heavenly Iria) does not always exist and will always exist. Galaxies in the universe are born out of the primary foremothers, which remains of some galaxies, while the building blocks for the other, and after going to the level of the development cycle of quasars, annihilate, converting matter into intense electromagnetic radiation, to again after a certain time to be born somewhere else, as is the case for the earth, with grass or leaves on the trees.

4. Life is immanent in all forms and scale levels of matter and appears at certain stages of its local evolution. Similarly, it was manifested by the action of the radiation energy of the sun and the planets of the solar system in an organic form in which we know it. In ancient times the primary energy, the life-giving inanimate matter, our ancestors gave the name of "Ingle" and its source — Primal One is unknowable (not having even the images) Essence, the Creator-God Ra-M-Ha, and worshiped her, calling himself or Inglyanami Ingle. Thus, in "Radzivilovskoy Chronicle" mentions that Russia was inhabited by, among other people, and also Inglyane. And the name of England — England — translated as Land Ingle. Now this and much more only know clerics keepers of ancient knowledge, lost among conservatives.

5. Since the beginning of the formation of our galaxy (the ancient — Swati) star first lit in the center, and then as thickening foremothers lit farther and farther from the center up to its periphery to form four curved arms in a Swastika, the image of which was later discredited by the German fascism. Therefore, life in the organic form was first born, or rather manifested first in the center of the galaxy. Also, she was the first to reach the level of self-awareness and, that is, reasonableness. And to date in terms of perfection, it is a leader.

6. Intelligent life in the form in which we had only just, and we know that in human form, is capable of self-propagating from one star to the planet planets of other stars, as it develops, the accumulation of a critical mass and achieve a certain level of scientific and technological progress. Perhaps the planned distribution of this life as its reproduction, and perhaps people fleeing from war, looting, natural or man-made disasters.

7. Our solar system is located closer to the periphery of the galaxy, the so-called porubezhe separating the inner region, rich in stars and, consequently, energy and mineral resources, which provide normal conditions for the development of human civilizations, and the outer region, the poor those resources, which are developing fierce constant struggle for the survival of civilization and so aggressive, prone to wars of conquest, and lives by the labor of others. In this fight, and this way of life representatives of such civilizations acquire some special features — such as androgyny, ie androgyny.

8. Given the almost peripheral position of the sun in the galaxy, organic life on planets in the solar system could come in two ways: samozaroditsya or be placed there more advanced civilizations of the stars that are closer to the center of the galaxy or its sleeves, where the stars also appeared earlier than the Sun or the conditions for life on their planets emerged earlier than on Earth.

9. How to tell the ancient sources, life on Earth in all its forms of existence — from single-celled organisms, and to monkeys inclusive — samozarodilas and developed on the basis of shared characteristics and laws of the local evolution of matter. That has also been the remains of the debris of other stars and galaxies that formed the seeds for some of its primary forms.

10. However, as narrated the same ancient sources, terrestrial humanity is of cosmic origin — the first inhabited land of the ancestors of modern humans White Race: Aryan Childbirth — da'Ariytsy and h'Ariytsy and Slavic Childbirth — Svyatoruss and Russ. At various times, they came out the next four related star systems in large and small spacecraft, called, respectively, Vaitmar and Wightman. They differed height, color of the iris, hair color and blood type. The color of the eyes of people depended on what the spectrum of the heavenly bodies are covered planet that have evolved their birth.

11. In the days of the early settlers face of the Earth was very different from the present structure of the continents. Then at the North Pole was the mainland, which our ancestors called "Da'Arias" because first settlers were from Rod da'Ariyskogo. There was a warm climate, as evidenced by the remains of ancient subtropical plants on the islands of the Arctic Ocean (incidentally, the same residues found in Antarctica). The first settlers were given the name of the planet — Midgard, known today as the word "Earth" is just a synonym for the word "planet." Hence the word "foreigners", meaning unfriendly inhabitants of other planets. And our sun is named "Yarylo."

