Entrepreneurs squeezed out of the cigarette market

Brest wholesale warehouse company "Tabak-Invest" refuse to sell products to entrepreneurs. Representatives of the company attribute this to the lack of raw materials. And the entrepreneurs believe that their way is extruded from the market.

In private booths Brest can not buy cigarettes production of Belarusian company "Tabak-Invest". At this time in state stores and hypermarkets are hanging around offices announcement that cigarettes can be purchased from this company blocks.

Vladimir Katrych

Solo Entrepreneur Vladimir Katrych says that from the first of April Brest wholesale warehouse "Tabak-Invest" has stopped the sale of cigarettes to PIs. Katrych sure that actually exist on the basis of cigarettes in large quantities.

The representative of the distribution center said the company because of the difficulties in the foreign exchange market has suspended production of its products:

We sell mainly state stores. Why are our priorities? No comments

"The problem is that now is an acute shortage of raw materials. Therefore almost factory stopped production of cigarettes. So now sell mostly state stores. Why are our priorities? Well, I will not answer this issue. No comment. "

Brest entrepreneurs are forced to buy cigarettes in state stores, then to sell in their stalls.

Vladimir Katrych notes that the authorities of Brest making another step to destroy the individual traders. The first step, says the entrepreneur, has been trading in the beer booths:

"This is another step stakeholders to destroy small business in the country. Legally restrict trade is almost impossible. Therefore, the situation is similar to that officials banned the bases to sell cigarettes to small entrepreneurs. How can explain that for entrepreneurs with the first of April a number of brands of cigarettes does not release? And no one explains the reason. "

Now the economic situation is difficult. Big shops do not need small businessmen that distract consumers.

Businessman Vladimir Katrych says: distribution center employees "Tabak-Invest" previously recognized that they have a regulation under which individual entrepreneurs smoking cigarettes release.

The owners appealed to the leadership of the Brest region. Chairman of the Executive Committee Konstantin Sumar promised to look into the situation.

Victor Tchaikovsky

However, one of the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs Brest Victor Tchaikovsky says he does not believe such promises:

"I believe this is the purposeful destruction of small-scale trade. Now the economic situation is quite difficult. Larger shops do not need small businessmen that distract consumers.'s Hard to imagine that the governor will sign a formal order prohibiting the sale of cigarettes to entrepreneurs. This can cause resentment in the business environment. now profitable officials say that the difficult situation with the currency and so on. And in fact, small and large auction is put at a disadvantage. "

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