Defense exports

Defense exports
Enhanced funding is unlikely to release our long-standing problems of the MIC

Our motherland wants to increase its presence on the international arms market, opening all the new markets of the Russian military-industrial complex. On the following week, is scheduled to visit Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to Latin America. According to the newspaper «Kommersant», the meetings scheduled to discuss the big contracts for Peru and Brazil total cost of 1.7 billion dollars. At the same time, there is reason to fear that our company will not be able to cope with all orders.

During the first half of this year Our homeland has sold weapons to other countries on seven billion dollars, last year exports totaled 15.16 billion (almost 20% more than in 2011). At the same time, in recent years, our country has lost a number of contracts for North Africa and the Middle East due to the instability of the political in these regions. We lost in Venezuela: old agreements were implemented and new have succeeded Chavez Nicolas Maduro no means. Fill the «gap» Our motherland can through agreements with Peru and Brazil. Peru ready to buy 110 T-90 tanks, Brazil is interested in buying air defense systems «Igla» and «Armour».

In many years export orders helped to survive our MIC. At the moment, he received huge orders from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Spending on rearmament of our army grow from year to year. Military budget will grow in the coming year, although due to lack of funds the government planned spending on health, education and social needs. Logical question arises: whether to administer our defense enterprises have already downloaded one hundred percent, with new export contracts?

For example, the United Shipbuilding Company has long delivery times tears fleet of modern ships and military prosecutor’s office has calculated above 160 violations in the company in recent years.

The main problem of our defense companies — defect rate. No trained workers from closed vocational and technical schools. Technical graduates do not go to work in the specialty because of low salaries. Because high possibility that concluded exports can be ripped off.

At the same time, the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov says that themselves new contracts now under huge issue:

— In 1-x, in Peru still do not subscribe. Yes, there are tests of our T-90 tank, everyone likes it, but the decision is still pending. As a person engaged in 17 years of military-technical cooperation, this is almost certain.

Brazil has long been buying our portable air defense systems «Igla», not so long ago bought a batch of helicopters. At this point in the final stage of negotiations to acquire our air defense systems «Armour». It was believed that they needed to the same security for the Olympics and the World Cup in case of aviation terrorism. But in Brazil, there is now a social disturbance, and in these difficult criteria politicians decide to purchase weapons: better had spent the money on hospitals and schools. Because, despite the fact that in Brazil, it was decided, not the fact that the contracts will be signed. So do not worry about the workload of our plants.

Although it must be noted that our businesses have a huge load of municipal defense order. In the case of large export orders, execution of defense contracts may be delayed. First, it concerns air defense systems S-300 and S-400. That’s why decided to build two new plants for the production of these plants.

We still rather weak in shipbuilding. But while Brazil and Peru, and are not going to take a military court. But the «shell» can be relaxed to create in Tula, and T-90 tanks in Nizhny Tagil.

We need to realize that the export contracts for companies more profitable than the state order. On the Russian defense from time to time have to deal with a loss, but certainly without much profit. And export contract allows employees to write a yearly premium to re-tool park or build a new kindergarten.

Export contracts have more foreign nuance. Country selling gun, has the authority in the world. Besides, you can profit from the supply of spare parts, training foreign personnel. Not the case the Americans give grants to purchase their own guns to Israel and Egypt, even gratuitously supply it to Jordan.

«SP»: — Many businesses complain about the lack of personnel.

— The situation is different everywhere. In the field of armored vehicles such problems almost none. But there is a problem in the field of defense. Constantly reeling shipbuilding. We have about one-third of defense companies hold at the global level, and sometimes even surpass it. For example, you can call the company Sukhoi, «Diamond». There are company-middling. And there are those where the situation is very bad. And it must be very wary of their restructuring. Namely, do not always yield to combine strong companies with a weak: from time to time it happens that not strong pull frail and feeble stoked strong.

«SP»: — What is the reason companies between different states?

— At the time of the collapse of the USSR some company produced very good products. They lost the state order, but have found buyers abroad. This company Sukhoi factory for the production of air defense systems. They were able to upgrade your equipment, do not lose frames. Were enterprise, for example, producing a communication system, which in Russian not a good time released products. They actually bent. Some director in the privatization process themselves destroyed their businesses. Played the role of geography: being closer to Moscow factory punched easier for yourself export contracts.

«SP»: — For recruitment without significance factor wages of engineers and workers.

— At various enterprises it is also different. In large cities the average salary can be 30-35 thousand rubles, in regional centers — from time to time only 10 thousand.

«SP»: — If the government is interested in carrying out orders, then why not have the ability to increment salary spice?

— Some steps are being taken. For example, young spice isolated preferential mortgage. There are special bonuses for new employees. But, in general, the problem of wage increase borne by the companies themselves. They now put such conditions that obliged themselves to think about survival.

Doctor of Military Sciences, vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov sees major setback our VPK not so much a lack of personnel, but in entire industries clumsier guide:

— Production capacity of our defense companies allow you to do while export orders and more or less provide for the needs of the army. While lacking technology and professionals.

But, in my opinion, the main problem lies in the fact that the plants do not run the wizard, and people who know how to build a personal relationship. For example, presently assigned to manage the whole of cosmic industry former director of «AvtoVAZ». But to establish the production process required spetsy and not just «managers».

Our managers have a plan of action. I am on a personal experience in the General Staff say that the most difficult — is to overcome the stupidity of his superiors. We have pictures, have factories have the means but lack professionalism of managers.

Another factor that hinders our progress MIC — is the practice of public-private partnership. This practice has been heavily used in the 1990s. This is when the plant clings to bolshennomu large number of small companies, whose role is based on the belief of production is not completely clear. At the moment, decided to return to this sinful practice.

I stress that the main problem — is the lack of strategic thinking, unwillingness to listen to the professionals.

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