Dung beetles aliens?

Sacred to the ancient Egyptians insect — the only thing on Earth, in which the brain laid map the Milky Way

Dung beetles, they're scarabs, rolling from place to place dung balls, guided by the stars. Specifically, these insects use to navigate easily visible arm of our spiral galaxy — the Milky Way. Such startling conclusion scientists Swedish University of Lund (Lund University in Sweden), as reported at the end of January this year in a specialized journal Current Biology.

Scarab, to experiment, put special caps
Photo: Lund University

Experiments conducted research team (Marie Dacke, Emily Baird, Marcus Byrne, Clarke H. Scholtz, Eric J. Warrant), led by Professor Eric Warrant of Zoology. Scientists had scarabs in a specially built arena. It bugs had to find the shortest path from the center to the edge — a place where one could hide the precious ball of dung.

Beetles, which are closed by the Milky Way, winds through the arena (path below), and who saw the star, quickly roll dung balls to the edge of the arena (path above)
Photo: Lund University

Beetles in launching campaigns, scientists face from them that the Sun, the Moon with special caps. Gradually it became clear that enough beetles for orientation alone stars. The experiments were repeated in the planetarium GRODA Johannesburg (Johannesburg planetarium) in South Africa, confirmed it. There is — in the planetarium — unable to determine specifically what the sky needed beetles to lay the shortest route: Scientists "cleaned" that one, then the other. Benefit of modern projection equipment allowed it. And it turned out that you only need a scarab arm Milky Way. Without it, the beetles began or dodge, or walk around. In short, they lose their bearings. And looking at him, quickly get to the edge of the arena.

Ancient Egyptians revered scarab along with the gods
Photo: Science and Life

These insects do not use for navigation earthly objects — surprised the study participants, Dr. Maria Dhaka (Dr Marie Dacke). — They are the same — the only living creatures that navigate by the stars.

It is unlikely that the ancient Egyptians knew about the connection bugs with the stars and the Milky Way, but somehow honor them beyond measure. Insects are considered sacred gods of the sun.

Who knows, maybe scarabs and in fact not really ours? Maybe they were brought to Earth some "gods" of those who knew, why do we need to build the pyramids? Brought from the planet, which is also clearly visible arm of our spiral galaxy. It is somewhere near …

Alien dung beetles like our
Photo: ScienceNOW

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