Drunken terrorists?

Five detained in the terrorist attack in Minsk metro are in the status of the suspects, said Deputy Chief of Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus Maxim Voronin.

"Today, the status of suspects were five people, all of them are in jail, on two of them adopted a preventive measure in the form of detention," — he said Thursday on the TV channel ANT.

The prime suspect in the terrorist attack takes place from Vitebsk, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Oleg Baking the TV channel ONT.

On He said, ethe man arrived at the station, "October", and sat down at the station "Frunze". To find it, the police worked in including with taxi drivers in the area. It is near the "Frunze" he and two men rented an apartment. Location of the suspects found "master" of one of the store where he bought the alcohol. Judging by the words Pekarsky detention took place according to the rules, including knocking doors. It was the night of 12 on April 13. And, said the first deputy minister, the prime suspect testimony began giving about 5 o'clock in the morning, and before that he was sober.

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