During the opening of the Olympic Games in London, the camera lens has got a UFO

July 31, 2012 9:38

A strange flying object captured video camera during the opening of the Olympic Games in London. UFO slowly flew over the stadium during the fireworks. Video from a mysterious object appeared on YouTube. It shows how in the midst of the ceremony, which is being watched over a billion people around the world, high in the sky above the Olympic stadium soars UFO.

During the opening of the Olympic Games in London, the camera lens has got a UFO

Some Internet users suggested that the video has got one of the advertising blimps Goodyear, who fly over London. As evidence of portal Examiner.com led zeppelin video with Spirit of Europe II, filmed at night with lights switched on. Other users with the advanced version of that news channels airship used for filming.

TV channel NBC Olympics — unit NBC Sports — Goodyear blimps really chose to shoot the Olympics from the air. However, as The Daily Mail, a mysterious object is not similar to one of those balloons, which could be at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games stadionom.Nekotorye YouTube commentators have suggested that in fact the camera hit the helicopter, while others said This video — a fake. However, there are those who really believes that the opening of the Olympic Games is not only watched Earthlings.

In the weeks leading up to the Games is one of Britain's leading experts on the UFO Nick Pope warned that mass events like the Olympics, can attract newcomers. "The Ministry of Defence is widespread belief that the aliens know about us through television and radio broadcasts," — said the Pope, who himself for 20 years in the British War Office and investigated reports of UFO sightings. "If aliens learned our psychology, they can choose a significant date to appear on our planet," — he added.

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