Diary of a Writer: fingerprint

The 11th is my birthday, received a birthday card from the secretariat of TBM featuring Scorina, which I love, and of a mysterious emblem, which I am proud, too. Nice. But 11th in the affairs of the regime of Belarus will remain a black day.

Black dates

Day of the 11th began with that invisible people blocked the sites on the Internet, "Guerrilla" and others, stepping on free speech. And then the explosion … Do not have to drink champagne. In the past year, birthday I was at a military cemetery near the Katyn Cross. Destruction of the plane with the Polish delegation did not concern me personally, but affected emotionally. The shells are falling more tightly. What next?

Emotionally, April 11 reminds me of the now almost 22 June. The German soldiers were in a stack of cannon shells, waiting for the signal. And on this side of the border of the NKVD work honestly for the weekend scheduled departure of the train in Siberia, in which civilians were yesterday's "watercress". In a crowded Hrodna prison continue to interrogate "antysavechchykav."

You can make an attempt to present themselves, for example, a member of the Bialystok regional writers' organization, led by Philippe Pyastrak. Times are troubled, anxious, and although Germany is our best friend, an ally and brother-in-arms, but the search for spies do not stop. Exaggeration? But not today held in custody after the imprisonment of the poet Neklyaeva who will be the winner of the Nobel? What is different criminal charges him from earlier accusations about the "tunnel to Sweden?" ..

In 2005, the Turkish authorities in vdrukavali criminal code article "about the damage done country," much in the spirit of Belarus. The aim was to condemn the writer Pamuk archaic word for "in Turkey were killed thirty thousand Kurds and a million Armenians." He had run, the following year he was given the Nobel Prize for Literature. Well, they decided to take revenge differently: "private person" required to judge him, no joke, "for insulting the Turkish nation." While the cost penalties.

Fines, courts do not want?

However, I am not an actor but to represent themselves in 1941 do not need to knock on the door in the evening the police … But not for your soul, in your palm. Service with home delivery. They ink and everything else to get you on your writing, or on the dining table subjected to humiliating treatment. Smack "1984" is too obvious. Yet they are very concerned about what your neighbor is ten years ago, went to the States, where he engaged in science, and they did not get to take his fingerprints. Oh, how I wish puncture in the service!

However, they do not vyzvyarayutstsa, but ask to visit the office, they have a plan, and of fines, court zagashnik resemble … Somebody out there has asked rhetorically as he had thought: the embassy and you give your fingers without protest dipped in ink? First, it was shown such a case, No one has claimed. Second, they would allow you to visit Europe. Third, you have the right to choose, you can opt out and you will be nothing, only stay without a visa. The main thing is here when you finally forced to comply, you will be fine, judge, but so far without punishment allowed to live in your country where you were born citizen is that you love, and for which you feel sick. No other favors, no visas in heavenly places you do not wait on them.

In the room scuzzy men in civilian clothes care stain you a few times fingers, palms, to the question "have nothing else?" Twist their heads. They even humorous order: put in place adkatki fingers portrait of a man with a squint, they say, we have nothing to do with it.

The narrative of the change of scenery

I remember "razhanne with the people" to give a kick our language, our noble "Abduction" to our flag on tearing to shreds, to spit on the Belarusian well. I wrote then, "the story of change of scenery" called "Fingerprints", not knowing what awaits us ahead as far will. (There were words in the story: "The poet-Colonel, who, ordered Pilsudski created and not created the Belarusian army, buried in the cemetery of Krakow, died of tuberculosis. All your poets usually died due to tuberculosis. One in the blue sea, the other — in the Soviet camps ") … But the fingerprints, of course, not the end, not the end, of any rescript may appear: forced blood donation or something. Otherwise a fine, the court, take your pick!

In the meantime, of course, on the agenda of the terrible accident that did not have time to warn — fingerprints, dushenney sites pursuit of poets, well, you know. And now we hear that it was supposedly a gift … Usually there are other words — a tragedy, a crime, I do not know, a matter of taste. And yet, not even struck, pierced: it is, folks, "like atamstsits for arestovanyh fellow security forces" some elusive avengers. But this is normal, it is normal for the regime in Belarus, "the tunnel in Sweden" is still in my head.

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