Disciplinary battalion in Belarus can be replaced by arrest

Nakiravannya punishment in the form of a disciplinary battalion in Belarus can be replaced by imprisonment for up to 6 months. A proposal was discussed today by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on National Security.

How falls learned in the commission drafted a bill to amend the criminal law in respect of war crimes. One of the MPs' proposals for the abolition of this form of punishment for conscripts, as the area in a disciplinary battalion. The developers of the bill propose to replace it with imprisonment for up to six months, and in some cases for war crimes, not of great public danger, or qualified as less serious, impose a fine or community service.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Ignatius Misuragin said that with the idea of disbanding the disciplinary battalion in Belarus agreed by representatives of all stakeholders: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defence, the Prosecutor General, the Belarusian Military Court and the military prosecutor's office.

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