12. It should be noted that our ancestors are differentiating between "Star" and "The Sun." The word "star" denotes the celestial body that has less than 8 Lands, and the word "sun" — at least 8 Lands. As the naked eye planets outside the Land of the heavenly bodies, but our Yarila-sun, not seen, ie them there, as it were, and not, in the future all of them started to call the stars. A set of closely spaced to each other stars, that is, constellations, the ancient name of the Halls. Also, the word "moon" — it is not a proper name, but simply a synonym for "the planet's moon." Our Moon has the same name — Month.

13. In ancient times, the whole system Yarily the Sun had 27 Lands, half of which are beyond Pluto, is not known to modern astronomers. By the way, the number 27 was called by the old far away, so walking to distant lands mentioned in old tales, in those days meant only space flight beyond the solar system. A fairy kingdom is trinadesyaty bridal chamber, ie 13th constellation, called the Halls Finist Clear Falcon, as in the old Zodiac is not shared by 12 and 16 constellations. In this connection it should also be noted that in the original story telling, that is, as they heard sometime in antiquity, is very interesting and instructive. Examples are the "Gingerbread Man" and "The Tale of the Clear Finist Falcon."

14. The very first in 458,519 BC on Midgard-Earth arrived yes' Aryans of Tara star system (in a modern way — the North Star) in the Hall of the Heavenly Cow Zimun or, in the modern, the Little Bear. Their land was called "RAI", in honor of her as part of the area was named in Daarija. For the record it should be noted that the system Yarily-Sun, where the third part of the Midgard-Earth, also belongs to the constellation Zimun. Yes `Aryans or, in other words, Rasichi had gray eyes and svetlorusy or almost whitish hair color, as well as Group 1 blood. Their growth originally ranged from 1 m 75 cm to 2 m 90 cm Their descendants are: Siberian Rusichi (Tobolsk Tatars), North-western Germans, Rasichi (Ugra and Lukomorskie), Danish, Dutch, Flemish, Latchally, Latvians (Plate) , Riva (Lithuanians and Litovane), Esta.

15. In 271 895 BC Abode of Finist Clear Falcon (in a different way — Rarog) or, in a modern way, the constellation of Orion, of the Sun-Rada, which was their ancestral home — the Earth Troara on Midgard-Earth profit green-x 'Aryans. They settled in the area in the northern mainland, calling it h'Arra. They had blood group 1 (rarely 2nd) group. Height — 180 cm to 2 m 60 cm Hair — brown and svetlorusye. These descendants are: Eastern Russes, Northeast Prus (Pomorskie Rusa), Scandinavia (Suomi Svei, Rodei), the Anglo-Saxons, Normans (Moorman), Gauls, Icelanders (Belovodskaya Rusichi), a holy nation Rysichi.

16. Further, from the Hall of the Swan (Makos or Big Dipper) to 209,687 BC Childbirth Svyatoruss arrived Slavic, which is also called Swa-Ga and also called to an area that took in Daarija. Their homeland was in the Sun-IMC Arkolna Rutte on Earth. They had a height of 155 cm to 199 cm (with relatively low Aryans). Blood group had 1 and 2. Hair — from white to svetlorusogo. Eye color — from heaven to blue. This genus includes the nations of the northern Russian, Belorussians, Borus (Russ Divine Land of Dortmund in Germany), Czerwone Russes (in Poland), Glade, East Prussia, Silver Russes (Serbia), Croatia, Irish, Scots, Assyrians (Assy from Iria), Macedonians.

17. Latest in 183,767 BC on Midgard-Earth arrived Slavic Childbirth Russenia. They occupied part Daarija, opposite Earth SMAD, which was previously occupied Svyatoruss and called it Thule, because the color of their eyes was a fire ("Tool" — the ancient "fire"). They came from the Sun-Dazhdbog with Ingard Earth. Dazhdbog-Sun is in the Hall of Race — White Leopard or Pardus (Leo). This star in modern astronomy is known as Beta Lion or Denebola. Their growth was from 165 cm to 185 cm Eyes — brown and svetlokarie. Hair — temnorusye. Russenia also called Rosa. These include people: Western Rosa Rysichi (eyes like a lynx), the Italians, the Etruscans (Russian), Dacians (Dhaka or Moldovans) Samariytsy, Pelezgi, Syrians, Thracians, Frank (not French), Gotti, Albanians, Avars.

