Digital weapons XXI century

Digital weapons XXI century

Now virtual war — not an abstraction but a reality, which should certainly be considered. Sudden cyber attack can kill not only the military, and civilian objects. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that Israel once a day exposed cyber attacks. In this sample undermine scale computing infrastructure is constantly growing.

Cyber ​​terrorists completely under force incapacitate hospital facilities, to make confusion in the financial and educational system. Because in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the security services are special units aimed specifically at protecting the country from hacker attacks at least some sense.

From an army counterintelligence TO PROJECTS
Technological modernization in the IDF began 10 years ago. In March 2003, the War Department made «AGAFJA ha tikshur» (Department of high technology — OVT), uniting the forces of communication, and computer technology and army units. First commander OVT Maj. Gen. Udi Shani has set the highest subordinates puzzle integrate technology specifically on the battlefield. Through a small period all kinds of weapons were seized with networking technologies. According to the introduction of the project, «the IDF as a network of» technological integration has become the basis of effective action on the battlefield.

«The IDF as a network» — a global military project that unites all departments. But most of the departments has its own local projects. So, in July 2011, the Israeli defense concern «Elbit Maarahot» received from the Israeli Ministry of Defense contract for $ 40 million for the work under the project «TSAYAD» («Digital Land Army»). This project considers all elements of combat ground forces directly to the individual soldier. Captivating should recognize relating to the same project development computer integrated in clothes. Such unquoted computer-suit worn by fighter like no matter what other equipment.

High-tech innovations could not avoid and the Israeli secret service. Not so long ago by the Shin Bet (Israel’s General Security Service) was Unit 8200 act that protects against hacker cyber first strategic objects of the Jewish country. This unit is «grown» from Raam (Office for the Protection of disk imaging) such as the Shin Bet. Although RAAM has proven itself in a confrontation with an enemy attackers, he did not act selectively. Aimed at making repel all cyber attacks, he did not single out the most insecure. But hackers hackers alike. Nobody argues that even so-called junk, in other words — non-professional hackers cause great harm to the Jewish state. But Prof. kibersoldaty far more dangerous.

«Hostile attacks can begin with pebbles — said Ronen Bergman, correspondent itself is popular with the Israeli newspaper» Yediot Aharonot «(» Breaking News «), an employee named Zvi Raam (family secret) — continue to cyber attacks, and terrorist attacks or missile end shelling. » It should be understood that the majority of hacker attacks on Israel is of Arab States and Iran. And again the same garbage hackers overcome protection of strategic objects can not. RAAM with them fully mastered. Another thing — appropriate, for the near term particularly sophisticated sample creation combat viruses and spyware Trojan hacking Israeli targets. Such work systematically and aggressively conducting Tehran. And such attacks resolve Prof. Iranian spies. Because there is a vital need to develop parallel Raam more strong structure able to withstand intense Prof. attackers and destroyers military servers. Specifically, this function makes unit 8200.

In Jerusalem, understand that the creation of cyber war is not the prerogative only sverhtehnologichny countries. Syrian hackers made several sensitive kiberkontrudarov tyscham on computer systems in Saudi Arabia and Qatar in response to attacks by extremist Sunni attackers. In September 2012 a group of hackers, calling themselves the Syrian army electric (SEA) and on the side of Bashir Assad has made several cyber attacks on pan-Arab TV channel «Al Jazeera», which supports Syrian Sunni insurgents. Using the official mobile service «Al-Jazeera», SEA has published a number of incorrect news reports, shot down confusing viewers of this very popular in the Arab world media.


In the first day of the year today February SEA hackers cyber attack made by 50 Israeli websites. Syrians declared the attack an act of retaliation for the airstrike took place Tipo IDF Air Force for military research institute near Damascus. But in this «act of revenge» many ambiguities. In 1-x, responsible for military strike on Research Institute undertook constructive Syrian rebels opposed to the Alawite regime in Damascus. In-2, SEA stormed not military, but completely peaceful sites. So, were hacked websites online furniture store, portal guesthouses website seminars diet and nutrition, website courses online advertising portal another medicine website showing the time in different countries.

