End of the world came up with the CIA?

Topic of the failed end of the world excited the whole world. Whose views are not only expressed on the matter. Today, the 26th of December and people moving away from the rush 21.12.12, began to prepare for the New Year, which is good. , Read the opinion of a professional researcher of the Mayan civilization, the great disciple of George Knorozova, director of the Mesoamerican center of State Humanitarian University, Director of the Russian-Mexican Cultural Center of Science and Culture Professor Galina Ershov. According to her all the hype was on hand to the U.S. government.

End of the world in a scientific way

— Galina Gavrilovna Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reassured the international community: the end of the world, they say, will not, and will be the New Year. But people still worried. So the Mayans predicted the treacherous on December 21, 2012?

— Ensure that the end of the world will not. New Year, we will still meet — is sacred.

— Where did these rumors?

— I have a distinct impression that it is a political project. What has been done in recent years? Violation of the territorial boundaries of all the agreements and conventions after the Second World War and the global redistribution of spheres of influence in favor of the United States. The events in Yugoslavia, Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East. America began to realize the "Monroe Doctrine" (the declaration of principles of U.S. foreign policy, "America for the Americans." — Note. "AN") outside their continent. And it is clearly apparent that to distract the public's attention in the media are thrown plots to incite mass hysteria. And the society in response to the millennium or the end of the world prefers to ignore what is going redivision of the world.

The cynicism of politicians of the New and Old World is so monstrous that recalls the words of Joseph Goebbels: "The monstrous lie, the more readily believe in it."

— Diverting attention away from the main …

— Yes. All the world events are held under the smokescreen of hysteria. Interestingly, the rumor that the Mayans predicted the end of the world, it came from the U.S.. The panel with the calendar text (part of it was stolen Americans) in the village of Tortuguero was discovered in 1958. By the 1970s, the texts were read, and all the leading researchers were aware that this calendar table. And mind you, there was no rush. And then some American in 2000, following the end of the millennium hysteria around calling themselves an expert in Mayan writing, said that the day of reckoning is coming. In fact, this "expert" was an alcoholic and risovalschitsey in the archaeological expedition. Then it "possessed by the spirit of the Maya", she stopped drinking and began the interpretation of Maya writing. Brad classic. At first, she said to no one listened, but then needed a smokescreen. And delirium were cited as the world media.

After December 21 hysteria quietly come to naught, and gradually there will be new ideas to once again have a free hand, to distribute the new "Peace Prize." Want to cry from those "mironostsev."

Diapers for hysteria

— Americans are very trust their media. As Pushkin said, "I am glad to be deceived." But why do we, the Russians, who cheated so many times, believe in?

— Everyone believes. In the early twentieth century in Russia was a scientific school, which was founded by the outstanding Russian scientist Vladimir Bechterev psychiatrist, were his article in which he wrote about mass hysteria. In the century of man has not changed. Therefore, these stories (or hysteria) and run to the masses. They immediately picked up, because in every society there are people with unstable mentality that things are starting to see the non-existent or quite commonplace to lay the framework of the next hearing. But hysteria is known to be infectious. And anyone who, because of their orientation psychosis waiting aliens will never see the other world of spirits. And vice versa.

All runs according to one scheme, but at a new level. With the development of the media, and then the Internet hysteria covered by more and more people. Some psychopaths go dig caves themselves, others hoard diapers, and without the candle is no end of the world just can not imagine.

Stone manuscripts do not burn

— What is the Mayan calendar?

— Any calendar — this is an account of time. And as it records the man — on paper or on tablets of stone — it does not matter. Maya just leave records, an event celebrated in what number it was. Or will occur. So it is more accurate to say that this is not a calendar, a calendar entry. Astronomers, Mayan priests sought to show its superiority over the plebs. Calculate where to place the planet a thousand years — it's cool. And the inscription on the monument 6 from Tortuguero, because of which started the whole hysteria, is that the large end of the 13th cycle will come December 21, 2012. And start a new (first) cycle. The calculations can be carried out indefinitely. This is pure mathematics.

— What is the difference with our usual calendar?

— We traditionally is counting years. And in the year — the months and days. And the Maya were an absolute count of days of August 13, 3114 BC Our usual years they did not have. And within introduced some clarifying indicators such as the phase of the moon. Or interesting positions of the various planets in the sky. This shtrishok just elaborate on a specific date. Therefore, the date of the end of the round cycle — 21 December 2012 shows that the planet Mars starts the day its reverse movement in the sidereal period. On this day, more than anything remarkable happens.