18. Study of ancient documents revealed that at least two places our ancestors came to the Midgard-Earth necessity, because life on their land was destroyed. This applies h'Ariyskih births Troary what is in the Hall of Parliament, and Svyatoruss with Rutten, which is in the Hall of Mokos. According to ancient witnesses on these planets as a result of wars of conquest Strangers leaving only charred ashes thickness of 15 meters. Da'Arias were displaced and their ship was damaged in space, was forced to land on the planet, which at the time of the accident was the closest to them. Slavic same genera Russenia flew with Ingard Earth, to trade and to share knowledge, because the Midgard-earth a unique situation related to the simultaneous presence of her knowledge and cultures of four races. In the future, some of them stayed here to live.

19. The above four clans were and are the basis of the white race, being the descendent of heaven, living in the vicinity of the Halls of our solar system. Allies of the White Race is in confrontation with foreigners were yellow-skinned people from the Hall of the Great Dragon, called Arima. They were allowed to settle on the Midgard-earth by providing a space in the South East, the rising of the sun-Yarily. This is — Arima, or, in modern China.

20. Other allies, redhead people from the Hall of the Fire Snake, determined on a large island in the West (ie Atlantic) Ocean. Subsequently, with the advent of the white race it Genera, the island was called "Antlan", ie Land of Ants. The ancient Greeks called it Atlantis. How to tell the ancient sources, after the death Antlan 13 thousand years of righteous people on the Redskins Vaitmar transported to the Americas. Redskins so people arrived in America, bringing with them there not only signs of mixing with the white race, and perceived them to culture.

21. Rasichi once (ie yes' Aryans) saved part of the black race of people who were dying on the various lands in the Halls Dismal wasteland, destroyed by foreigners, by resettling them to the African continent and in India who met the climatic conditions to which they were adapted people. Then saved the part of black people from the dead planet Dei that was between Mars and Jupiter. Thus was formed on our planet Human Commonwealth of four races. It is quite possible (and there are proofs) that is in it before there were people, but because of periodic global cooling, they did not survive or become savages.

22. All of the above race although they differ in color, but have the same genotype. Gate of a white and other races in the Midgard-Earth are the representatives of the so-called Pekelnogo world, ie hostile civilizations of the peripheral region of the galaxy, secretly getting on Midgard-Earth, so their territories to be determined. Our ancient ancestors, they are called the stranger, and the places of their primary habitat — hell. Thus, the Strangers — is not just aliens and aliens, and hostile aliens, as our ancestors allies Strangers never called.

23. As indicated by the ancient documents, they had a different genotype, were originally androgynous (hermaphrodites), could be a woman or a man, in this case, depending on the phases of the moon changed their sexual orientation. Skin — a deathly gray, the color of eyes with iris pupil — black or other colors combined with black. Hair color black with blood-tinged or red (not to be confused with the color of straw). No taller than 150 cm for skin color and lack of spirituality for our ancestors called them yet Grey (hitherto preserved expression gray person, gray cardinal, gray mass). Over time, the stranger, iriniruya (ie mixing of genes and field level) and representatives (usually worse) other races, gradually lost the outward signs of a bisexual, but have created a rather large layer of individuals with genetic and sexual deviations.

24. In 151 336 BC during the Great Assy (ie war) Aliens destroyed Earth Dey, hit her one of her two companions — the moon Lyutitsiyu. Now there was only the asteroid belt. The second satellite Dei — Moon Fattah together with the rescued victims from Lands (not just Dei) has been moved into orbit around Vaitmar Midgard-Earth. Fattah is the third moon of the Midgard-earth and was found between the orbits of the other two the then she Lun — Lely and months — with a period of 13 days (Lelia had a period of 7 days, from which, apparently, and there was a seven-day week). Since then, the Midgard-Earth has three moons. This occurred in 140 990 BC Thus, after the initial acceleration Fatta Vaitmar drifted to a new habitat 10,346 years with an average speed (by modern calculations) 0.862 m / s.

