Edgar Cayce on the origin and destiny of man

June 6, 2012 18:07

This article is a translation of statements Casey on the origin and destiny of man. Most of the "readings" (numbers 3744-1, 3744-2, 3744-3, 3744-4, 3744-5) are at Phillips (the Phillips Hotel), Dayton, Ohio, 02/14/1924. If no further reading is not specifically named, then it belongs to one of these readings.

Edgar Cayce

Questions are marked with (B), Casey said — a symbol (O).
(B) Is the Darwinian theory of human evolution right or wrong? Give an answer that will enlighten people about evolution.

(D) The man was created in the beginning, as the lord of those elements, which have been prepared on the earth plane for his needs. When this plan was so that people could maintain its forces and conditions, a man appeared, not from what has already been created, but as lord of all that has been created, and the man was all that was in the whole world at the earth plane, and, moreover, was the soul of man that put him over the whole animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of the earth plane.
Man is not descended from monkeys, but the man has developed from time to time, a little here, a little there, step by step.
In all ages, we see that it was developed — day after day, day after day, or evolution, people formed themselves gradually improved things, man-made, made to meet the specific needs of the person, but has always been something that generates demand if it was a means of livelihood or other individual needs of the person, the man-and this is a perfect example of the power which the Creator has endowed him, for the world, needs and circumstances, the consent of the person with the laws it gradually leads to the development, which is necessary to meet the needs based on the conditions, places or areas in which a person is placed. Such as:
The needs of those who live north countries are not the same as in the hot regions. Thus, the development is to meet the needs of a variety of conditions in which there is a person. He only uses the laws which have always existed on this plane, the data in their relationships …
(B) Mr. Casey, that is the soul of man?
(D) This is what the Creator gave each creature or person in the beginning and that searches your home or place of the Creator.
(B) The soul ever dies?
(A) It can be expelled (banished) from the Creator, but can not die.
(B) What is the expulsion of the soul? From the Creator?
(D) will, at the beginning of this, freedom of choice on the earth plane, the whole unsatisfactory material ejected at Saturn. To work out their own salvation, as it may be expressed in words, the essence of a person or send (banishes) yourself or your soul, which is its essence.
(B) Where the soul (soul) comes, and how it enters the physical body?
(D) It's already there. "And He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living soul" as breathing, as air enters the human body, when the birth of inhaled breath of life, so it becomes a living soul, ensuring the development of creation, where the soul can enter and find your home.
All souls were created in the beginning, and are looking for your way back to where they came from.
(B) where the soul goes when it is fully developed?
(O) to the Creator.
(B) What is the subconscious mind of the body?
(A) property of the soul or the mind of the soul.
(B) What is the law of love?
(D) Return. It is written, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." And as it is written, "You shall love the Lord your all your heart, soul and body." In this, as in so much else, we see in the physical or earthly or material terms of manifestation this law, no direct law itself. In some circumstances, we find the manifestation of opposition to the law of love. Gift or return, with the hope of reward or payment — the opposite of the law of love. Remember, there is no greater than that expressed by the words: "God so loved his creation, or the world, that he gave his only begotten Son (Only Begotten Son), for the redemption (redemption)." Through love, if one takes it in his heart and life , obey the law, and in accordance with the law, the law becomes part of the person. This is — the law of love. Giving without coercion, expression, manifestation, to show commitment to the desired reward for GB. Not that the law of love overrides other laws, but the law does pay, the law of faith, the divine law, the laws of earthly forces, not effective, not defective (not defective), but not effective.
Thus: love — this law, the law — this is love. God — this is love. Love — is God. We see this as a manifestation of the law, not the law itself. We see the manifestation of unity, inclusiveness in love. Now, if we as a people on the earth plane, we have all the other basic forces that make life better, and do not have love, we are nothing — nothing. "Somebody may have the gift of prophecy, which gives deep insight, even dignity, hoping in Charity, in faith, and not the law of love in our heart, soul, mind, and even though they physically manifest these virtues, but do not have love — they are nothing. "many, many ways can be a manifestation of the law of love was shown, but no greater love, which gives the Father, which gives the soul, there is no understanding, there is no agreement forces, no effect.
(B) Definition of the word evolution in respect of the human family (mankind).
