Dog named Naich that knows how to cure cancer

About this story, few people know it's true (story) is not over. About her one much mention in the media. On the internet — words. In a transfer on local television was a short story, and even then not in the first person, and so, in the status of unverified facts, we can say hearing.

In the Saratov region lived a dog (still alive, but in a different place, which is later), have unique properties. Fur of the animal (and probably not just hair) cures most terrible diseases.

It is known that hair, like other organic substances in very small quantities (eg pollen, odors of perfume) can cause allergic reactions in people. The reaction of the organism to the allergen-challenged these substances can result in anaphylactic shock, often leading to death, if time does not provide specialized medical care.

Probably, the reactions to the substance of the human body and the opposite values. This is based on the entire pharmacology. While some substances are able to kill, the other to cure. For example, from cancer.

Among them, there are those whose operation on the affected body has not only not been studied, but in general is not described in the literature.

No one knows yet how it happened, that the animal, which will be discussed, but rather the dog's coat (or the secret of her sebaceous glands?) With a strange nickname Naich become carriers of a healthful start.

A brief history is as follows.

7 years ago, the owner of the dog was found sarcoma of the lung, stage 3. Almost simultaneously with pancreatic cancer — his housemate.

Lived in the yard a few dogs of the same breed, soon appeared puppies, one of which is named Naich and was a miracle-worker. It became clear in the following circumstances. Dog yard, lived in cages and not run into the house ever. And then suddenly dying master itch admire offspring. Ran into the house all. Contact with Naichem instantly gave a strange effect — pain subsided, elated. And it is from this puppy. Other puppies and adult dogs (initially decided that they can also help on the principle of cats, which were believed to "pull" the negative energy of a sick person) such a feature did not differ. But Naich

Daily contact with the puppy in just one month, resulted in complete healing! No X-ray or ultrasound, or other results of the survey showed no previous diagnosis. The tumors were gone, as, of course, and its symptoms. However, had little experience of "breaking" obstinentsii after giving up already used narcotic painkillers, good "experience" was short. Questions doctors that a miracle has happened and thus, the owner and members of the household have decided to keep quiet. Suddenly there were a superstitious fear that the effect may disappear, did not allow the dog to spread. However compassionate dog owners to show mercy to his neighbor, who was by then already been discharged from hospital to home to die. About the dog did not say anything, but a visit to a sick frequented together with the puppy. And if by chance a couple of times gave the dog in his arms dying …

The thought of animal hair did not come immediately. Started from a neighbor psychosis (common for cancer patients know their diagnosis) exhausting not only the patient and his relatives, but it spilled out and their neighbors, including the puppy (dog to me here is not enough!). Although the positive effects of contact with him was seen immediately. The patient calmed down, sleep better at night. Once again decided to comb a Naicha undercoat (good dog was hairy) and a tiny ball of fluff to slip under the bandage on postoperative festering wounds. This was done quietly by patient's relatives. Naicha owner — a doctor by training, and because of his involvement in patient care was seen naturally.

So, omitting the details of the events five years ago, six months later, the old man was absolutely healthy, safely stated that discouraged already the second case, the doctor in the area.

Getting merits attributed to its owner Naicha, given his medical education, with the fact of recovery and perhaps some unconventional secrets carefully hidden. He waved, but rumor went …

In the end, due to the natural and medical (Hippocratic Oath) responsiveness, he had several times to help in the same way a couple of very close people, well, then close relatives. About Naiche dog knew a certain circle of people. Intuition and experience suggest that the good is not going to end … Also Naicha once tried to steal. Wanting to touch the dog grew. Moreover found that it "cures" not only cancer … In particular, AIDS and tuberculosis. They offered a lot of money. The temptation was considerable, but the problem could be less. Whatever it was, it turned out that they had to change their place of residence. The hosts and their dog all moved to another city.

Proposals, "examine" animal and operation of its wool rejected. When Naichu 2 years old puppies from him. Later appeared and grandchildren. Alas, unique gift was none inherited. But who knows, specific studies have been conducted. The fact that the owners at that time identified a number of indirect indicators of unique dogs, as it related features. For example, a particular smell, not like the other neighbors, the texture of wool, which was not the ancestors, nor (yet) in the offspring, as well as unusual demeanor. Anything like the other dogs were observed as the main property, based on which, indirectly, it was assumed that the phenomenon should be accompanied by some obligatory sign-satellites.

