Europe’s largest heliport for 200 helicopters being built near Moscow

On the border with Moscow to build the country's largest Heliport, which will be based up to 200 helicopters. With the opening of expected rise in popularity of rotary-wing aircraft and increased business activity in the metropolitan area. The project is the largest helicopter base in Russia is implemented jointly by "NDV-estate" and the helicopter company "Aerosouz."

Construction is underway near the Ring Road near Myakinino, near the metro station "Volokolamskaya." The opening of the first phase of the center of the helicopter with the tentative title "Heliport" BaZa "," is expected in November this year. According to forecasts helicopter complex will open in 2015. Take-off and landing sites are operational, infrastructure construction will be completed by the end of 2013, and the entire project — by the end of 2014. "Heliport Myakininsky in a flood plain, will be the most advanced infrastructure building in the world — said Alexander crystal — in the project will be used the most innovative construction technology."

According to the president of the company, "Aerosouz" Alexander Klimchuk, heliport in Myakinino will be the largest helicopter hub in Europe, the same "built without a penny of public money." 

Helicopter port will be designed to accommodate any helicopters — from private (which in the Moscow region today about 200) to the state (if desired can be filled here, to land or machines serviced Emergencies Ministry, Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, the Defense Ministry and the air ambulance).

Customers' BaZy ", in addition to the implementation of take-off and landing, will have the opportunity-based (ie, storage and maintenance) of his helicopter, the full maintenance of virtually all types of foreign helicopters, purchase, lease, fueling and training piloting. It will also provide the services of a helicopter taxi. Among the most popular are likely to be a taxi flights to Moscow airports (Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo). Heliport get from Sheremetyevo Airport will cost 2 thousand rubles. Before the subway will run branded buses that are already purchased.


Investors of the project "BaZa" rely on the proximity of the new helipad to the borders of Moscow. This will save time helicopter pilots, which they now spend on the road to the nearest helicopter suburban centers.

Multiple time savings compared to road transport and provides the very use of small aircraft. The main advantage of helicopters — their speed and ability to avoid downtime in traffic jams.

Flying on a private helicopter in Moscow are now prohibited, but in the suburbs, where the sky is open for flying, this mode of transport has the potential to develop. All the more so since 2010, private helicopters do not need a special permit is sufficient to notify the Federal Air Transport Agency Manager for an hour before departure.

The main question — how fast the helicopter transport will gain popularity. On this will depend on how quickly investors' BaZy "will be able to return the invested funds.

For those who have the time

Until now, helicopter transport in Russia are few. If in America today, about 200 thousand private helicopter (it is the class of so-called light helicopters weighing up to 3.5 tons), the Russian helicopters of all classes of about 2,000, of which private and corporate about 500 light helicopters.

It is also important that the Russian aviation industry can not offer any decent light helicopter models. In the same USA made perhaps the world's most popular helicopter Robinson and no less popular Bell and MD. These American helicopters, as well as Italian Agusta and French Eurocopter, the most in demand from private and corporate clients around the world.
However, the lack of Russian counterparts, according to our helicopter pilots, not the main reason for the low popularity of helicopters in Russia. The main thing — poor infrastructure and high cost of helicopters in Russia.

The existing helicopter bases and sites are concentrated mainly in the suburbs. "Helipads for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, probably a couple of hundred. Most of them — closed departmental or private. But the helicopter centers where you can get a range of services, just a few pieces," — says the president "AEROSOYUZ" Alexander Klimchuk.

In Russian helicopters are widely used to connect the cities and towns in the regions of Siberia and the Far North, where the difficult natural conditions, the helicopter is often no alternative. Helicopters are constantly using oil and gas companies and government officials. However, light helicopters where there is little — mostly carried on long-haul flights helicopters. There are helipads and other regional centers around the country, mostly they also have a service or departmental assignment.

The leading helicopter companies "Aviamarket" (heliport on 80 machines located in Bunkovo Istra district), "Finam Aero" (site in Serpukhov, Moscow region, which is also designed to accept small aircraft), Heli Club (a small playground in the 46 — kilometer Riga highway) and "Aerosouz" (heliport "Lindsay" in Yakhroma with the possibility of basing up to 50 helicopters and a heliport "Reutov" on the eight helicopters). In these centers, the customer is offered a different set of services — basing, servicing, leasing and sale of helicopters, as well as instruction in piloting. Most of these companies may offer the service only one or two types of helicopters. Favorably against this background that the company "Aerosouz" which holds 11 types of foreign service helicopters. Note to begin technically serviced at least one model of six engineers need to be trained abroad, and the company — to buy all the necessary equipment, and pass the certification. It is a long and expensive process.

Combines the same all the existing centers helicopter is one disadvantage: the road from Moscow to take them at least a half hour. Although these centers are in demand among fans of small aircraft for potential new customers is one of the limiting factors.