— So why is tied to this date a tantrum?

— There is such a thing as "precession cycle oscillations of the Earth." Our planet is spinning like a top very slow, and the earth's axis describes a circle, like the top of the top, one revolution in about 26,000 years. During this time, the point of sunrise at the equinoxes and solstices bypasses all the zodiacal constellations, the number 13. Going through each of them for about 2000 years. All the famous prophecy at the transition of the sun from the constellation of the constellation is assigned the coming of Christ, the end of the world, the deluge. Net astronomy, nothing personal. Maya watched the same. And we understood that the sun will at this time go to a different constellation.

— But, to calculate the date we need certain scientific knowledge.

— For Science met priests who knew a lot more than the average graduate of a modern school, where astronomy now do not teach. Priests gradually split into doctors, ideologues, clergy and scholars. We now call them "the priest-astronomers." Of course, they did not observe the sky through a telescope. But the Maya were such wonderful things as underground caves with vertical shaft. And the reflection of the sun on the floor of the cave could mark the point — in what position it is. Consequently, it is possible to observe and do the calculations.

— How long records of Classic Maya?

— Save a huge amount of texts in different media: the walls, boards, small plastic objects. In addition, three Mayan manuscript on paper from the bark of Ficus in European libraries: in Dresden, Paris and Madrid. Europe already knew how to keep the ancient manuscripts. And in the tropics all rotted or eaten by insects. The Mayas had a holiday every year, during which time they are either recovered manuscripts, patched them or destroyed after correspondence.

Communion Tolstoy

— Many Hollywood films Maya appear bloody tyrants who at the slightest provocation and without it brings human sacrifice …

— It was quite a rare thing. The sacrifice they were treated as "departure messenger." Many of the people on earth and still believe, that the soul is either in the blood or in the flesh of man. When the body dies, the soul is released and goes into the other spaces. And then reborn in the child died. The sacrifice was an act of liberation of the soul, that it went to the divine ancestors and to have denounced them the news of what is happening.

Part of this idea — the release of the soul, which dated back to the message of God the Father — embody Christ's crucifixion. A communion — a completely distinct ritual cannibalism. But believers do not see it, do not accept and do not want to perceive. For them it is sacrilege. Although it is said and Leo Tolstoy.

— Excommunication …

— Of course. After all, human destruction of its dogmas, its model of the world is very dangerous. If it is broken, the person is alone against all. And one can understand the ideologues of all states that seek to maintain a model for the population of the world — the most important thing for the state. Therefore, for the ideology of fighting all the rulers. Those are my "favorite" Americans are told that they are only democracy backward peoples. And everyone should gratefully clap — thank you!

— "Democrats" British also suffered its only right opinion to the Indians in the New World.

— Call the number of dead Indians "for the sake of democracy" — 11 million. Although not very clear how such a precise figure. But really, in the United States have been destroyed almost all the Indians. Few were able to escape to Canada. "Democratically" killed everyone, including women, the elderly and children. Those who survived, received handouts in the form of reservations, some tax cuts.

— Why did the conquistadors were able to destroy the Mayan civilization?

— For several reasons. Maya, even though they knew the wheel, but do not use animal traction. Even wars between them were in the nature of short raids because of the inability to ensure the normal baggage. No firearms. Metalworking knew but did not use, except for jewelry and religious articles.

— A system of government?

— The problem of the Maya originated in the tenth century. Then invaded by hungry neighbors — the Toltecs. They began to kill the ruling elite. A stagnant management system is not allowed to organize resistance. They are resting on their laurels stopped the power of mobility, the development, the ability to respond to new threats. The failure of the state to change is a sign of dying. Maya is very clearly shown.

— Very important for our country today …

— But in the twelfth century, after the assimilation of the Toltecs, begins a new revival of the Mayan civilization. Fresh blood, the experience, the loss of old ideals and allowed the formation of the new government to build more mobile with a more flexible control system. But not yet. And seriously could not resist the Spaniards. The victims of the warring sides were great. And not only on weapons. The conquistadors brought new diseases to which the Indians had no immunity. Spaniards also mowed dengue fever, malaria, and other amenities. Cheap is the great geographical discoveries were never given.



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