Diary of a Writer: Soviet people

"The new generation of Soviet people will live under communism," — I wrote in my story, but the editor crossed out the word "Soviet." Depriving a dish of salt. Understand: he suspected touch of irony, as communism did not work. But I just rewrote popular Khrushchev era slogan. Communism waited Soviet people, not American. He did not come, but the Soviet people were …

Boo-bronze paint

Some Belarusians today love for what they are Soviet people. Understandable intimidated zaturukanyya, meek, which can be done what you want and how many you want, as it pleases — to manage them. Thus, the sheep flock, which have no shepherd with a whip in any way. This savetskasts them artificially fixed, covered with bronze paint, just over rust zakarelastsi. All the best in us — the Soviet! Thank you for the party and the government! If it does not hit the Belarusian Soviet millstones, iron arms with an iron fist, he would have been much worse, bad, corrupt, will not worthy!

Chewing gum with a heel that Belarusians were born as decent people, as a new type of man in the glorious 1917! .. But what were they, these remained. Diligence, tryvushchasts, moderation it has always been characterized. Enslavement — also, only the Bolsheviks strengthened its very "executioner" masters were famous.

How to live without exposing himself, not having a voice, dumb, not to say anything extra? How not to live a normal life, and all the time survive? Exist in a degraded state, when you and I are not considered, if you mean nothing?
Mimicry: say one thing and think another, as do the third. Adapt to survive in adverse conditions in the enemy in brutal. If you ever just is not enough, the gray toilet paper … Here is our Soviet people. Hammer, survived, survived! But inserted in a gold frame, shouting bravo, salutes him?

The anti-Soviet

The Soviet — so do not Byelorussian Soviet after becoming a must have felt an irresistible craving to be called Russian, Belarusian choked a manifestation, of course, with his tongue rubbing, with an emphasis fought! It was a civil war with itself! Be a Soviet — not wanting to be a Belarusian, removed first, shy, and then neglected to hate! After losing nationality, its originality — the main thing was in the plans of the party, who was impatient to do all Rusakov, at least the most accessible, us.

There are opposites — non-Soviet, anti-Soviet. The Soviet — humility queue. Non-Soviet — freedom-loving, Unconquered. Also, chewing gum, but it does not repeat the Belarusians feel the people, they would not have swallowed silently Chernobyl horror and humiliation at a time when they were treated as the colonial population. And would not call Belarus our writer Ales Adamovich "Vendée adjustment."

Belarusians to have had the privilege, they would not scared of independence and not for the loss of rumzali Kremlin leadership of Lenin's mummy and that his mother was a native of foreign aunt. They would not moan for the Soviet Union, calling it from the grave. It worked! As a farce, of course. And that still exist with bent head, the truth toilet paper appeared on the shelves. Thank the Lord! — How often do we hear from the TV.

Dumb, cowardly

Take a "popular assembly authorized." Here is the triumph savetskastsi of several thousand happy with any nonsense podium, clapping happily each chose which sounds against those who do not want to be a Soviet who fights for his Belarusian. Here is where there is unanimity in the Soviet, the atmosphere did not last party congresses, yet the same — Khrushchev, Stalin.

I know a person who has been appointed a delegate to the first of the "popular assembly." Fifteen years ago it was. Among the many few people refused to vote for a speech from the podium. They were ordered to stand up! And they got up and stood with dignity "under fire" of thousands of eyes. No They then decided not to vote against it, they just abstained, but clearly witnessed their position.'s it — the real Belarusian, the other-the Soviet people. My friend was one of those brave, and he has worked on at least the official service than most of the "delegates" . But not a coward.

Read the other day in the comments: "sovdep — the realm of the boor, she was conceived. Should this cad of himself vytskovvats. But apparently, it's not going to happen quickly." Do not argue, unfortunately.

I myself have always oppressed the Soviet stone in a shower of Belarusians in the products I rhetorically shouts: how many can be gray, Soviet, commonplace, neither fish nor fowl! I'm uncomfortable, that today someone can say with emotion: love of our people for just what they Soviet …

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