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Valentin Akudovich

It used the word archipelago for Belarusians no different from other exotic words. More than a home, it was after the release of the book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn "Archipelago Gulag "because of the concentration camps scattered throughout the Bolshevik empire, adpakutvali and killed dozens, if not hundreds, of thousands of our fellow countrymen.

But recently metaphor Archipelago more often used to refer to Belarus as a whole. And not without reason.

On the political map of Europe The Republic of Belarus painted a uniform color. However, if someone tried the general field of our state define the distinctive color of the places where there are noticeable whiteRussian language, Belarusian culture, finally, just a love of the country Belarus, then we would have a very different picture. then we would have seen something like Archipelago.

Inside the borders individually or in groups scattered around the island and avstravki belarushchyny. But everything else — the boundless sea raseyshchyny.

In fact, we like palineziytsy, we live on the islands Archipelago lonely and looking out for each other on the horizon.

Perhaps the only thing that really binds us together — so it's Belarusian book, magazine, newspaper. Only on the space of the Belarusian version we can meet together. And thus overcome all that we razyadnala — from the colonial legacy to the Russified stories.

But in an age of electronic communication for the archaic text is almost no space left.

A wave raseyshchyny rise higher and higher … And gradually it becomes clear that beloruschinu if that will save you a powerful earthquake. After all, only under the force of the tectonic shift to rally archipelago the mainland.


Ian Maksimyuk

Word Basowiszczawas that at the end of 1989 or at the start of 1990, when the Belarusian students vyspelvali idea of the festival of Belarusian rock music in the town near Bialystok. The story somehow did not record who first suggested the name. But without a doubt it can be argued that the word immediately set about to Bialystok. It has been replicated almost three thousand posters with the announcement of the first festival in July 1990. A thereafter celebration became known in Belarus.

The etymology is quite simple — an acronym ALS (Belarusian Students Association, the organizer of the festival) plus a solid end-Belarusian ovishcha. Someone then tried to associate the origin of the word with bass guitar — say, at the festival too much "bass" that is played on a "bass", otherwise, the bass guitar — but the student ALS rejected such a "folk etymology" as fundamentally wrong. But the students liked the pun writer Vladimir Orlov, who saw a strong reaction to the city's public performances of the Belarusian "tsyazhkazbroynyh" groups "Mroya" and "Ulysses" baptized Festival Besovishcham.

Basowiszcza the word was very new, so-called completely new phenomenon — Belarusian rock culture, deprived of Soviet and Russian punch of color. It was certainly the first cultural phenomenon in which the Bialystok and through which young Belarusians find complete spiritual understanding with the under-and post-Soviet neighbors. As well as experienced pride in Belarusian culture to young Poles, who, since the first festival, consistently accounted for at least half of the public in Gorodotska forest where concerts took place.

Hardly be repeated elsewhere such as in a town where hundreds of young voices singing along with Catherine Kamotskaya, Sergei Sokolov-Voyushem, Victor Shalkevich songs about Belarus. And also on "Radio Liberty" with "Ulysses" …


Alexander Lukashuk

About Word of the Day: Belarusization — Invited to tell our listener of Shostka Sumy region of Ukraine Yana Miroshnichenko:

"Health to you! Word of the day — bilorusizatsiya. Chauvinists on the cob nezalezhnosti zagorlali about" nasilnitsku bilorusizatsiyu. "On їhnyu hatred zvazhali. Naslidok As for the term" bilorusizatsiya "Zamin term" Finlandisation. "" Bilorusizatsiya of Ukraine! Mi can opinitis in Bilorus! "- Fear Ukrainian patriots. Bilorusizatsiєyu nazivayut antibiloruski yavischa."

So now, at the end of the century heard the words Belarusization Our Ukrainian Listener, 20-year-old Ian Miroshnichenko.

Belarusization in the 20's called a policy of building natsyyaalnae State in the Byelorussian SSR. Even the limited government support of culture, education, science has given almost instant results. But, if a hidden national energy started to be implemented in the form of permanent life in the state, Belarusization OGPU was engaged: the organizers were natsdemy, conspirators of the "Union of Liberation of Belarus" and other enemies of the people.

The second brief attempt Belarusian life breathe freely in his home occurred when the Red Army gave Strekachev of Wehrmacht soldiers: under German occupation broke sprouts Belarusian life, which then was either destroyed or continued in exile.

In 1953, during the struggle for power in Moscow Belarusization tried to use for their own purposes Beria — the local authorities to speak and write in Belarusian as much as two weeks, while Beria was not arrested.

Last attempt in this century Belarusization was strangled again in the mid 90's and now this word scare the neighbors of small children: Belarusization some countries means that there will not own anything, and will be as it is now in Belarus.

I would like to believe that this is the word Belarusization, that has nothing to do with the Belarusian subjects, and will remain in the twentieth century and enters the XXI-st century.

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