(D) The evolution, as generally understood by people, and to which there were many discussions, many people in question involves a lot of different phases and values in different people. In relation to mankind, it likely means the awakening of the forces that gradually brings the person to understand themselves (internal law) from the inside, and the realization that such a law will encourage the best forces in man and causes a gradual change in the man known at all times.
Man was created as a person. All flesh is not one flesh, but the development is always the same, and only occurs when meeting the needs of man, which has done everything that has been done, and human development, or evolution, a gradual increase up to the mind of the Creator.
(B) In accordance with the concept of the unity of all forces, explain the popularity of the concept of the Devil, is explicitly described in many episodes of the Scriptures.
(G) In the beginning, the heavenly (celestial) beings. First there was the Son, then the other sons or celestial beings who were given their strength and power.
Consequently, the force that has risen in the invisible forces (or spirit), showed activity was the influence which is called Satan, Devil, Serpent, is one thing. This is mutiny!
So, when a person in any activity rebels against the influence of good, he listens to the influence of evil, and not the influence of good. (262-52)
Our personality (self), but not selfishness matters to God. Selfishness refers to the devil! Personality refers to God! (815-7)
When separated from God appears conscious attention to the influence of evil. The key to the growth of the soul (ie, to be outside the influence of evil) — in obedience to the will of the High.
(B). Please comment on the following. It sheds any light of truth?
Creator, in an attempt to find or create a being worthy companionship (companionship), realized that such a being can only be the result of free will, fulfilling his divine inheritance, and through their own efforts Finding the Creator. So, to make the choice is really divine, he called to the existence of a state of consciousness that carries the free will of the soul.
(D) The only change we would make, is that all souls in the beginning with the Father were one. Separation or rejection, has created evil. Then there is a need of understanding yourself, not being in harmony and bliss beyond (blessedness); and as given, "yet He learned obedience through the things which He suffered." (262-56)
This was understood by most of those who have achieved recognition of different views of good and evil in the manifest form, as we have pointed out, this prince of this world, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil — the soul — has created the need, in the materiality of consciousness, or a person to the soul could comprehend his separation from God. (262-89)
Brief biography of Edgar Cayce and interesting information from the mouth of the sleeping prophet
Edgar Cayce (Edgar Cayce) (1877 — 1945) — an American psychic, psychic, prophet. In a trance, did "read» (readings) for a variety of topics: astrology, medicine, theology, Atlandide, ancient Egypt, etc.
E. Casey was born in Kentucky in 1877, in 1900, he had problems with his throat (laryngitis), leading to a loss of voice. For almost a year, he was in such a state, could not work and was apprenticed to the photographer.
At this time in the city where he lived Casey spoke hypnotist Hart (Hart). He heard about the problem of Edgar and offered to help in the treatment. Hypnotic experiment to restore voting was held on a stage before an audience. Surprisingly, the voice of Casey returned at that time, while he was in a hypnotic trance, but disappeared when he woke up. Hart did not manage to achieve complete success, and he soon moved with his performances in other cities.
After that found a local hypnotist Al Layne (Al Layne), who offered his help. Lanie in a hypnotic trance inspired Casey that he should describe the nature of the condition and mode of treatment. Casey described his illness and recovery formula, using the speech instead of "I", the word "we." Later in his "readings" Casey always spoken of multiple persons.
Casey's description, he lost his voice due to psychological paralysis and can I fix it increased blood flow in a specific location. Layne then made the suggestion that the increased blood flow Edgar. The region of the chest and throat red from Casey blood flow. After 20 minutes Cayce, still in trance, said that the issue is resolved. When waking his condition remained normal.
After that, Lane and Casey continued experiments. Casey was in a trance described medical problems Lanie and suggested ways of treatments that have proven effective. Layne suggested in a trance give prescription treatment, and earn money on it, but Casey refused. In the end, he agreed, but only if that will do it for free.
Conceived the event was a great success. There are notes in the papers that describe this phenomenon. Casey began to receive letters asking for help from all over the country. It is surprising that the diagnosis of person the letter was as effective as human diagnostics with his personal presence.
All his statements Casey made in a trance, which included using a hypnotist for that in America deserved the nickname "sleeping prophet." Upon awakening, he could not remember what he was saying. All his statements were recorded by special secretary.
