Even today, April 19

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


All day sun, the temperature of +10 — +12 C

Do not pass:

Minsk Economic Court. It will begin consideration of the claim to the BPF ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk. Representatives of the parties will contest the denial of public services extend the lease premises Justices.

Beginning at 10.00.

Minsk, the press center of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus, "the press conference of the deputy head of the Interior Ministry, the police chief of public security Ya.Paludenya, director of the company" Capital transport and communication "U.Shkuratava, representatives of the Ministry of Transport.

Beginning at 12.00.

Minsk shop "Logvinov," the editorial literary and art magazine "The verb" to invite to your party. The meeting is timed to the 50th issue of the magazine.

Beginning at 19:00.

Minsk, a concert hall "Minsk" jazz band "Apple Tea" and the ensemble "Camerata" with the new program.

Beginning at 19.00.


Kiev, Ukraine visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Belgrade, the visit to Serbia by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Brussels, 49th meeting of the Association Council EU-Turkey relations.


1563: Ivan Fedorov and Petr Mstsislavets began printing in Moscow book "The Apostle."

1775: The first battle between British troops and American colonists, the beginning of the American War of Independence.

1810: The uprising in Caracas, the beginning of the war of independence of Venezuela from Spain.

1919: Polish troops occupied the capital Vilnius Litbel.

1971: The launch into space the first Soviet space station "Salyut".

2005: Beginning of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, 265th Pope.


1772: David Ricardo, English economist, a classic of political economy (d. 1823).

1881: Vsevolod Ignatovskiy, the Belarusian public figure and historian (d. 1931).


1190: Sviatopolk Y., Prince of Turov.

1519: Wojciech Radziwill, ON religious leader (born ~ 1476).

1602: Ian Abramovich, the governor of Minsk and Smolensk, the publisher of "Catechism" (1598) out of 300 religious songs.

1824: George Byron, English poet (b. 1788).

1882: Charles Darwin, the English naturalist (b. 1809).

1967: Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of the post-war Germany (b. 1876).

There is a reason:

Venesuela, Independence Day (since 1810).

Sierra Leone, Republic Day (since 1971).

MINUS 365:

Lukashenko — about Kaczynski, Kurmanbek Bakiyev and Russian

Quote to remember:

I can not be a genius, 24 hours, will not have time to shave.

Do you really think that if Laura was the wife Petrarki, he would have
whole life to write sonnets?

Unfortunate that we can not do without women, nor to live with them.

I love my country, but not his countrymen.

George Byron

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