Equipment for the Ministry of Defence should be carried out in Russia, said Shoigu

Equipment for the Ministry of Defence should be in Russia, said Shoigu

RIA announcements. Russian factory should be ready for huge orders from the ministry of defense, because the technique required to reach the rearmament of the army, will be purchased abroad only if runs out hopes for Russian companies, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu In an interview programmke "Saturday News" channel "Our homeland".

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"The main message — that the government, in spite of everything, focused and has taken unprecedented program from rearming. And we must be ready to receive all of these new systems, technology," — said Shoigu.

According to the Minister of Defence, the decision to transfer orders from the "Oboronservis" at the factory — not the usual, but life is led.

"I would like to see our industry woke up and exposes the real prices. Zabugornoy As for technology, I no desire to offend anyone, but we need to maintain our industry. Besides, it must respond to our demands. But we have to be in any number of means economical. If there is a need to borrow abroad, we will take it, but in this case, if all runs out of strength and hope for our industry, "- said Shoigu.

He stressed that the equipment purchased abroad, the right to defense of the country, sometimes faster, but not promising. Shoigu believes that in the future you need to come to, to after-sales service of all defense equipment also produced by the manufacturer.

"And here we are talking about a big subject, which is called the" contract of the current cycle "- from setting into service and transfer us to disposal. This is a big job, so we have to pass part of the plant Defense companies and large factory associations that are engaged and science and development work, and the creation of technology for us. Previously it was done "Oboronservis." I do not want to name specific companies, but I would like to say to them on whom you get to the defense of the country? understand that there must be a margin, premium but many times it does not, it's all the same interests, "- said the Minister.

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