25. It should be noted that people in the Midgard-earth were ignored their more developed and wealthy relatives of the closest stellar worlds who have provided all possible assistance, and provide Vaitmar Wightman for relocation and trade and whom they called gods. One of those mentors and real historical person of Perun was Urai-earth, which is in the Hall of the Eagle. The latter, ie the third time he had visited our planet at Wightman in 38,004 BC to give us knowledge, to warn of impending dangers and upcoming events in the future for 40176 years. Our forefathers wrote this knowledge x `Aryan runes in the ninth circle of" Santee Perun Veda "(ie in nine books" Wisdom of God Perun "). These Santee with other ancient documents and are our native Slavic-Aryan Vedas, some of which has been transferred to India by the Aryans two campaigns there in 2692 and 2006. BC

26. I was the son of Perun Tarkh and daughter Tara. After human settlement Assia (Asia) Package supervised territory from Rhipaean (Ural) mountains to h'Ariyskogo Sea (Lake Baikal), and Tarkh — from h'Ariyskogo Sea to the Great (Pacific) Ocean. Together, the area was known as Earth-Tarkh Tara pereinachennye descended into Tartarus, and then migrated to the name of the Russian republic — Tatarstan. Our ancestors have visited many other gods in charge of certain genera, called later on in their honor. However, about 13 thousand years ago with the onset of cold weather on Earth, they have ceased to do so, and will resume visits to our planet again after 2012

27. Tarkh named Dazhbog (giving God) for what gave them the White Race Nine Santee (books). These Santee were recorded by ancient runes and contained the sacred ancient Vedas, the Commandments Tarh Perunovicha and Manual (currently they are likely to lose them). Santee only visually in the original book can be called as it was a plate of precious metal (usually gold), which squeezed x `Ancient Aryan Runes and blush. Plates held together by three rings, symbolizing the three worlds: the Reality (the human world), Nav (World of Spirits and souls of ancestors) and right (Bright World Slavic-Aryan Gods). They are then framed in oak with a salary of red cloth. Santee dignity is that they can be stored for thousands of years, in contrast to other media.

28. Since then, as the Earth has been destroyed Dey, Strangers did not attempt to get into your system Yarily Sun-as long as they have not settled the moon Lelia, founded the kingdom Koshcheev, named in honor of their priests. Strangers of this kingdom tried to get on Midgard-earth, but their plans were to unravel tarhi. Anticipating the possible destruction of our planet as well as Earth Day's, Tarkh choose the lesser evil — the destruction of Lely along with databases of Strangers. At the same time there was a threat in sea level rise and flooding of Darius.

29. People have been warned by the priest tarhi Savior of the forthcoming death Daarija by the Great Flood (since the name of the Savior is a household). They began to settle on the Stone of the isthmus between the East and West Seas, which later became land. It is now known the name Stone, Stone Belt, Riphean or the Ural Mountains, and later settled in the territory of present South Urals, including the largest island in the East Sea, which they called Brawler. Next Tarkh destroys the moon Lelia, using Fash-Destroyer (nuclear or thermonuclear weapons). According to modern calculations fall of her pieces on the ground could immediately cause a rise in sea level of 4.8 m, and in the future even more. Therefore, it was great flood, which claimed many lives, but the Midgard-Earth was saved.

30. Clans of the White Race relocation of Daarija in Assiyu (Asia) ended at 109,806 BC, ie 15 years after the death of Moon Lely and its fragments fall on our planet, causing Da'Arias went underwater current Arctic (Frozen) Ocean. In the 16 th year in honor of the feast of salvation was established Paskhet (in a modern way — Easter) and there was a kind of ritual with deep meaning, performed by all the Orthodox people: painted eggs collide with each other, checking, whose egg stronger. Broken egg called egg Koshcheev, ie Cherish shattered moon, and the whole egg — force Tarh Dazhdbog. Later on that basis, there were tales of Koshchei Immortal. (Koschei — The demon of death).