It is understood that cause severe harm to Israel, attacking any websites or IDF intelligence services, SEA can not. No technical skills, no relevant training «soldiers.» B-3, it is not clear which country carried out a cyberattack. Mistakenly assume that hackers SEA «Targeting» only areas of Syria. For example, a hacker, known as Omar Habib, a native of Saudi Arabia, has made cyber attack on the Israeli stock exchange naikrupneyshim airline «El Al» from Mexico. That still regards the pro-Iranian hacker group, assigning to himself the title of «Sword of Justice» and introduce it smogshey system naikrupneyshim oil company Saudi Aramco modular computer virus «Chamoun,» then again as there is no clear information with which the attack was made terrain. The same virus were attacked 30 thousand computers in Qatar.

It is significant that not so long ago, the U.S. Defense Department has approved the program from, according to which in the coming couple of years, state departments involved in the protection of strategic systems from hacking to grow 5 times. Forwards over the fact that Americans, upgrading appropriate units orient them not only to protect their facilities, and to attack aggressive.

In the Shin Bet said that Iran and manifesting in recent years, anti-Israel activity on the front North Korea have been very successful in developing and sending of viruses and bugs in Israeli cybersystems. And although the Jewish government has powerful firewalls (from it. Brandmauer: brand — «Fire» and mauer — wall; British equivalent — firewall), firewalls, monitors and filters passing through their information packets only passive defense burglars not suspend. Shabak as counterintelligence organization in contrast to the «Mossad» (Israeli intelligence service outdoor) and Aman (Israeli military intelligence) in the main engaged in protection of strategic sites and the identification of the enemy agents. But in a situation of confrontation aggressive action in cyberspace Shabak ready to go on the attack.

The focus, of course, given Iran the most unsafe today enemy of Israel. Besides mass dedos attacks (Distributed Denial of Service attack — mass appeals to the server, which cause its failure) Iranian intelligence conducted several sophisticated hacking attempts server systems strategic importance. But protective measures undertaken unit 8200, the Iranians were not given the ability to hack any server.

«INTELLIGENT CREAM» lacked the military, and not an intelligence agency

World media write a lot and they say about nuclear preparations ayatollahs in Tehran. On the preparation of viral cyberattacks almost nothing is clear. After all, they just hide. Today’s management of the Shin Bet put the puzzle to reveal the middle of conscripts to the IDF «Geeks» (geek — translated from the British «crazy», usually so called people keen on computers) and invite them to work in counterintelligence. Naturally, having a corresponding training prof.

It is believed that «intellectual cream» went Haman, because as an organization related to the War Department, AMAN has lists of all recruits. «Mossad» — secret service special sense, and there is a set of employees is carried out on the internal aspects. Shabak, in this case decided to play in the open.

A couple of years back the control unit 8200 organized a conference of computer talents. At first it was assumed that it will accept the role of «geeks» and pre-conscription military age, in other words, literally «young talents». Then age barriers have been removed, and the conference was attended by several hundred people. And in this case, «the booklet task» giving the right to apply to work in the Shin Bet, could be solved only by young people under 30 years. The midst of this extraordinary thinking young people offer to become staff of the unit 8200 only got 6 people. While two of them are not turned to the same 16 years. These two «geeks»-phenomena Shabak officers invited along with their parents for illegal apartment and offered them at times to solve small puzzles. Initially on home computers, and then on kiberpoligonah. Now these guys (among them one woman) are in the unit 8200.

This division also serve graduates of Israeli institutions. Naturally, intelligence agencies produce serious selection by different characteristics. It is believed that specifically «young Israeli talent» who have completed higher education, could not prevent the Jewish state in cyberspace spy viruses such as «Rokra» (an abbreviation of the German Roter Kreuz) and «Red October» (Red Ostober).
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