Design Bureau of Chemical Automatics (Voronezh) has completed the creation of LRE 14D24 (RD0110R)

  • Steering motor RD0110R (14D24).
  • Steering motor RD0110R (14D24).

June 11 KBKhA the success of the inter-test (MVI) of the new oxygen-kerosene rocket engine 14D24 completed the creation of the LRE.


Liquid rocket engine 14D24 KBKhA development and production of the Voronezh Mechanical Plant is designed for use as part of the first stage of a new space launch vehicle light class "Soyuz-2.1V 'development GNP RCC" Progress Samara Space Center. "

MVI LRE 14D24 and AXIS-2 of the first stage of the "Soyuz-2.1V", held recently in SIC RCP offer a clear path to the first flight test of the launch vehicle.


Steering motor RD0110R (14D24) is developed based on a commercial flight engine 11D55 and is intended for use in the block of the first stage of the launch light class "Soyuz-2-1b." The engine provides flight control pH via pitch, yaw and roll due to the deviation of all four cameras at an angle of ± 450, pressurization tank "O" at the expense of heat in the heat exchanger and helium pressurization tank "G" with a mixture of helium and the gas generator after the mixer motor and provides additional traction control stage 1 PH 23.5 mc.

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