Helicopters come

Change the situation with a helicopter infrastructure is going to "Aerosouz", decided to create a network of helipads centers across Russia. Now the company has opened about a dozen helicopters centers in the country. By the end of 2016 "Aerosouz" plans to have a helicopter centers at various levels in 40 cities of Russia.

Network of heliports "Aerosouz" creates and in the immediate vicinity of Moscow. In May this year the company opened a helicopter center in Reutov, at the intersection of Ring Road and road enthusiasts. Here is an opportunity for the deployment of seven or eight helicopters, built a landing area and hangar, set up a waiting area for customers shop for pilots Pilot shop, a small parking lot and a number of offices. Soon to appear and filling complex. "By next year, we want to create another eight small helicopter centers outside of Moscow", — shared his plans Alexander Klimchuk.

His contribution to the development of the infrastructure of a helicopter near Moscow has also made the company "Russian Helicopter Systems". In late July, she opened a helipad on the roof of the third exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (65-66-km Ring Road). There is parking
for several dozen helicopters, services are based machines and helicopter taxi HeliExpress. The company is also ready to carry out maintenance of two types of helicopters (Robinson-44 and the Russian Mi-34C).

Have the opportunity to land the helicopter and in all Moscow airports. In September opened a helipad in the terminal at Sheremetyevo. This service is provided helicopter taxi, which can carry 10-15 flights a day.

At the Vnukovo airport while helicopters can land on runways that are used by aircraft. But in 2015 at Vnukovo-3 will heliport and hangars. As told in mid-September, the co-owner and chairman of the board of directors of Vnukovo Airport Vitaly Vantsev, in this project will be invested their own funds in the amount of $ 30 million.

However, the magnitude of these heliports are not comparable with the Heliport, which is being built in Myakininsky he will be calculated basing on the 200 helicopters, and its infrastructure — to provide the best possible service.

Propeller for business

The possibility of building a modern Heliport 200 helicopters came after the president of the group of companies "NDV" Alexander crystal became interested in helicopters. At first he used a helicopter to work: "We have a lot of real estate not only in Moscow but also in the Moscow region. Them to overtake a car, take a couple of weeks. The helicopter flying around me them for half a day. At the same time see how the construction of facilities at competitors . and negotiate with customers and partners, we now do not spend all day, spending most of it on the road, and just a couple of hours. And all you can fly around the Ring Road just a half hour, "- he says with admiration.

"Fallen ill" helicopters and seeing the obvious benefit of this transport, Mr. Khrustalyov has been trained and pilot's license. The main challenge for the newly created helicopter pilot was basing his recognizable black Robinson with airbrushing the sky. Spending time on the way to the helicopter center in the Moscow region president NDV finally had enough. While he was looking for a place in the area for their own helicopter, the market was for sale plot of land next to the Ring Road area of three hectares. "I loved this place — near a convenient exit from the Ring Road, two kilometers Ruble, near the metro station" Volokolamskaya. "But such a plot, to say the least, a few more than I need. After that, everything happened very quickly. I do not like to build something small and then expand it indefinitely. We spoke with Alexander Klimchuk, simulated the situation, and it became clear that in this area we can not put dozens, and about two hundred helicopters. was born Heliport project, "- said Mr. Khrustalyov . Note that the possibility to build a large Heliport "Aerosouz" sought since 2008.

With this, the project will not remain only a platform for boarding and alighting. On the territory of the re-development in addition to a multi-level helicopter center plans to build a four-star hotels, parking for 300 cars, restaurants (negotiations are underway with the restaurant holding Ginza), yacht club and parking for boats, designed for 100-150 sport boats and personal watercraft.

Among the services that will be provided here — the sale of all of the most popular types of helicopters, rent, air taxi, training and management of piloting boats and snow-cats, as well as basing and maintenance of all these modes of transport. Before the subway will run branded buses that are already purchased. The overall style of the new Heliport "BaZa" will stand in the helicopter category — even the furniture is made of blades and parts of the aircraft fuselage.

Own fleet of helicopters "BaZy" now has seven cars. "By the end of next year, the park's own light helicopters will be at least twenty cars. Helicopters will be procured and business aviation. Theirs will be the order of six.'s Purchases of helicopters, together with the necessary special equipment for them for the next year will invest 35-50 million dollars," — says Alexander crystal.

Investors have already invested in the project about $ 10 million. The total budget of the project is under approval, but we can say that the cost Heliport "BaZa" is estimated at $ 30 million, not including the amount for the purchase of helicopters.

