Druids will be met at the ancient Stonehenge winter solstice, but do not expect the end of the world

December 21, 2012 11:47

In the oldest surviving churches in Europe of the Sun — the British Stonehenge, many followers of the ancient pagan religion of the Druids, gaining momentum in the United Kingdom and the West in general, will make on Friday, December 21, a meeting of the winter solstice. It will happen at 11:12 GMT (15:12 MSK).

Druids will be met at the ancient Stonehenge winter solstice, the end of the world but do not expect Global Look Press

Druids will be met at the ancient Stonehenge winter solstice, but do not expect the end of the world
Global Look Press

It was at that moment a ray of sunlight passes between two stone pillars located on Salisbury Plain, 130 kilometers to the west of London, Stonehenge. Depending on what will be the intensity and distribution, Druids Predict what will be the world in 2013, according to ITAR-TASS.

Today's meeting of the winter solstice marked yet another important fact — activists «New Age» («New Time Religion"), announced the coming of the end of the world, which, in their opinion, may occur at a time when at 15:12 MSK sunlight passes between the stones of Stonehenge. Such a conclusion is made by them on the basis that the 21 December 2012 the ancient Mayan calendar ends.

Meanwhile, British scientists, as well, and most of the population of the kingdom, do not expect the offensive today, at the winter solstice, the end of the world.

"End of the world will be, but not the 21 December 2012. It will happen in 5 billion years when our sun will run out of energy and will go out, "- said the British TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Does not believe that today is the last Friday afternoon in the Earth's history, and the London "Times." "People are threatened by many dangers, but not the end of the world", — emphasized in the publication.

Practical, the British did not pay almost no attention to the warnings exalted persons who are preparing for doomsday and convince others of the need to "take immediate action."

Residents of the United Kingdom is now largely absorbed solution to purchase gifts for the upcoming Christmas and New Year, as well as the study of the question, where to spend the next few weekends.

"According to tradition, many Druid will be at this hour in the sacred circle of Stonehenge — said the representative of the ITAR-TASS Druids. — We do not expect any disasters and everything points to the fact that the end of time will not. The sun does not harden in the sky and the time will not stop. "

In the history of mankind to the end of time to cook almost constantly. Only known from written sources about 160 prophecies of doom, which in different parts of the world are ready to I century to the present day.

The last date of the end of the world — June 30, 2012 — Guatemala famous preacher named Jose Luis de Miranda Hesum. However, the end of the world this summer, of course, did not happen.

December 21 2012 is the last day of the modern world "set" the famous activist «New Age» Jose Arguelles. In 1987, he presented his plans related to the Mayan Calendar, and the first named this date.

In its conclusions, Arguelles based on the fact that by that date have the final on 13 May and the last Baktun calendar. Each baktun — cycle — consists of 144 thousand days. After that, in his opinion, the time has to stop and start a new era in the history of humanity — so to speak, from scratch.

Initially, no one was particularly drawn to this message "Oracle" and published in the same year, its corresponding book. However, with the approach of the date and the general activity of Argüelles and his followers talk about what the Maya predicted the exact date of the end of the world is becoming increasingly common in various countries are not yet a constant content of numerous publications, including even serious periodicals.

As a result, according to Reuters, the concern "with time," according to the Mayan calendar is now experiencing one in ten people on the planet.

All this has caused the world's scientific community to come to grips, albeit very late, the predictions about December 21. The well-known expert in the Mayan Calendar, University of Texas professor David Stewart recently reported the discovery in Guatemala in one of the abandoned temples of an older and more complete the Mayan calendar, rather than the one with which he worked Arguelles. "Humanity is nothing to worry about with regard to December 21, 2012 — Maya continues to run the" normal time "and after that date, — he said. — In general, the time of the Maya directed to the future, and in fact it has no end. "

Living in Mexico, mainly in the Yucatan peninsula, the descendants of the Maya, who are still committed to this ancient religion of the people of Central America — and there are about 800 thousand — are not aware of their own calendar predicted the end of the world. "Even the priests are in the dark about the expiration of the time being," — writes in this regard, the London newspaper Independent.

By the way, Arguelles has not lived up to the cherished date. He died in the spring of 2011.

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