«Disappearing electronics»: opportunities and threats of new military technologies

Professionals in the information security industry of «Antivirus Center» speak about the problems of protection of disk imaging in the criteria of «vanishing electronics» new type.

January 28, 2013 the South American Defense Advanced Projects Agency DARPA announced the launch applets Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR), within which to create electrically programmable devices capable of rapidly self-destruct signal.

«Transient (temporary, disappearing) electronics developed under applets VAPR, must have the functionality and strength of everyday electrical devices. But with the coming of a specific action it should absolutely or partially collapse under the influence of the environment, then electronics will be worthless for at least some of the enemy, which will become available, «- said the military agency.

The aim is to create programs from DARPA microchips, able to interact with remote users and decaying in normal conditions, without water immersion.

DARPA plans to put entirely new tasks before the information security industry. «On time or disappearing electronics clear a couple of years, but previously stated priemuschestvenno, on devices dissolving criteria huge quantities of water. It was mentioned on microchips for warming wound healing frisky, and later expanded in without harming the human body — specify experts «Antivirus Center». — Now the South American agency has been aimed at creating microchips, self-destructing without having presence in the aquatic environment. As will be provided with self-destructive, they say not DARPA representatives, but it is conceivable that as the breaking substance to be consumed oxygen in the air, water vapor in the air, or an enzyme that case, when the microchip is composed of organic matter «.

«It appears that the principle remains without changes creation of temporary electrical device according to which the microchip is covered uniformly ablating the insulating material, for example, silk. After the destruction of silk begins destruction and microchip unbalanced in the external environment. Structure and thickness of the insulating material allow you to set a specific time of the electric devices — from days to minutes and a couple of years. But we can not exclude the fact that you make any new self-destruct mechanisms, for example, breaking substance will be around with a chip in a special container and begin to influence him on the outer signal. «

«Development of new temporary chips that can exchange information with remote users and is now disappearing in normal conditions, without the need to dive into the aquatic environment poses new tasks in the field of information security. Should expect of spy cameras and listening bugs, self-destructing without visible traces immediately after the job, — commented professionals in the information security industry. — In addition, some of these spy devices, maybe vserasprostranennyh will consist of organic substances, such as cellulose or starch, making detection more difficult. «

«At the same time, the» vanishing «electronics will bring the population of the earth and a lot of benefits — added specialists» Antivirus Center «. — She still decomposes faster in comparison with classical electronics and smaller litters and pollutes the environment. For its expansion, you can use special strains of microbes. Some kinds of polymers needed for «disappearing» chips can be produced by microbes too, which opens a large expanse of activities for the biotechnology industry. Technology goes forward, and we must learn to handle all arising in the course of this development problems. «

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