Devaluation in the shops and markets has already occurred

The shops and markets have begun irregular supply of a number of import goods. Some even disappear from the market, and those that are, are worth much more than before. Rapidly becoming more expensive building materials, clothing, personal care products, laundry detergent, and more. The specific features of the total rise in price of consumer goods inform regional correspondents.

Grodno region

In the market of "Central" puny trade

Grodno on the market "Central" has no previous brisk trade: sellers grimly stand next to the tents, and buyers are only fit to be interested in price and move on.

Several businesses that sell a variety of goods, reported that over the past two weeks gradually the prices of their goods rose by 30%, and some more.

Here is what that sells clothing:

"Jeans, for example cost 70 thousand, and now — about 100 T-shirts, which cost 30,000 — now 45-50, and those that were worth 45 now — 65".

Near sells clothes still a gentleman. And that's what he says about it:

"I, for example, raised prices by 20%, as my dear commodity. But what happens next? People will not be able to buy the goods. What if I sell one thing a week — did not earn. Then, not even enough for that to pay taxes and other fees. "

But Ms sells detergents and other household chemicals:

"Well worth the toothpaste in 2900, and now — 4500, washing powder sold for 25,700, and now — 34 700 pampersy" dvoechka ", 30 pieces, worth 68,000, now — 85 thousand."

The owners say their hard currency shortage crippled in exchange. Stocks end product, and to go and buy a new one — not at all. People are very concerned that the government did not say anything specific about what they are going to do about this problem further.

"We are now the Belarusian money call" funny money. " After all, finding items in the "wrappers" for 3300, buy at 3500. Considering the goods by 3500, buy at 3700. And so all your earnings remain in the daily inflation. "

In the market of "Central", where they sell clothes, not crowded.

But most people in the market worried about the increase in food prices. Here's what customers say:

Mr."Our prices are the most expensive in the world for food. People also need to eat, the clothes, no one thinks, and everything becomes more expensive with each passing day. "

Mrs."The oil was generally at 5000, and now … My daughter is now out of Poland to bring, so everything is cheaper, we're trying not to buy anything. "

Mr."Kebab cost 20 thousand, now — 28, and this week this growth."

Mrs."Tea, coffee — almost twice more expensive …"

Another gentleman"In the southern countries was a riot, and was due to the fact that no money is — that thing could be with us. Prices have gone up, and we are told that this is done in order not to exported products. But why they do not say anything about the salaries that we get here? We buy food for their Belarusian money, not for others … . "

Prices of fruit, few customers.


New prices deter buyers

In Mogilev prices rose on all imported goods. Old stocks are sold out. Prices for new buyers perceive wary.

In office supply stores price tags are copied several times. Hopes that prices will stabilize, the traders do not.

"Of course, this is due to the fact that the unstable exchange rate. The largest price increase — on paper. Office paper has risen by almost two times, "- said the head of one of the shops.

Head of a rise in prices for shops stationery argued as follows:

"Look, when a month ago, the dollar was 3100, and now we get dollar for 4900. Well, that about 60-70 percent of the price from suppliers, importers have grown. "

The prices and household chemicals. Some entrepreneurs due to the currency crisis in Belarus refused to deliver certain types of such products.

"We powders now until we carry. Stopped due to the current situation. If earlier the powder was worth twenty thousand, now 27, will be. Went up by thirty percent. "

We powders now until we carry. Stopped due to the current situation.

Reporter"This growth — it is essential for consumers? '.

Businessman"They are not used to. Now grab that it was cheaper, but that is more expensive, do not take the time being ".

From a currency crisis affects not only people, but also pets. In the Cat Fanciers Association reported that the price of food for their pets also grown:

"If" we eat "" Royal Horse meat, "which are imported from France, then your question is strange. Our cats really have no choice. They will eat what we put to them. Many of our who planned litter, they simply will not. Cats do not knit, so there was no kittens. As a way out. Those who are tied — it worse. "

In zoakramah reported that the price of animal feed rose from 10 to 40 percent. Professional services increased by five percent, so say in vetlyachebnitsah. Raise prices — is losing customers.


Running out old stock at old prices

The new product, which is delivered to the outlets of individual entrepreneurs, is on average 30% more. Traders believe that the increase in import prices can reach up to 50-70%.

In the private shops in the market "Jubilee" in Brest individual entrepreneurs are selling old stock until at former prices. Suppliers for the last week did not work, the businessman said Irina, and here's a new product that has been delivered the day before, rose by 30%:

While we have old stock on the shelves, but on this product as prices rise …

"Here we have toothpaste. Previously, it was worth 3600, and now — 4650 rubles. This week, prices will increase even more. Here we have is washing powder for 6400, and a representative of the company said that it will cost 10,000 rubles. Rose without exception. Even chewing gum that cost to 1650, began to cost 1900 rubles. "

Businessmen say that suppliers bring new goods, the wholesale price which determines the retail price. As a result, we should expect price increases to 60%, believe entrepreneurs:

"As long as we have the old stock on the shelves, but for this product are also rising prices. For example, the cheapest washing powder, which today is 5500, will be available at that price, so the price has already risen to 7,000 rubles to not work at a loss. Therefore, we should expect higher prices for everything. "

Consumers notice that the shelves disappear some imported goods. However, after a while they come back on sale, but the prices are already much higher, said a resident of Brest Ludmila:

"Prices are rising just unthinkable. And I can not even explain why. What today is 25,000, suddenly disappeared from the market, and within three days there, but has been around 35 thousand rubles. "



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