Casey lived a very modest life, as did his work for free. Source of income is donations of grateful patients. During the life of Casey founded several institutions, including in 1929, founded the hospital.
Initially, the main theme of his remarks were personal recipes to get rid of diseases of individuals. But later they began to appear occult and esoteric topics, business advice, interpretation of dreams, etc.
Casey died in 1945, at the end of life by becoming a national celebrity.
During his lifetime he made over 20,000 "readings". Still remain, recording more than 14,000 of them. Each entry is assigned a number.
Currently, Heritage Research Center Casey exist in 25 countries.
5 predictions of Edgar Cayce that came true (information from the official website of Casey www.edgarcayce.org)
In fact, on the website described seven predictions, but one thing is true of large corporate associations in the U.S. economy (due to AT @ T) and hardly interesting to Russian readers, and the second tells of the relationship of weather on the ground with a temperature of ocean currents (La Niña and El Niña effect).
1. The collapse of the U.S. stock market in 1929
In 1925, during the "readings" for the 26-year-old doctor told Casey that the doctor will soon be the owner of more money, and advised caution and prudence in preserving wealth, especially during the "adverse events that will occur in 1929." Similar statements about the "great turmoil in financial circles" were in his other "readings".
2. The Second World War
In 1935, Casey warned transport agents of the catastrophic events that will soon take place in the global community.
Casey said: "We find the state of great anxiety among many, not only individuals, but nations. Activity, which has already begun, suggests that there will be an attempt to expose what that group of people punished. This will lead to a confrontation of different countries and governments. Austrians, Germans, and later the Japanese unite under this influence, as if quietly, gradually emerge idea Nazis (Aryans). Gradually growing hostility … "
3. Displacement of the Earth's poles
"Question: What significant changes or starting any changes occur on the ground between 2000 and 2001? Answer: This shifting of the poles, or begin a new cycle. "(08/11/1936)
Casey pointed out that between 2000 and 2001, will become apparent shift of electromagnetic poles.
In fact (I checked), according to the press was previously thought that the north magnetic pole is located in Canada. "However, in 2001, scientists have found that the rate of [moving pole] increased to 40 km per year and the middle of XXI century pole can be in Russia. (ITAR-TASS) "
4. There was a community of people called the Essenes
Casey described the Essenes in detail for many years before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls — the texts attributed to a little-known community, called the Essenes (Wikipedia link). The first scrolls were discovered in 1947, 2 years after the death of Casey. In his "readings" Casey mentions the Essenes 171 times.
"We find the existence of an organization (community), which existed during the period when there were riots in the West, and when it was notified of the prophet [Jesus], the new teacher. The community was among those who were disciples of the Essenes and in direct contact with many who prophesied. "(489-1) 17.01.1934.
The newly discovered scrolls found many similarities between the views of the Essenes and the doctrine preached by Christ. Casey said that Jesus belonged to the Essenes.
As I understand it, digging in the Internet, the content scrolls still not fully disclosed and prevents this church, because the disclosure may be some discredit it.
5. Blood as a material for diagnosis
"There is no state in the human body, which would not have found its mark in his blood, because the blood stream carries the body not only restoring forces, but is also used as an instrument of purification, through various channels of different parts of the system. There is a red blood, white blood and lymph moving through the veins. In the bloodstream … and evidence of the status of the physical body. The day will come when the diagnosis of the state of the body will be a drop of blood. "(283-2)
E. Casey on nutrition
A huge number of "readings" Casey is dedicated to maintaining the health and right living. Most of them is personal, addressed the nature of the individual patient. But there are general recommendations.
I will punctuate direct statements Casey generalized comments.
"First of all — the physical body is a temple, a case of the mind and soul of man. It has its virtues and its flaws, its strength and its weakness. So … food that does not contradict the laws of nature leads to the most complete disclosure capabilities of the body. "1662-1.
In the statements Casey is constantly thinking about the need to keep the balance in the diet. In this diet is not something very important.
"The question is: should I stick to a special diet?"
Answer: As stated, requires a well-balanced diet. But we must not become preoccupied with diet, so that the diet was the owner, not the person was the owner of the diet. "2454-1
Diseases are often associated with specific eating habits. In this case, the food becomes the master of man, and this state is deeply rooted in the human mind.