31. Initially escaped people settled on the banks of the Irtysh River, which is the acronym Iriy River (White Water), quietest, where 5028 years later at the confluence with the river Ohm was based capital White Race — Asgard (City of Gods). Now in its place is the city of Omsk. After the retreat of the West and East Seas, they settled the land, formerly the seabed, forming 16 Vesey (areas). In the lower Ob between the Ob and the Urals was Siberia (North Truly Divine Iriy). Further south, on the banks of the Irtysh, located Belovodye or, in other words, Pyatireche (Iriy, Ob, Yenisei, Angara and Lena). Later, people settled along the rivers Ishim and Tobol. Thus, Pyatireche become a Seven Rivers. Ob Bay — is Scythian Sea. Western Siberia — Lukomorye. Located south of Lukomorye Yugor, which came to Erie mountains (Mongolian Altai). H'Ariyskaya All located on the Yenisei River to h'Ariyskogo sea (lake).

32. In the future, from the first cold snap of the Great Northern Hemisphere Midgard-Earth, the third was covered with snow. Because of the lack of food for people and feed the animal Great Migrations descendent of heaven beyond the Ural mountains, in Veneyu (Europe). Scand leader with his tribe settled the northern part Venei. This area later became known as scandium Navya (Scandinavia), as dying, the leader said, "My spirit will always be worn over this land, protecting it." Childbirth Wangs initially settled in the Caucasus (present territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey), in memory of them left Lake Van. But later, they left this land due to drought and populated area south of Scandinavia — Northwest Venei. Now they state the Netherlands, and their people — the Dutch, to preserve the memory of its kind left to his surname prefix "Van" (eg, Van Gogh or Van Beethoven).

33. Childbirth God Veles — The nations Scots Irish. One province in honor of God Veles called Wales. Childbirth Anglo-Saxon and Frankish — center Venei, there settled Gauls and Childbirth Zemchalov. Childbirth Svyatoruss populated eastern and southern Venei and the Baltic states. In the eastern part until Belovodye located Gardarica country (country of many cities) — these were: Russia Novgorod (Slovenia), it was founded by the leader of the word with the capital of MediaWiki, which was renamed after the fire in Novgorod. Pomeranian Russia or Prussia, which included Latvia and East Prussia. Red Russia — Poland and Lithuania (later, the Commonwealth). White Russia — Belarus. Russ median — Muscovy, Vladimir, etc. Russ Little — Kievan Rus. Carpathian Rus — Hutsul, Dhaka, Rumuny, Hungary, etc. Silver Russia — Serbia. Childbirth God Perun populated southern part of Assia — Persia and the Median Assiyu. Part h'Ariyskih Births went to the south-west and populated the peninsula of Arabia.

34. Other h'Ariytsy — Childbirth God of (the ancient Greeks called him Poseidon, and the Romans — Neptune), led by the leader Anta reached the West (Atlantic) Ocean and settled on a big island with previously lived there redskins people in the Hall of the Fire Snake. Since then, the island has become known as the Earth or Antlan Ants (Atlantis). It was a powerful kingdom. But in 11,008 BC in a battle between the people and priests of the White Race Antlan used Midgard-Earth Elements (possibly a gravity gun) and Moon Fattah was destroyed. Her huge splinter fell into the ocean, causing sea levels rose once (by modern calculations) of 7.2 m huge wave went around the Earth three times that, together with the rise in water level caused the death Antlan and other islands. Change the slope of the earth's axis, and increased volcanic activity has led to the pollution of the atmosphere, which is one of the reasons for the next great cooling.

