Disease of the century. Whos who? (28.01.2013)

January 29, 2013 3:11

In 1972, in the Italian city of Bologna in an abandoned monastery was discovered manuscript — a book predicting the fate of humanity on five thousand years to come. The author — a Franciscan monk Federico Martelli, nicknamed Black spider.

In the 15th century with remarkable accuracy, he described the events of the 20th century: the two world wars, the atomic blast and even cloning animals. Among the predictions there is: "At the end of the 20th century over Europe will be the deadly disease that will kill half the population. Total new conditions will be five. "

Just what is the five diseases? One of them was Black Spider predicted up to the year: "In 1981 there will be new deadly disease as a punishment for licentiousness." It was recorded in 1981 and described the first case of HIV — human immunodeficiency virus. Doctors state that: AIDS is incurable.

The twentieth century has ended. However, we can say with confidence that the prophet was wrong and the other four went around us by the epidemic?

Perhaps yet to come? Then how come the threat — whether it is a new disease or a "well-forgotten old"? And what if the epidemic is on the way, and we just do not notice the danger? SARS, avian flu, for him — pork, and finally, West Nile fever, and in Russia — on the Volga! What is threatening to attack people? Where and when a new disease?

Is humanity ready to face the global epidemic? Will the medicine to protect us from infections? And what will be the disease "plague of the 21st century?"

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