Energy-effects in humans, or that the human factor

All people believe. Someone believes in one thing, someone else in, but it was not just unbelievers. A man without faith can not exist. The ancient Chinese saying that if you go to the doctor and do not believe in it, even the most skillful unlikely you will be able to help, so if you want to get well, you should not just believe it, you have to believe in it fervently. Even the false doctrine can be true, if it preaches sincere and believes in his people, and, on the contrary, the true doctrine becomes a false, if it will stop believing. According to V. Pravdivtsev: "The energy of faith pervades our lives, but what it represents, by and large, no one knows. One can only assume that the energy of faith is much more subtle, and therefore more penetrating than the energy of thoughts and emotions … "

Unfortunately, at the present time, when the old values have been destroyed, and new, except foreign exchange, create another failed, we often encounter such things, explained that from the point of view of common sense is not possible. Why aircraft commander or captain of the ship, breaking all the rules and regulations, makes inappropriate actions that lead to the death of not only himself, but a lot of people? Why at night wife takes a rifle or a pistol and shoots a sleeping spouse? Why a loving and attentive family man turns into a monster that kills and rapes on the side? Why does a person at a particular time can make something that he could never imagine in the nightmare? Of "why" can cause a great many, but it does not bring us closer to a solution, unless we try to understand — what is behind all this, or at least can stand? Moreover, it is necessary to deal with common sense.

Our behavior is based on an algorithm that we unconsciously perceive the behavior of others through books, newspaper articles, TV programs.

Now experts in different fields are trying to somehow explain these things, but more and more on TV and in the newspaper after the investigation of accidents as confusing verdict in the last instance it sounds the same phrase — the cause of the tragedy is the human factor. It is very convenient formulation, for which no lies nothing but the most basic incompetence of those who would, at least, to somehow explain that it's still like that, and why this is the "human factor" has worked in the most wrong time. Links to fatigue, poor health, natural disasters and weather, too little to explain what happened in a catastrophic event. So, after all this is "something else", and here we are with this other and try to understand a little bit.

So first of all, remember that every living organism is an open system, which is constantly exchanging energy and information with its environment. Through complex structures of communication system is trying to establish a certain balance of both the external and the internal environment. If these connections are not affected, or destroyed, such a balance is established. In addition, any living body radiates and receives electromagnetic waves of different frequencies and, therefore, different lengths. A huge number of all kinds of information falls on our consciousness, and that the most unpleasant — in our subconscious. And the more this information is negative.

Unfortunately, our mind can process and analyze only a small fraction of what we make. A large part of it is laid in our subconscious and is not subject to analysis. These are bombs that do not show themselves from time to time. The main thing — to what then? And who or what sets in motion the mechanism of destruction? As you can see — a lot more questions than answers, and yet have the answers, or at least we can hope so. But before we talk about it, let's get acquainted, or recall the action of certain phenomena, which are not indifferent to our existence with you.

Our mind can process and analyze only a small fraction of what we make. A large part of it is laid in our subconscious and is not subject to analysis.

Phenomenon Werther

Talking about this phenomenon in the late 70's of the last century after the publication of the study by the American sociologist David Phillips of the University of California. These results were so shocking that at first seemed implausible.

Phillips found that, after the headlines there are reports of suicides, start with a strange pattern of the incident plane. Moreover, the number of people killed in a plane crash after such publications increased by one thousand percent. Further studies have shown that this kind of information related to the sharp increase in automobile accidents.

Why is that? That can bind to single suicide and a number of accidents? Naturally, the newspapers and other media have reported not all tragedies (the same as suicide), but mostly about the death of celebrities, singers, movie stars and politicians. Apparently, therefore, initially concluded that the first place is a sense of loss, grief, and as a result, people stopped to carefully monitor their behavior and reactions that could lead to a chain of further tragedies. But, as it turned out, it's not that simple.

Press release of suicide or death of one person causes a catastrophe, which also killed singles. If the announcement is posted on the case of collective suicide, the coming series of tragic events that killed enough people. The pain of loss is not too similar. Phillips called this pattern phenomenon Werther, after the hero of Goethe's novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther." More than two centuries ago, this novel shocked the whole of Europe. The writer admitted that he had to finish the book suicide hero to save himself from the desire to commit suicide. Wherever this novel published, dramatically increased the number of suicides. It came down to the fact that in some countries it was banned, and Goethe himself was accused of witchcraft.

Phillips found that people are affected not so much the fact of suicide, how much of it replicated information. As for the accident, they can be considered as some sort of self-destruction. In the course of further research revealed that the death of many people and crime is largely to blame for the media, writers and filmmakers.

In addition, Phillips noticed a strange pattern or, more correctly, the rhythm of the negative effects of the phenomenon of Werther, knowing that, we can predict the probability of disaster. Thus, the greatest danger is after three or four days after the publication of a negative. About a week again comes the peak of accidents, and the eleventh day of the phenomenon ceases Werther devastating effect. But the most important thing in the other — not all people exposed to this phenomenon. The secret?