A distinctive feature of the project: all the investments of investors will be made from its own funds. "In this project we do not take credit. I do not want to depend on anyone. Moreover, such projects have not been and can not write a detailed business plan. Essentially this is a start-up project, and start-ups is better to go with their money. 'Cause what if "flew" then "flew" I'm alone. Own resources we have, and we are investing their vdolguyu ", — says Alexander crystal.

All the documents have not yet been agreed upon. But, according to investors, the project is supported at all levels, and the obstacles to its full implementation, they do not see. The benefit of the majority of officials at all levels of government — also helicopter. It is expected that the payback period will be five to seven years. "As the demand for" air base ", there is more sensation than cold calculation. Alexander and I Khrustalev almost the same age and gender of socialism. At one time in the business, each of us has been a pioneer in something," — says Mr. Klimchuk. "No one has any doubt that this is a promising market. But when it has to end," shot "so that you hit the investment — is another question," — says Mr. crystal.

Popularize helicopters

Increased demand for helicopter transport services should contribute to "BaZy" to provide air taxi. Heliport get from Sheremetyevo Airport will cost 2 thousand rubles. "The hour helicopter ride costs about 24,000 rubles, — says Alexander crystal. — Up to Sheremetyevo fly about seven minutes. Together with feedback expensive flight duration — 14 minutes. Two thousand rubles per person is obtained by dividing the sum by three passengers to be to pay for this flight. This 24,000 rubles per hour of flight — this is a commercial value. Costs may be 10-12 thousand rubles. "

The main income of the project should bring charges basing and helicopter maintenance, hotels and yacht club, as well as rental and sale of helicopters. "Now we are talking about creating a new market. Growing demand for helicopters, in particular, the sale of helicopters in the" AEROSOYUZ "increasing annually by 20-30 percent," — said Alexander Klimchuk. Note that the company is an authorized dealer and service center of almost all popular brands of helicopters. So that in future "BaZe" will be available helicopters Robinson, Bell, Eurocopter, Agusta and MD.

According to the head "AEROSOYUZ," in contrast, for example, yachts, helicopters are not purchased as a fashion thing. "Most consumers believe that their time and money and buy a helicopter so as not to waste time in traffic jams. Helicopter Many pays for itself in a year or two," — said Alexander Klimchuk.

As the chief editor of "AVIA.RU site" Roman Gusarov, helicopter transport began to develop rapidly especially after it has been simplified rules for the use of the airspace at low altitudes and the transition to the licensing procedure for notification of flights. And according to the unanimous opinion of experts, the sharp surge in popularity helicopters can achieve if they lifted restrictions on flights over Moscow. Plans to allow helicopters to fly at least over the bed of the Moscow River and Parkland zones exist for a long time. According to Vitaly Vants
ev and Vnukovo airports, as well as other interested companies are in constant talks with the authorities on this matter. "The first discoveries, rules — not for all, I should say — we'll see in two years" — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vnukovo.

Popular worldwide single-engine helicopter Robinson is worth about 750 thousand dollars, Eurocopter — 3,2-3,5 million euros, Agusta — 4,5 million euros. If we are talking about a serious Double Motor helicopter, its price is 9,000,000 euros. Standby time helicopter after purchase — from three months to a year. For small helicopter flight optimal distance of 200-300 km altitude — 150-500 m Speed most common Robinson-44, depending on the wind — 200-220 km per hour.

Helicopter Robinson spends about 50 liters of fuel (aviation gasoline imported LL100) per hour, which costs about 100 rubles per liter. Eurocopter to 160-180 liters of fuel (kerosene) per hour cost of 30-40 cents per liter. Service Robinson raid at an average not more than 100 hours per year is an average of 4-4.5 thousand dollars a year. If the plaque for the year amounted to more than 200 hours, the service may cost about 9 thousand dollars a year. Eurocopter service will cost 20-30% more expensive.


In the original article did not mention Russialight helicopter ANSAT:

Multi-purpose light helicopter with engine ANSAT PW 207K of Pratt &Whitney can be used for the carriage of goods and passengers, to be used for surveillance, search and rescue and medical evacuation operations. ANSAT differs largest cabin in the classroom and the ability to quickly transform the layout of the cabin. A wide sliding door and a large interior volume (8 m3) can comfortably carry up to 8 passengers and equipment in place a maximum of specialized versions (search and rescue, medical evacuation).

Developer: JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant"

Inthis comparison, it is noticeably outperforms the Eurocopter

It is also ready for production light helicopter AP-55

AP-55 — 3-4 seater (plus pilot) multipurpose helicopter with coaxial gas turbine engine. The coaxial scheme is safer for staff, the helicopter has smaller dimensions, provides lower fuel consumption compared to the single-rotor helicopters. The design of the AP-55 is extremely simple and uses aluminum alloys and composite materials. Among the technical and technological solutions, and has patented innovations. In particular, this support system, transmission.

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On the Ring Road Heliport build the largest in Europe

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