In general, I must say, a lot of interesting things were in the dog, and even mystical. They say that when his mother was pregnant with him and his brothers, the owner had a dream that come so many kutyat all will cables, and one of them call Naich. And that it is necessary to leave yourself, others give or drown — at the discretion of the owner. And the obvious question — how do you know which of them Naich, the owner of a dream was the answer: he you know. And what do you think? The bitch mother whelp, it appeared that all kutyata were like twins alike. All male members! Only three white hairs on the tip of the tail distinguish one from the other eight. Yes, was born exactly nine Kobelkov! So this first-born (puppy with three white hairs on the tail was born first — the owner himself took delivery) differed sharply on the nature and behavior of others — was not involved with the brothers in the common games, did not eat with them from a saucer, kept to himself. When handing out food, the first approach, choosing the juiciest piece and removed him to the side. Meanwhile as brothers conspired meekly watched him politely maintaining a pause, and only then as he moved away from the bowl with a growl and rushed scuffles for food, snatching it from each other. In short, Naich immediately accepted born leader. Allow only one person almost everything, for example, to wrest itself from the jaws of a piece of meat (the other in such cases, in every way to show discontent and aggressiveness). From an early age began to gravitate strongly to his master, showing particular affection, love and respect (which is the breed that was not very typical). I do not know, there were facts or not, but for that, as they say bought for and sold. So say the people who know the history Naicha. Not all were able to talk, not all were talkative. And I can guess why. Person who has survived a terrible disease, already resigned to fate, and suddenly pardoned by God, even through the dog, life will be accompanied by the fear of losing this favor. No matter how strong we are, but we are equal to the inevitable. And no matter how cheerfully, almost losing and finding again, we begin to love and appreciate the life given to us only once.

Which of superstition, who fear that the evil tongues may hurt the dog and its owner, but the grateful people prefer to hide the fact of their healing as well as a healer.

Stories about the first time I heard about three years ago. Someone I fell ill, doctors could not help. Active search for alternative methods of controlling the disease led me to information about Naiche. However, where there is now living his owners did not know. And there was a dog alive — is unknown.

I was lucky to find it only in January of this year. Away from their hometown. What cost these searches — another story. Wondered about the phenomenon that, if it did occur, was virtually unknown. All information collected in the form of dubious rumors, often far from reality. Instills confidence miracle Spotted relative host Naicha, get rid of in your time zone because of the dog hair from the effects of severe spinal injury in the form of paralysis of the lower limbs. And then I was not immediately able to talk with him. Just making sure that my good intentions and sincerity of the story about the misfortune of a close person to me, he agreed to not only talk about Naiche, but let me … No, not address. In just the same woolen belt. Hire.

I was not very confident that I can help to fade away in front of the man. But now help!

Then (forgive me all healed Naichem people) I crook ran in search of dogs and owners …

So, in January of this year, meeting place.

Since I myself am a doctor, besides having a degree, and because, perhaps, some individual features, the new vending my friends, they took me right …

I would like to pause and ask this question to readers. Who knows anything about the history Naicha, or even cases of recovery from serious illnesses like that? The fact that the owners of the dog put to me quite reasonable and fair not to publicize details of the phenomenon, much less address their current residence as long as I do not find sufficient evidence of healing with the help of dogs or other animals, and in particular with by Naicha. According to the host name Naich many of his "patients" may not be familiar, as it is often used only his coat. Besides wool, yarn, or maybe even finished products — socks, belts, gloves, pads, etc., in great numbers now roams from hand to hand. Therefore, it is in particular the case of a positive effect of wool with severe diseases.

Just find a sufficient number of people that can protect owners from evil Naicha labels, from the risk of being accused of quackery and unsubstantiated, they may decide to provide open and institutionalized care to other people for possible investigation of their dogs. It may be expressed interest on the part of mainstream science.

Author: Boris Malchinsky

Category: Flora and Fauna

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