35. After the death of the righteous part Antlan Ants Wightman was saved and moved to the territory of the ancient country of Ta-Chemie (now Egypt). From ancient lore know that this country was founded by nine White Gods who came from the North (5 — with Antlan, 4 — with Venei). Under the White Gods meant whites priests. Initiated into the ancient knowledge, they certainly were Gods for Negroid population of ancient Egypt. The Greeks called them the Cimmerians. White priests created the state of Egypt and gave local people a lot of knowledge. The four first dynasty rulers (ie Pharaohs) of this country were Caucasian. Four kinds of races, one after another, were taught the Ancient Wisdom of new priests. Their knowledge was so extensive that it allowed people to quickly organize into a powerful civilization.

36. However, after falling to Earth a huge chunk Fattah for thousands of years there was a transition, ie, oscillation, in which the climatic cooling off after the great local (300-500 years), then cooling, then warming. In periods of warming observed drought in Egypt, during which rampaged outlandish priests. About 2000 BC during one of these droughts Anta moved north, to Europe, to their relatives. They were located at the lower reaches of the Danube and Black Sea in the North, formed from the Danube to the Don powerful Antsky Union, which existed until the 7th century AD In memory of their ancestors Anta retained their ancestral yellow-blakitny Shtand and Trident — Symbol of God Nia. Now this — the flag and coat of arms, the state symbols of Ukraine.

37. After all resettlement and relocation of the Northern Hemisphere belonged White Race. Black Sea — Rossian sea. Baltic — Slovenian sea. White Sea — The cold ocean. Ob Bay — Tartariyskoe sea. Indian Ocean — Maren ocean. Childbirth White Race sailed to America and went for Himavat mountains (Himalayas). But two grand catastrophe associated with the destruction of a small moon Lely, and especially the middle Moon Fattah (hence — the modern word "fatal") have resulted in massive loss of people, and the remaining cast is actually the Stone Age. As a result, as well as on the activities of foreign priests, treacherous people have lost his memory, and the modern history dates back to ancient Egypt. And only white clerics Keepers preserved ancient knowledge of their race.

38. Important role in the history of our planet has played and Ancient world war between the nations white race and Arima (ancestors of the Chinese), which during the cold snap of the Great decided to seize the land of our ancestors. The victory of the White Race and the Creation of the World (a peace treaty) in Star Temple (the name, in the 144-year calendar of our ancestors), September 22 (New Year according to the ancient calendar), 5508 BC were so significant that all white people are to have their chronology of events, ie from the Creation. And this calendar was abolished only in 1700 by Tsar Peter I Romanov, who forced upon us the Byzantine calendar, because only with the Byzantine Empire and its ideology Romanovs came to power. But until now, we are reminded of our victory ancient icons, murals, embroidery and coins (even today) with the image of St. George on a rearing horse, his spear piercing the dragon, a symbol of a defeated enemy.

39. Inspired by the weakening of the White Race, Strangers in 3760 BC again entered the Midgard-Earth, landed in Lanka (modern Sri Lanka). The first thing they stole the wife of the king of Dravid, thus provoking war. But were defeated and sent back to ancient Egypt, where they were able to learn how to operate and maintain themselves. But in Egypt Strangers were not going to work. They adopted some of the knowledge of the White Race of the priests themselves in the caste of priests, and for the first time forced the inhabitants of the Earth Institute of the state as an instrument for the exploitation of the people. But this they were little — they sought to usurp the power and the state. 3.5 thousand years ago they even managed to make it, but not for long — only 20 years old. After this, the priests expelled from Egypt.

40. Because during the drought priests robbed the people of Egypt, "prihvatizirovav" 300 tons of gold and precious stones, can not independently carry such a load. In addition, to make further aggressive plans they needed a massive puppet. So they lie about the "chosen people" to fool one of the Semitic people (ie Jews) and took it with him. And among these people, they formed themselves from LEVIN knee, thus identified themselves to the Hebrews, but not mixing with them, forming a higher caste with a mass of privileges. The rigidity of such a separation between Jews and Levites indicates at least the fact that every Jew, who came uninvited to the camp of the Levites, was condemned to death.

