Defense Ministry commandos equip Glock pistols

Defense Ministry commandos equip Glock pistols
«Rosoboronpostavka» ordering authority of the Defence Ministry, has placed orders for delivery Austrian Glock pistols for a total of 71.4 million rubles. All guns are designed for special purpose units of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Favourite competitions will have to put a weapon in military unit 92154 Solnechnogorsk no later than November 25, 2014.

In the first application Russian military department planned to purchase 318 Glock-17 pistols Gen.4 caliber 9×19 mm «Parabellum». Purchase department is ready in 2013 had spent 53.5 million rubles, and in 2014 — 13.4 million. Provider will need to provide two-year warranty on small cannon, which starts counting from the date of signing of the act of acceptance.

Each pistol Glock-17 should be completed by magazine capacity of 17 cartridges, laser designator, belt holster made of hard material, operational and hip holster, Gun Case, cleaning kit and manual control. Length should not exceed the guns of 183 mm with barrel length of less than 114 mm. Glock-17 Weight without magazine must be less than 620 grams.

Second application concerns the supply of military pistols Glock-24 26 caliber 9×19 mm «Parabellum». This instrument of the Defence Ministry plans to allocate this year, 3.7 million rubles, and in 2014 — 917.3 thousand rubles. This instrument must also be given a two-year warranty from date of shipment.

According to the request of the military, Glock-26 should be placed in the same configuration as the Glock-17 (except for magazine capacity, which for the Glock-26 should be 10 rounds). The length of the gun should not exceed 160 mm, and barrel — 88 mm. Weight without magazine guns should not exceed 560 grams.

Our homeland buys Austrian Glock pistols not the first time. So, in 2009, began delivery of pistols Glock-17 special units of the Interior Ministry. Supply became likely after in 2007 the Interior Ministry received the right to use a small instrument of foreign production. In 2009, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for special units were purchased 400 Glock-17 pistols.

At the end of March 2013 CEO of the state corporation «Rosteh» Chemezov said that the current time Our homeland is in talks about opening a joint production of weapons with Austrian companies Glock and Steyr Mannlicher. Creating small guns these brands can be deployed in Izhevsk.

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