Entrepreneurs are outraged, and what to do — do not know

Grassroots protests at border crossings "Bruzgi" and "Warsaw Bridge" have attracted much public attention in Belarus, especially among small businesses. Private traders in the markets say they, too, suffer from bureaucratic restrictions and prohibitions. Some small businesses have turned their business, others on the way to it.

Today in talks with regional correspondents "Freedom" entrepreneurs spoke about attempts to protest at border crossings and expressed their attitude to the prohibitions on the export of many products.

Vitebsk Region

"Our dealers in Russia are outraged, but do not know what to do"

Vitebsk land between the Russian and the Smolensk region borders are practically no — there is a common customs area. Therefore, it would seem, restrictions on the export of commodities and food should not act. However, over the weekend the residents of Orsha, who was taken to Smolensk to sell strawberries, unexpected problems.

About challenging for Belarusians market situation in Smolensk merchant's wife says Irina:

"Do not let them! Do not allow to sell it — there was a riot, particularly persecuted. We had 20 five-liter vyaderak strawberries, a van was brought in, everything was paid for … So he found a Russian aunt, who for him are selling strawberries. But we always drove berries there, and now there will be — just do not know. They all unpredictable. "

Were policemen, the police, the director said that he would be fired from their jobs, if he let go of the Belarusians.

In the same situation and got Mr. Igor — with Belarusian cucumbers:

"Do not even allowed to go to the market to drop. Were policemen, the police, the director said that he would be fired from their jobs, if they let Belarusians … So at some high order was. Brought cucumbers, tomatoes — and no one was allowed to go. It is said to be associated with the decree on nyavyvaz products from Belarus. Or show me a Russian passport, or will not be allowed into the territory of the fair. "

Belarusians to trade at a fair in Russia, it is enough to pay a one-day tax. Earlier problems with the trade was not: for sale drove strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and various vegetables. As well as sausage and canned meat — but it's already unofficially: traders were arranged not in the market, and under the fence, risking to fall under the "acceleration" of the Russian police …

Due to the currency crisis in Russia to sell something was not profitable: the inhabitants of the eastern countries often come shopping in Belarus. So in a very difficult situation, local entrepreneurs, who traveled to Russia for the goods.

On the "Smolensk" market in Vitebsk lot of empty seats, the Fair "Central" — empty.

At each Vitebsk got a lot of free market trading places, says a former political prisoner, leader of the entrepreneurial movement Sergei Parsyukevich:

"Here at the Smolensk market, especially where open space — there is generally an ambush! Somebody once bought those places, hoping that will make … And there on the weekends only people there, and on weekdays — no one at all. But what is the rent which taxes! People who are still trading, earn only on rent, taxes, and humbly to eat it! . "

Fair "Central", completed only in This year,, in general is almost empty. There's supposed to trade mainly in building materials, but there is no money, no one, neither the buyers to buy something, no traders to buy new goods. The situation is similar in the malls "Belarus" and "Europe" — blinds closed, almost no buyers.

Are Vitebsk traders to any active protest against the current terms of trade and indeed existence? While it is not clear, said Sergei Parsyukevich:

"All the indignant:" I do not know what to do, how to work … . "But we have such people — will invent something, get out to the last. But that was someone to organize — perhaps the people and would be ready for something to concrete actions."

Shopping center "Belarus" — neither sellers nor buyers.

Gomel Oblast

Entrepreneurs have no leaders

In Gomel, the economic crisis did not survive dozens of individual entrepreneurs operating in shopping malls, markets, rent retail space in state stores. Someone with the beginning of June went on vacation, the other to the side looking towards Russia, there to organize your business.

Businessman said Anton, who trades in the central market of Gomel:

"It is more difficult it became, many are closed. I have one point closed. Consumer demand has fallen, there is no currency. Products increased, as the currency has risen, and the wages of the people were, in fact, in place. I do not know, I think it might be better to go to Russia and work there. "

I believe that in this country protesting nothing is impossible to achieve. We must radically change its policy.

Businessman support of Grodno and Brest entrepreneurs who came out to protest at border crossings "Bruzgi" and "Warsaw Bridge":

"The protests around the world are due to the extreme. People go out, I think, because of the extremes of these protests. If there was a stable situation, they would never have left. "

Businessman Dmitry, who sells shoes, believes that the protests without a change in the country's political and economic situation will not succeed:

"What is important final result. Decided anything after they left? Be heard? Something to adopt, modify, agreed? I believe that in this country the protests achieve anything is impossible. We must radically change its policy in the state and the economy. Since the days of the Soviet Union in this country, nothing has changed. "

Some entrepreneurs prefer to not only test how much wait for the changes for the better. Other inertnasts attributed to lack of leaders who, apparently, in Grodno residents and residents of the city were.

Svetlana says the businesswoman, "Well done, well done! It certainly persecute people. What to do? The State can raise the price of gasoline, cereals, sugar. And people like to live? We, the people, always being pushed to the extreme. When a person is cornered, he is looking out of it. "

Lady says that the Gomel businessmen are no leaders for these protests:

"People would go, but the Gomel businessmen have no leader. No leader, for which the people would go. Because they are afraid: I am a leader today, and tomorrow I will go to jail. Such is the song. "

Sergei Balykin

Independent economist Sergei Balykin, Commenting on the current situation of "Freedom", notes:

"Unfortunately, the government chose the worst case scenario and actually backed by 20 years or more ago, when there were cards, coupons, light up and all sorts of other restrictions on food and things. But now other features: neither Poland nor Lithuania and even Ukraine — not the main directions of Belarusian goods. The main customer — Russia. So you can not fight the Belarusian government with small "shuttle traders" and entrepreneurs. This is the same as shooting sparrows with a cannon. "

The leader of the public association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka also draws attention to the negative effects of pressure on the Belarusian authorities entrepreneurs. He talks about the widespread job losses in the markets of the country:

"Today, businesses reduce their number of seats — if one were 5 or 6 of trading places, it cuts them in half. Entrepreneurs also have no salaries, after all the money eaten taxes and lease payments. Figuratively speaking, entrepreneurs are now eating up what was earned before. "



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