I believe that I was able, even in part, closer to its unraveling. By creating its own system Octopus (programmed control system body), I developed a theory of "top ten systems in general contour of the active person," which states: any person from birth has a weak leadership system (not to be confused with a sick system.) Biologically active human contour operates on the basis of life of these "top ten systems", run by two major leadership system. All this is written in my book "Sprut", so I will not repeat.

It's just different. If at the time of any negative information from the person opened his weak leadership system, we can form a so-called bio-resonant interference, which, like a virus, will be integrated into its biologically active path, and if the mechanism for determining the "friend or foe" for any reason (stress, depression, illness, etc.) will be locked, the bioresonance hindrance begins its destructive action, which can lead to unpredictable results, which are then written off by the human factor.

These things are proven, and — most importantly — data bioresonance interference can register certain equipment. So, biologically active path for ten days, transfer the reins of leadership from one system to another. Then the cycle repeats. That's why Phillips empirically and found negative pattern of this phenomenon, but to find a solution and could not. Consequently, the important thing is not to document the emergence of bio-resonance interference on biologically active contours person, and to know its weak from birth leading system and calculate the time of its opening on the contour. Then, by applying certain methods of protection, you can not miss this obstacle or neutralized. Well-tuned circuit to do it yourself. But, unfortunately, now our TV and media not only bring to the negative people, they relish it that makes these things much worse and more dangerous. A man is often under the influence of not only the phenomenon of Werther, it is artificially formed in the "field of fear," and this is a much more dangerous and not at all predictable.

Becomes particularly relevant protection of their conscious and subconscious of the information that is laid in our heads with a particular purpose, and very often this information is not a harmless nature. Many people are paying for it is not only the deterioration of their health and lives. Mass neuroses, phobias — all from the same opera.

Soviet leaders had the wisdom not to allow the media to replicate any negativity. And while beating planes and wrecked trains, exploding mines and had a lot of other things, but these incidents are investigated by professionals. Now on unprepared audience pours huge stream of negativity, and all this is presented as freedom of speech and the press, and as a result a person is constantly under the influence of not only the phenomenon discussed above, but even more dangerous and poorly understood phenomena of energetic action.

Phenomenon futuroshoka

The term "futuroshok" coined in 1965 by American futurologist, Nobel Prize winner Alvin Toffler. His research showed that happens to people who have experienced the shock of change. Existing work can describe the stress and confusion that occur in people exposed to too much change in too short a period of time. The human body operates on a completely different laws than required by the laws of sociology or the public. There is a very important value that somehow overlooked, although the importance of its value, it negates everything else.

And this value is time. Two identical events but occurred in different time periods, will lead to quite different results. According to A. Toffler, the first and most vulnerable place in which has accelerated, it's daily life. Unlike previous generations, the modern man, by means of mass communication, was immersed in a sea of information lawlessness.

At the time, the Soviet scientist E. Sokolov put forward the idea that any new or unfamiliar stimulus human brain forms the so-called orientation response. He believed that the nerve cells of the brain stores information about the intensity, duration, quality, and consistency of the incoming stimulus. If the new stimulus and is not appropriate under any existing model, then and there the orientation response. What is it? And that's what. Overloading world innovations, you get the equivalent of an excited neurotic — a man with a system in which constantly flows adrenaline, the heart of which is constantly overloaded, there is increased muscle tone and shivering. Here are the main characteristic features of the orientation response. In this case, our perception of reality is distorted, one feels confused and is located on the boundary between illusion and reality.

All he can commit in this state, is not subject to any logic behavior, it simply no longer willing to control their emotions. Its leading systems go racing. It is only later written off by all "the same" human factor. Imagine a youth club atmosphere. Color music, laser effects, deafening decibels, mosaic screens, screaming, moaning, painted body … The whole arsenal of psychedelic kaleidoscope creates a chaotic sensory perestimulyatsiyu or information overload, with unpredictable consequences in the future.

All the elements of the universe harmoniously linked

On the other hand, the same result is obtained and the monotone chanting of mantras. Only in this case (in the absence of external stimulation) a person falls into a world of hallucinatory effects. It follows that as perestimulyatsiya and lack of proper stimulation of sensory systems adversely affect human health. Still more serious illnesses susceptible people experiencing information overload, those who are a large variety of events in a short time.

Given this information, U.S. researchers Holmes and Reich classified types of life changes. Each item on the list was given a certain amount of points. So, moving to a new home valued at thirty points, and if immediately thereafter make purchases an expensive car, adds another thirty. On the same principle evaluated moving to another location, marriage, change of work, travel, etc.

Analyzing such a large number of facts, scientists came to a disappointing conclusion: the people in whose life there are major changes, it does not matter — positive or negative, as a rule, soon fell ill. And the higher the rate of frequency change, the more serious the disease turned out. For the first time in such an impressive form of the discovery was made: the rate of change of personal life, the pace of his life closely associated with the state of his health. "The results were so exciting — said Dr. Holmes, — that at first we did not even dare to publish them."