41. To achieve the full obedience of the people, alien priests took him 40 years in the desert and spent indoctrination. The cruelty of the methods of this process indicates that the Levites killed three thousand of the Jews, when they tried to restore the ancient faith in the 40-dennogo absence of Moses. As a result of prolonged treatment the old and normal generation of people died, and the new generation has been raised in the martial spirit of the ideology of Judaism, that is, "God's chosen people." After that, the Levites with newfound flock Palestinian and other occupied lands. But this, they were not enough. Therefore, three thousand years ago one of them — King Solomon — has formulated three-thousand-year program to achieve world domination. It was the first and the oldest Zionist program. On the basis of the Levites arose ostensibly Jewish, and in fact Egyptian, priestly clergy, with the most orthodox wing of the clergy at the time of Jesus Christ called the Pharisees.

42. "And the Gods of Light will send them Mnogomudryh Wanderers, because they may not have the Spirit, nor conscience. And foreigners will listen to words of wisdom, and heard it, will bring life Wanderers in offering their god … and they will create the Golden Tour, as a symbol of his power, and will worship him, tacos same as their god … and send them gods … Great Wanderer love carrying, but the priests of the Golden Tour will give him the death of a martyr. And after his death, will launch his God … and create a new faith, built on lies, blood and oppression … "(" Santee Perun Veda "38,004 BC). So the Pharisees dealt with Jesus Christ, sent to the Jews to open their eyes to their oppressors and their ideology, and so laid the foundation of a new religion — Christianity. Thus, of the Jews, they did their puppet — tax collectors, and other people — the producers of these taxes. Some people — God's chosen people, the other — the slaves of God. Thus immediately laid the antagonism in their relationship.

43. When, during the war with other nations Jews were scattered throughout the world, a so-called Jewish question, which is associated most often with the oppression of Jews in other nations. But, for some reason, there is no question of the Roma, but also Gypsies scattered throughout the world. So, the thing is the ideology of Judaism. And indeed, when after a series of defeats in the war, Jews ceased to serve as a puppet, the descendants of the Egyptian priests to fool the top of the Khazar Khanate and its appeasement of the Khazar be cut, making them the same obedient puppets as they were Jews. But the purpose of the raids was the now Khazar not Palestine, and Kievan Rus. As for circumcision, it had to contribute to both the assimilation of the new ideology and improve fertility as puppets in the wars of conquest were bound to bear — and really suffered — the big battle losses.

44. Thus, the puppets of Strangers can become any people or marginalized groups of people. Today, the U.S. seeks to inculcate mass circumcision Americans. Obviously, the goal of his is the same — to use Americans as puppets. But against whom: Yugoslavia, Iraq or even a country? In fairness it should be noted that among the Jews there were only a few percent of those who fanatically believes in and dedicated to the cause, "God's chosen people." With them and other foreigners and deceived people try to come to dominate the world, maintaining its isolated position.

45. Later spun off sect of the Pharisees, the Hasidim, which gave the beginning of the Middle Ages Lubavitcher Rebbe (on behalf of the Ukrainian town of Lubavitch near the borders with Russia and Belarus), and those — an ultra-modern fascist sect Chabad. Being born in the province of Kiev in the family Hasidim Asher Ginsberg under the patronage of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (he was 17 he married the granddaughter of Menachem Mendel, the famous rabbi from the same town that gave its name to all these Rebbe) to the 1st World Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897 , formulated the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" — the Zionist program of action for the last 100 years of the three-thousand-year program of Solomon to win Strangers world domination. In the early twentieth century, after a brief struggle with the leaders of European and American Zionists Zionists became the Eastern world. In the early 1930s, Stalin kicked Chabad (as competitors) from the USSR, which later settled in New York. However, after the collapse of the USSR Chabad activities increased dramatically. Particularly strongly increased their pursuit of Jewish organizations in the CIS to establish control over them. But Jewish groups saw the light, began to rebel against it.


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