EU: on Mars discovered something similar to lichen




One of the last images that the rover Spirit, contains the remains of the plant-like object. The photo — a site on a hill cliff Columbia, where the rover spent the last seven months.

Dark radially symmetric projection is shaped like a terrestrial lichen, said Barry Di Gregorio (Barry DiGregorio), Fellow of Cardiff astrobiological center. However, in his opinion, the symmetry may deceive look like, for example, chipped some rocks containing iron oxide, so before the spectral data did not say unambiguously.

Less optimistic researchers believe that the photograph — the result of a bad contact with the surface rocks of the rover.

Previous experiments have confirmed the abiotic nature of one of the most "high profile" finds — the projection of the rock, resembling a conch shell.

Battery News, 16.02.2005 10:42
Source: Lenta.Ru

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