Dnepropetrovsk airport for passengers flew UFO

April 1, 2012 14:41

Yesterday passengers and greeters International Airport "Dnepropetrovsk" observed a strange picture. When over the runway appeared flight "Dnipropetrovsk-Syktyvkar" it was immediately surrounded by luminous plates, and simply put a UFO.

This was first noticed passengers of the flight and the pilots. On the radar these brilliant gizmo is not reflected, poet managers were not aware of what is happening.

When the plane landed, the plates also sat on the landing field. Watch out with all the appearance of little green men, but nothing happened.

In any case, service of the airport called paramedics and a group of capture. The commandos were expecting an attack and were ready in all weapons. Specifically to catch the aliens they prepared network and darts to sleep medicine.

Passengers of the flight safely, but still with some caution left the aircraft, and the plates were on the field. Still nobody came. As soon as the last passenger came down the gangplank UFO soared into the air and disappeared.

What it had to do — is unknown? Perhaps among the passengers of the flight was their cousin, perhaps because our neighbors in the galaxy to be concerned and the people flying with the "oil" of the city.

Neither law enforcement nor the Airport Authority this episode did not comment.

Under investigation.

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