Further studies have shown that at least serious danger and so-called "culture shock." People in a situation of culture shock as well as a soldier on the battlefield or victims of natural disasters, delivered in unpredictable conditions for him. His habitual ways of recognizing things are no longer suitable. Signs, sounds and other signals (territorial-cultural codes) pass by, because he can not grasp their significance. His experience with the usual sign systems is useless, and he comes to the area is not yet clear, surreal. Every word, every action is filled with uncertainty. In this environment, fatigue appears faster than usual. Unpredictability factor arising from the novelty of experience, undermining a sense of reality.

Phenomenon Sarnow

At the time, Sc.D. S. Speranski jokingly called it a phenomenon Sarnow, but the discovery that he had done was far serious. The fact is that, as a toxicologist, he prepared for a regular mouse experiment to determine the effect on them of various negative factors. This pharmacological effect, and chemical, as well as the effects of electromagnetic fields, vibrations, noise, lowering or raising the temperature of the environment, and more, but the bottom line, in general, not in it. Mice were kept in the same conditions, but the experiment had to be postponed because Chemists were unprepared to experience.

And after a while, when they decided to continue the work, decided to re-check Speranski physiological parameters in mice, which, as we know, is not subjected to any form of exposure. And this is where the scientist lurking surprise: between groups of animals showed a whole bunch of statistically significant differences in determined by their performance. Such a shift would have qualified as a result of severe toxic effects, which actually was not.

So what then happened to the mice? Speranski and found the reason. Over time, the animals became similar in their behavior to each other, ie, there was a loss of individuality. They began to respond to the same type of any irritating factors, etc. After additional research scientist came to the conclusion that the data noise within the community of mice led to the same results as if the mice were subjected to toxicity.

Were subsequently provided more evidence based state of living beings from the "emotional field" — in both animals and humans. Have direct evidence that the concept of "psychological atmosphere" is not a metaphor, and that there is a person around "something" related to his psyche and can influence on all living things around, including animals and plants.

The phenomenon of faith

All people believe. Someone believes in one thing, someone else in, but it was not just unbelievers. A man without faith can not exist. The ancient Chinese saying that if you go to the doctor and do not believe in it, even the most skillful unlikely you will be able to help, so if you want to get well, you should not just believe it, you have to believe in it fervently. Even the false doctrine can be true, if it preaches sincere and believes in his people, and, on the contrary, the true doctrine becomes a false, if it will stop believing.

According to V. Pravdivtsev: "The energy of faith pervades our lives, but what it represents, by and large, no one knows. One can only assume that the energy of faith is much more subtle, and therefore more penetrating than the energy of thoughts and emotions. " By its nature, it is neutral, that is, assumes no information. But in certain cases, the information on it can be accepted or recorded, and that's when combined with it, modulated by the thought energy of faith is able to penetrate into the most secluded corners of the physical world, creating a truly miracles.

His thought, coupled with a deep faith, a person in a position to influence the functioning of its internal organs, and some scientists believe that this effect may occur even at the cellular level. That's where the miraculous healing of believers optimists. No wonder the Scripture says that by faith and rewarded. The most amazing part of this phenomenon is that, not knowing what really is "faith," we are confronted at every turn with its consequences. And, unfortunately, these same effects are not always positive. Millions of people have come to believe that all of them instantly cure one or more healers. The whole country is going in the stadium or at the TV screens. All listened settings healers or charge everything. B.p>

The idea is that the country had to be as soon as possible to become completely healthy, but nothing like that happened — how sick and ill. You can certainly say that the bad faith, but perhaps it is not so simple. The placebo effect has long been known. Koch still treating tuberculosis patients, giving them plain water, it is true, this assured that this powerful new tool against the disease. Indeed, in some cases, getting great results, up to a full recovery. Such examples are many.

The universe can not be reduced to the level of human understanding, as has been done so far, but it should expand and develop human understanding, in order to perceive the image of the universe as it is discovered. 
Francis Bacon

In the early 50's of the last century in America was conducted another experiment, which involved no volunteers, and people who are serious crimes were sentenced to the electric chair. So, they were told that those who remain alive at the end of this experiment will be pardoned.

The essence of the experience was the fact that they are all placed in a closed room, where, according to the organizers of the experiment, the patients lived and died of bubonic plague. The participants in this experiment were horrible to put on their clothes, eating utensils from the left, etc. Those who get sick and stay healthy, promised to pardon. They all spoke very clearly about the disease and its symptoms. And they believe that which actually was not.

It was pure imitation. In fact, it was a very clean room and it never lived ill. After some time, all participants showed signs of this terrible disease, but doctors were surprised, and that laboratory tests have confirmed this terrible diagnosis. Doctors were at a loss, this just could not be. It was absolutely clear how this could happen — one suggestion cause of the disease can not explain. Then what's the point? After some time, some people have all gone, and tests confirmed it, but for others ended in tragedy.

Only a few years later was found tentative answer. In humans and animals coexist various viruses and bacteria, but for the time they are in an inactive state. To activate them, you need a team or any reason. In this case, a team was suggestible people the belief that they are sick it is this, rather than any other disease, which is what happened in reality. Remained open only one question: why do some of them have survived, although initially without exception was made this diagnosis? And, once again, on the basis of laboratory research, and not on external characteristics. This question was left unanswered.
Valery Andreyev

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