Multiple "readings" Casey on the subject can identify recurring universal tips, suitable for everyone.
"Suppose that at least one meal per day includes raw vegetables, such as cabbage, lettuce, celery, carrots, onions and others. Tomatoes can be eaten in season. "2602-1
"In the evening meal can be harder and more diverse. If it's meat, it can only be a fish, poultry or lamb. Fried food can not be used at no time. Eat more leafy vegetables, it is preferable to legumes and root vegetables that grow underground. "1567-1
"Pork leads to arthritis," 3599-1
"Do not drink carbonated drinks — to the kidneys clean." 416-17
"It is good to drink plenty of water before meals and after meals. When the food reaches the stomach, the stomach becomes a warehouse, first aid kit, which itself creates the necessary substance for normal digestion. If before it affects the water, the reaction would be more normal. "1567-1
"As stated, use more products grown on the land, in the vicinity of your residence. It is better for the body than the different types of fruits, vegetables and plants brought from other places. "4047-1
"Do not eat if you: not in the mood, tired, too nervous .." 137-50.
Casey said of the importance of the acid-base of the food and food combinations.
"For all the bodies, they produce less physical activity, the greater the content of alkaline food for them. Physical activity burns acids, but those who are sedentary or active, should not eat too many sweets and starches. "798-1
"As stated, holds a more alkaline foods than acidic. Because it is naturally easier to assimilate and improve the flow of lymph and blood. "642-1
Fruits and vegetables, with a few exceptions are alkaline, while meat, starches and sugar — acid.
Example data tips Casey 51-year-old woman, suffering from dermatitis, obesity and other health problems:
"Never Eat cereals together with grapefruit or citrus or pineapple juice. Eat cereal in one day, and fruit in the other. Together they are unfavorable to form acid, which is full of body. Coffee should be preferably consumed without milk or cream … The wine should be consumed as food, but not with other food. Red wine, such as sherry or port, you can use sour bread or rye bread, far away in the afternoon, which is the preferred coffee or tea, it has no effect on weight, does not cause intestinal fermentation, if used in this manner, but not with other food . "1073-1
Casey generalized advice on nutrition can be summarized as follows:
Food that should be avoided:
fried foods;
carbonated beverages;
white sugar, white flour products;
red meat, especially pork, or heavy, poorly cooked meat;
alcohol, except for red wine.
Combinations to avoid:
starches and sweets in one meal is simply too much acidity;
different types of starchy foods together produce high acidity;
meat and potatoes, and meat and bread, or meat and any starchy foods upset digestion;
citrus fruits, and grains in one round food produce toxins (pollution);
coffee or tea with milk or cream — it's hard to digest.
In general, to maintain a well-balanced diet. Preference should be given fruits and vegetables (with the fruits of the ground, deciduous), but not starchy foods, and a high proportion (80:20%) of alkaline foods to acid (acidic).
Casey defended coffee and cigarettes in moderation as healthy.
Sam Casey, its recommendations are not adhered to.
E. Casey Health
Casey said it is important to maintain the physical body in good condition, the need for regular exercise, the importance of rest and maintenance of the physical body to clean the outside and inside.
"Realize that every soul is a temple where God lives, and the same goes for your body. Since the body does not care for the body, but as to the temple where God lives, may be the best channel to the spiritual truth … "2938-1.
It is very important emotional and mental attitude of man. The way we think and feel affects our physical body, including to cause disease.
"Let your mental attitude will be like this (desired) reached! No pessimistic attitude! "295-4
"Keep your constructive thinking, because, rest assured, thoughts influence emotions. Anger, frustration, hostility or produce poison. Be positive. "3.25
Casey did not see the disease as a separate entity. Rather, as the essence of a person in time and space sickness is a lesson he has to learn. Or because of disobedience to the laws of the functioning of the human body, or even the laws of the universe itself. The same applies to his mind, and spirit.
"Any illness — a sin." 3395-2
A few more amusing statements:
"Whoever uses peanut oil for rubbing can not be afraid of arthritis." 1158-31
"Smoking in moderate doses can be useful in large doses — very harmful." 3539-1
"In fact, 100% of chronically depressed patients experiencing a severe shortage of magnesium." 39-3

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