Even today, April 18

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…be seen, but not all day. Temperature: 12 — 14 C.

Do not pass:

In a bookstore, "Loginov" (Independence 37a) from 18 to 20 pm will be signing his book writer Natalka Babin. The occasion — re-published by "Logvinov" novel "Fish Town".


European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in Ukraine.

In New York, gives the names of the current award winners Pulitsera.


In 1518, a Coronation Italian Bona Sforza and her betrothal to Sigismund and old. Since then, Bono takes the throne of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, that is, it becomes the then ruler of Belarus. Its main merit — land reform, after which the Belarusian towns and villages that have purchased an external structure, which have up to now.

In 1814, Eustace was born Tyshkevich Belarusian archeologist, historian, ethnographer and local historian (d. 1873).

In 1863, the Colonel Ludwig Narbut appointed chief of all military forces under the leadership of the uprising Kalinouski. Originally Ludwik Narbut was with Voronovskiy managed by it battles with the regular Russian army were the most successful. And the colonel was killed in a battle.

In 1955, Albert Einstein died (b. 1879), one of the most famous physicists of the world.

There is a reason:

World Day of ham.

International Day for Monuments and Sites.

MINUS 365:

Lech Kaczynski's funeral in Krakow

Quote to remember:

"I want to know the mind of God — everything else is details."

Albert Einstein

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