Development of a global strike will be tested by the U.S. Army

Technology "global strike" will be tested by the U.S. Army

According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the United States on Wednesday, the army will be conducted tests of missile technology, which is coming can be included in the program non-nuclear guns "prompt global strike".

Forces Strategic Command and Missile Command and gallakticheskoy Defense Advanced hypersonic test the tool, which is the application of modern technologies sliding body, which is designed in order to withstand flying at high speeds in the upper atmosphere when driving to the goal.

According to the statement of Lieutenant Colonel Melinda Morgan Pentagon spokesman: "This test established for the collection of disk imaging technology during hypersonic glide afterburner, and the spectrum of performance that's the flight in the upper atmosphere. "

"The purpose of the test is to track the flight properties of aerodynamics, guidance, navigation and control, and thermal protection technologies," — the spokesman.

Ms. Morgan said that the data is acquired as a result of the tests will be used to develop new capabilities with the introduction of the global impact non-nuclear guns.

The Pentagon is interested in the ability of non-nuclear Shot for 1 hour at least some point of the planet. This type of instrument can be used in the case of land-based aircraft or vessels of the Navy United States will not be able to kill the critical case to be quite long-distance goal. For example, it may be a North Korean missile.

In case of success, such technology may be added in the ability Non-nuclear Air Force missile strike, and will be the first technology of instant non-nuclear impact of this type entered service.

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