Diary of a Writer: Pochobut

Andrei Poczobut Friend Among Strangers, Stranger Among Friends. With the caveat: if by his understanding of those who keep the country in the grip — the power and its "transmission belts" who still defines today — how to behave, what to fear, as silent. He writes about "their" for "them." And "their" have left it unattended: against a journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" glued criminal case with the words "insulting the president" and "libel", the letters cut from various publications. Mounting shorter.

Letters from the Other World

Insuperable boundary that Polish newspapers — they are European, official — about the Brezhnev period, the communist tinge, but without the hammer and sickle in the coat of arms. Polish newspapers today, today, the official — thirty or forty years ago, nyasvezhyya. They remind tushaninu which is maintained in the event of war in the storehouses, and when the time came to an end, smeared with grease banks handed over to the "catering" in canteens, if you're lucky people, thrown into the free market.

Andrei Poczobut writes in "Gazeta Wyborcza" about the Belarusian case, and we know what these things. If he starts to write "ambiguities" try something silent, afraid of their own shadow, how it will look in a normal, not official, the newspaper? I once tried to prose to express their thoughts about the feelings of a journalist in difficult conditions. I remember that there were words once said the truth, then it is difficult to resist not to say it on, make yourself stay on half-truths. Just Pochobut been in this situation: is it possible — stop at the half-truths?

Eagle and Star

Separation-gap is fixed: on the one side of the border — the soldiers of the cap-eagle with a crown, the other — with the Red Army star. "Two worlds, two systems", in Brezhnev's newspapers. The peculiarity of the situation Pochobut that he lives in the Polish journalism. And the situation is completely different — the officials and journalists are afraid, and try to be open to them, like, know the value of "the printed word." In the "Gazeta Wyborcza" not possible article in the style of "Soviet Belarus today." The very suggestion sounds like gibberish.

According to the "cobblers' criminal case possible admit he broke the taboo. About conductors since Joseph Stalin — only positive, but rather with enthusiasm, as the deceased. But the man in 2011 will not be satisfied with a glass and bacon, it gray matter to think, and not be afraid forever. Leaders clearly need to fear mingled in all corners of the consciousness. Conflict of interest. The nuts should be all the time twist! You can not stop to atsertsi man! But also do not stop thinking: dear Leonid Illich held until the absurdity of long — seventeen years, always one and the same lean face on TV, tired of waiting. Only more or less recovered, re "syamnatstsatsigodka" suffered as byazgoda, is it possible not to think about and not talk? Allowed only admire?

The newspaper drama

Drama Belarusian journalism — in the palm. One day, he felt free to speak, she had to pull back his coat over censorship, censor removed from the waste paper Gros buhie: what to write about — you can not … When we got the opportunity to speak with his voice, it was interesting to speak, near the line of stalls stood circulation jumped. The end of the 1980s. It will not be, but it's not in circulation. Newspapers are always interested in the active part of the population, and they again began to do for pensioners, as it was in the days of the Politburo, with the constant thought of "what will they say in regional committee, the Central Committee?" No matter what the names of others.

Never forget: our editorial staff received a Polish newspaper that came, of course, go faster. The second half of the 1980s. Sometimes could pasmihnutstsa eagerness to break out of the scope of the party press: in the first page of Jaruzelski's portrait in black pinachetskih glasses from below — the girl in the top timber, the report from the beginning of the contest busts on the coast of Gdańsk. The main was a free vote, who spoke Polish newspapers, by the way, and the Bialystok "Field", on whiteRussian language. Gagged their mouths do not stop up.

Journalist — a profession antytsemrashalskaya. Most of her shoulders, if the party is tired of keeping the country in the hands of frail old age. Today, I am sure the vast majority of journalists are living the dream of freedom of speech, they are likely to make that part of the newspaper room, which actually is the newspaper where information, not propaganda. Campaigners mode negate all his hymns from the ideological kitchen where recipes are approved for all: "Glory to our Yezhov, from Leningrad languages dealt with as sledna dyversantskim rabble." Add except: Hurricane defeated his, so he bitches and nada!

The regime's true

Any regime will inevitably begins to acquire caricatured features ominously caricature. It's in his nature, he always preserves the situation does not develop the society, politics, economics. Disregarding the changing world, he betanue its flaws. Mode means stagnation, regression. The people of the country in the "heart of Europe", even frightened of the country, is contained in the iron grip of, you also need to breathe. Andrew Pochobut of those who it feels great, understands experiencing. The man openly.

April 16 journalists behind bars be 38 years of age.

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