Error nonresident why Russia needs Snowden

Error nonresident why Russia needs Snowden
Andrew Fighters

Moscow could use the scandal with former CIA agent in order to make foreign online services transparent to the Russian secret services

The main news in the papers of Edward Snowden, which he handed to newspapers, not in that South American electrical prospecting NSA tries to keep control of telecommunications worldwide. This is not news the past 60 years, from the time that UKUSA agreement was signed in 1947, laid the foundations of a global network of electric interception, which assumed the role of the Anglo-Saxon 5 states — the U.S., Britain, Canada, newcomer Zealand and Australia. In the 1990s, the network open a discussion in the European Parliament each. How then revealed at its base was built spy satellite system «Echelon» by which Americans, not counting everything else factory engaged in espionage on the territory of Europe.

In the 2000s, fiber optics replaced satellites and 10s investigations in U.S. newspapers detail outlines how Americans replicate traffic fiber cables laid across the countryside of North America.

So Makar, a true novelty in the documents was Snowden role in the South American electric espionage global Internet services — AOL, Facebook, Google, etc., which are joyful for U.S. intelligence coincidence of events hosted by the United Shtatov.V Russian countryside these revelations occurred very fit.

Immediately after the «Arab Spring» Russian intelligence services began to think how to make transparent social networks that are not based in Russia. RuNet filtration system, which was launched in November last year, and the development of specific monitoring programs, launched almost all the country’s special services, including CBP and the Investigative Committee, could do nothing to assist here.

There are only two ways out of this situation, and both invented in China. First — it is quite prohibit the introduction of social networking, servers that are not on the terrain of the country (because in China instead of Facebook — XiaoNei, and instead of Twitter — Weibo). Second — to force global services to create a national version of its own product (and eventually in China now can not use ordinary Skype, only the Chinese, one hundred percent transparent to the local security services).

At this stage the arsenal, which could think in Russian special services. By pushing their mind, also experience the freshest interaction Russian authorities with global services in 2012-2013. The fact that the introduction of filtering in 2012 led to the discovery of a sudden, when it became clear that the government will not stop before closing access to global services completely (as happened with the YouTube video because «innocent Muslims» in some regions), global services have been very receptive to Russian requests.

In the spring Roscomnadzor acknowledged that large global Internet companies were able to establish a dialogue, and almost always illegal information is deleted upon request. For example, in late March at the request of Facebook Roskomnadzora blocked page «suicide school» with appropriate paintings and black humor.

Lock disk imaging located in social networks users, in principle does not contradict policy Twitter. In January 2012 the company announced that it now has the technology to block content in certain countries, and it will be used for compliance in each particular country in the world. As representatives were in charge Roskomnadzora media, it was perhaps after lengthy negotiations with the administration, and in March they were able to agree. Google also have to make compromises, though, judging by the company’s report for the second half of 2012, not without a severe struggle. For 2012 Google received 107 requests for removal of disk imaging about drugs and suicide from Roskomnadzora but blocked content solely in response to the third part of the query.

Follow a logical step to take control seems natural «land a» global services on the Russian countryside, put them under Russian yurispundentsiyu, including in the field of search operations.

Revelation Snowden provided beautiful occasion for announcing this new step.

Two deputies and senators — Ilya Kostunov Sergei Zheleznjak and Ruslan Gattarov — have already made similar statements, and all referred to the scandal surrounding the NSA. Zheleznyaka statement seems to have been more obmyslennym: under the pretext of protection of individual data Russians, he offered to take the fall this year a law requiring placed on territory of Russia servers that store personal data of the Russian people and the official information of the authorities.

In general, this utility is not confined revelations Snowden: yes and more than the highest rates than backdoor to the accounts of Russian users gmail.

Referring to the scandal, Our homeland again can try to play the card, which is played in December last year, when at the session of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have tried to undermine the «hegemony» of the United States of American and services on the Web. Then Our homeland lost.

Apparently, at the moment Russian authorities may again raise the question of the regulation of the web should be transferred from the U.S. international structures.

The chances of the Russian Federation to achieve their own not so small as it seems. Even in December last year for the Russian proposals to change the existing rules of the ITU, supported by China, voted 89 states. Then this initiative was halted only as Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada refused to support them. But if even then 89 states were willing to accept Russian ideas about sovereign web, at the moment these countries could be substantially greater.

In general, to carry out these far-reaching plans would be great if Snowden does not remain on the Russian countryside. Longer than it will save a fighter with a reputation system, rather than the obvious, «spy», the easier it is to use it to expose the struggle to change the rules regulating the global network. Currently South American position on very Snowden is ordinary: even if he was not a traitor, while collecting hidden data, it falls under the influence of intelligence agencies of those states in which it arrives — hence the speculation about his contacts with the Chinese in Hong Kong and with the FSB — Sheremetyevo. At Snowden had only one opportunity to highlight its independence upon arriving in Moscow — to spend all hours of waiting for the new flight landing surrounded by journalists. Snowden did exactly opposite, putting yourself in the position somewhat stupid, supporting his team Wikileaks and even the Kremlin. We are waiting for the story.

Published on the website of Forbes 28.06.2013

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